Thor #7 gives out Tony Stark’s phone number, for real – spoilers

In this workweek ‘s Thor # 7 ( opens in new tab ) from Donny Cates, Aaron Kuder, Matthew Wilson, and Joe Sabino, Thor ‘s relationship with one of his closest allies evolves again – as does his relationship with his knock-down malleus Mjolnir. And it ‘s that latter wind that could change the God of Thunder/newly crowned Allfather of Asgard ‘s condition quo for years to come .

Spoilers ahead for Thor #7

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( opens in newly tab key ) Thor # 7 opens with mighty Mjolnir coming to land in a crater in Broxton, Oklahoma – the lapp city above which Asgard once floated, while it was stuck in Midgard alternatively of its own proportion – bearing Tony Stark ‘s telephone count : 212-970-4133. By the manner, if you call that numeral, you ‘ll get a pre-recorded message from “ Tony Stark ” saying he ‘s excessively busy to take your call, and directing callers to visit ( opens in new check ) – a bring page instructing visitors to read Thor # 7. A local machinist named Adam Aziz finds the hammer, and the telephone number, summoning not good Tony Stark but a crowd of onlookers and press. back on Asgard, Thor consults with his old ally Beta Ray Bill, discussing the late tensions and conflict between the pair, with Thor having not that long ago smashed Stormbreaker, Bill ‘s own mystic hammer. Thor asks Bill about Thanos – recalling his recent vision of his own death at the hands of Thanos wielding Mjolnir, encrusted with Infinity Stones – and offers Bill a place at his side, making him second-in-command of Asgard, and Thor ‘s successor should he leave the toilet.

( picture credit rating : Marvel Comics ) ( opens in new tab key ) But Thor besides reveals a privy – his kinship with Mjolnir is evolving. Thor feels as though he is growing undeserving to lift Mjolnir, but this time there ‘s a twist. spinal column in Broxton, the writing on Mjolnir changes from Tony ‘s phone number, now reading “ Lift me. ” As Tony debates what to do, Adam approaches the hammer. just as he lifts it, Thor reveals that not entirely is he now potentially unworthy of Mjolnir, he believes everyone else is now worthy – a theory potentially testify as Adam Aziz lifts Mjolnir, and apparently gains the power of Thor. Donny Cates previously told Newsarama that the changes to Mjolnir would not be a simple repeat of Jason Aaron ‘s narrative of Jane Foster taking on the curtain of Thor, a promise that seems to be coming on-key right immediately. ( trope credit rating : Marvel Comics ) ( opens in raw tab )

And with the potential render of Dr. Donald Blake, Thor ‘s erstwhile homo guise given his own life, coming later this year, it looks like big changes could be ahead for Thor Odinson. Thor # 8 ( opens in newfangled pill ) is scheduled for unblock on October 7. Changes in Thor ‘s powers and even his identity will factor into Marvel Studios ‘ approaching sequel thor : Love and Thunder – here ‘s everything we know about the film .

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