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General Information

Real name:

Harvey Dent

First Appearance:

Detective Comics #66 (August, 1942)

Created by:

( artist ) Bill Finger (writer) Bob Kane (artist)


Injustice League
Injustice Gang


Extensive knowledge of law enforcement
Experienced hand-to-hand combatant
Expert marksman

Portrayed by:

Billy Dee Williams (live action & voice)
( voice )
Tommy Lee Jones
( live action )
( spokesperson )
Nicholas D’Agosto
( voice )
( spokesperson )
( voice )
( voice )
Eric Bauza ( part )
( spokesperson )
Robert Picardo ( voice )
David Boat ( spokesperson )
christian Lanz ( part )
( Voice ) Richard Moll (voice) Aaron Eckhart (live action) Christopher McDonald (voice)Nicholas D’Agosto William Shatner (voice) Troy Baker (voice) Travis Willingham (voice) Yuri Lowenthal (voice)Eric Bauza (voice) Keith Ferguson (voice)Robert Picardo (voice)David Boat (voice)Christian Lanz (voice) Josh Duhamel (Voice) Harvey Dent was Gotham City ‘s amiable and courteous district lawyer and one of Batman ‘s strongest allies ( until Sal “ Boss ” Maroni threw acid in his expression, hideously scarring him ). It besides fractured his genial express, causing him to become Two-Face, a criminal mastermind obsessed with duality and the number two and is one of Batman ‘s greatest enemies. His early good luck charm, a “ two-headed ” flatware dollar with one side defaced, has been seen as a observation of Dent ‘s half-scarred countenance. He flips it to decide the fates of his victims. Despite Batman ‘s efforts to reform his early ally, Dent is consumed by his fixation on find. His crimes are designed to prove his diametric philosophy.

Reading: Two-Face


Harvey Dent ‘s childhood consisted of adversity. Growing up under an abusive church father, he developed repress mental-illnesses of his own, such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. His hard work ethic, however, allowed him to rise up to become Gotham City ‘s youngest district lawyer at the historic period of 26 .
dent was nicknamed “ Apollo ” by the media due to the fact that he was charming, fine-looking, and apparently inaccessible. He was dedicated to his job of uphold law and order, and became one of the first supporters, allies, and even friends of Batman. At the time of his job as a zone lawyer, the worst condemnable terror in Gotham City was Carmine “ the Roman ” Falcone. He forged a triumvirate with Batman and Commissioner Gordon to bring the homo down within the law, no matter what the cost. His slightly angrier temperament led Batman and Commissioner Gordon to develop a flimsy distrust for him, believing that it was slightly potential that he could be the vigilante dubbed “ Holiday. ” The confederation ended tragically when Sal “ Boss ” Maroni, believing dent to be creditworthy for the death of his founder, threw acid in his face during a test. indent was dreadfully scarred on the left field english of his face. Dent escaped from the hospital and descended into rabies. He became obsessed with duality and opposites, and developed a second base persona, the nefarious Two-Face, to compliment the law & order obsessed Dent. As Two-Face, his brand was crimes involving the total two. His compulsion even shows in his clothes, which are normally composed of two halves made out of very different materials. At all times, he carries a double-sided mint with one side defaced, which he constantly flips to make any choices. Two-Face flips the coin at critical junctures : The scarred side would normally result in a crime, but the clean slope would allow Two-Face to do the correctly thing, such as returning his boodle or refraining from a mangle .

early career

After his first gear few encounters with Batman, Two-Face attempted to abandon all ties with his own past life, including his loving wife Gilda. This, however, proved besides a lot for the good side of his personality, and he began attempting to visit Gilda, claiming he had regained his face through credit card operating room. Gilda, however, soon saw through the fabrication, and this unhinge Dent even more. finally, he was apprehended by Batman, with the help of his spouse, Robin. soon after, a certain Dr. Ekhart performed formative operating room on Dent ‘s side, apparently repairing it for effective. While the facial reconstruction managed to partially heal Two-Face ‘s fracture judgment, Ekhart ‘s adjunct, Mr. Wilkins, began to place suspicion on Harvey Dent once more by committing crimes disguised as Two-Face. Batman, however, saw through the disguise and helped Two-Face clear his name. For two years, Dent led a normal life until actor Paul Sloane, scarred in the lapp manner as Dent had once been, was driven harebrained, beginning to think he was very dent as Two-Face. Batman arrested Sloane for several try robberies and had his face restored, in the lapp manner Harvey Dent ‘s had once been. indent, however, was caught in an explosion a few years late, which undid the plastic surgery and scarred his face once again. Maddened again, the revived Two-Face hired the Crime Doctor to kidnap Paul Sloane and scar the actor ‘s grimace again, to mirror the transformation that had occurred in Dent. Although restored as Two-Face ‘s twin, Sloane proved more fortunate, and had his expression repaired again after being rescued by Batman. Dent, meanwhile, was brought to judge again and placed behind bars, with his renewed mental and physical scar apparently more permanent this time .


In the consequence of the earthquake that left Gotham City in shambles during Cataclysm, Two-Face escaped detention and kidnapped Commissioner Gordon to put him on trial for his actions during No Man ‘s Land, with Two-Face as both estimate and prosecutor. Gordon played upon Two-Face ‘s split mind to demand Harvey Dent as his defense lawyer. indent cross-examined Two-Face and won an acquittal of Gordon. It was besides during this clock time that Two-Face met GCPD detective Renee Montoya. Montoya was able to reach the Dent persona in Two-Face, and was kind to him. He fell in beloved with her, though the love story was biased. After the earthquake that ravaged Gotham, Two-Face outed her as a lesbian and framed her for murder, hoping that if he took everything from her she would be left with no choice but to be with him. Montoya was angry, and the two fight for control of his gunman until Batman intervened, putting Two-Face bet on in Arkham Asylum. A short prison term late, Two-Face met the brainy surgeon, Dr. Thomas Elliot. Although Elliot specialized in neurosurgery, he was competent enough to repair Dent ‘s grimace via credit card operating room. Dent ‘s sanity was restored, and the menacing “ Two-Face ” persona seemed to be gone everlastingly. Thomas Elliot was besides the villain known as Hush, and he had hoped to manipulate Dent into acting as one of his many pawns in a crusade against Batman. With reincarnate sanity, Dent stand by the side of law and holy order and betrayed Hush, catching him in enough time to save Batman ‘s life, and shooting him into the Gotham river .

One year late

Having regained his hope, Dent was trained and conditioned by Batman to act as Gotham ‘s primary coil vigilante defender when he, Robin and Nightwing all took a annual suspension to train during the Lost Year. When Batman returned, a series of murders occurred implicating Harvey and involving Two-Face ‘s M.O .. When confronted on the issues by Batman, in his anger at being distrusted, the Two-Face persona resurfaced, and talked Dent into scarring his confront and returning to his life of crime. Harvey Dent has returned to his Two-Face identity and committing crimes. In Justice League of America # 13 ( Vol.2 ), Two-Face joins the new Injustice League, headed by Lex Luthor, The Cheetah, and the Joker. After the Injustice League was captured by Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad, Two-Face was exiled to a distant planet with most of the other villains. Upon escaping with his animation, Dent returned to Gotham City to reestablish himself. Two-Face soon carved out a part of Gotham ‘s local mob for his own, sharing an underworld empire with The Penguin. He appears in Battle for the hood : The Underground, which shows the effects of Batman ‘s death on his enemies. A returning Black Mask, however, soon topples Two-Face ‘s condemnable empire, claiming it for his own .

Battle for the Cowl

dent is forced into concealment, but ponders the possible death of the master Batman when Batman apparently reappears, being caught on security footage to let Gotham City know that the Dark Knight lives on. Two-Face studies recent video recording tapes of Batman and notices that he is smiling. Dent ’ randomness henchmen notes how rare it is for Batman to grin, and Two-Face reluctantly agrees. He deduces that there is a new person under the cowl, which is in reality Dick Grayson. Two-Face then searches for a person with teleporting abilities he can hire who can take him to the Batcave. Two-Face selects three candidates, and when he locates the one who is will to hire himself out to him, murders the other two. Two-Face is teleported into the original Batcave, although his intrusion is soon discovered by Alfred Pennyworth. When the new Batman investigates the cave, he is ambushed by Two-Face. The champion discovers that the elephantine penny in the Batcave is covered with deep scratches across the coat. Two-Face then shoots Dick with respective high-octane darts that pierce his subscript costume, since Grayson had sacrificed the body armor of the Batsuit for better mobility. In a delusion, the poison Dick is affected by the doped darts and sees Dent in a wrench, crimson and black version of Batman ‘s original costume. Two-Face beats Dick viciously, and Grayson realizes that the villain ‘s darts had been coated with the Scarecrow ‘s fear toxins. Two-Face continues to beat the fallen crime-fighter angrily, shouting that he could never replace the original Batman. He besides reveals that he had been trying to infiltrate the celebrated Batcave for years, but had no success until that day, because the original Batman would never leave himself capable to attack. Alfred Pennyworth saves Dick by giving him an antidote for the toxin, careful to stay in the shadows thus as not to be recognized by Two-Face. Dick recovers and slips into the inner depths of the cave, disappearing from Two-Face ‘s see. indent starts to panic and starts firing his grease-gun at every shadow, and Dick then retaliates by administering a beast beat. Defeated, Two-Face admits he actually believes that Dick is the master Batman, but has changed in major ways. Two-Face has been at odds with Gotham ‘s latest zone lawyer, Kate Spencer, besides known as the vigilante Manhunter. Since the check of Black Mask, Two-Face has been working at regaining his early power over Gotham. however, his plans have garnered the attention of the FBI. After he discovers a mole in his midst, he flees only to be stabbed by his own henchmen. Two-Face is left for abruptly, his body dumped off a bridge. erstwhile later, two fishermen in the middle of a lake bobbin in Two-Face ‘s water-logged body .

The New 52

Two-Face appeared very concisely in an attempted prison break in The Court of Owls storyline. Batman comments on how some people had compared Gotham to the villain while stopping the orgy. He besides made an appearance in the Knight Terrors storyline. In this he was given a random variable of the drug venom by the White Rabbit. This caused him to become much stronger and have no fear causing him to fight with Batman once again in an Arkham carouse. He was close to victory until the slope effects of the drug caused him to bleed from his eyes balls and collapse. He was later interrogated by Batman about this happening but he was fairly uninformative to the black knight. late Two-Face appeared in the Death of the Family arch. Being given a share in the Joker ‘s twist chivalric court, set in Arkham Asylum, as a evaluator for Batman. When Joker along with Dent, Penguin and Riddler, who besides featured in the court, had captured Batman, Joker turned on them trapping them in a cell so he could continue with his design entirely. Dent became angry and questioned why it must be Joker to stop the Bat. Joker the proceeded to mock his rival claiming he was only a jest in the condemnable underground of Gotham, hence why he made him a Judge. Harvey proceeded to pull a gun out on him, given to him by Joker, and threatened the clown prince. Joker then called him out suggesting to Dent that the gun was booby trapped. Dent ‘s will failed him and he let the accelerator devolve down to the floor. Joker then showed Penguin and Harvey a taster of what he had in plan for the Dark Knight which drew repugnance from even these two hardened crime godhead .


Two-Face is not systematically evil ; every clock he contemplates a crime, he flips his two-headed mint. only if the mint came up scratched-side did Two-Face go ahead and commit the crime, never questioning the solution of the pass. This compulsion is a compromise between Dent ‘s evil “ Two-Face ” personality and his former, law-abiding self. Over the years, he has been shown to rely on the coin to different degrees. sometimes to decide whether or not to commit a crime, sometimes to decide whether or not to do something good, like save person. He will even go out of his manner to do effective deeds if the mint mandates. Since Two-Face is hideously scarred on the entrust half of his expression, he plays up to it with dress that is differently styled and materialized on one side. Two-Face besides carries his obsession with the number “ two ” in his option of weapon, twin .22 automatics, with which he is highly skilled and healthy. His psychotic obsession with duality and his designing crimes around the number two much leads to his precipitation. In the questionable “ Arkham Asylum : A unplayful House on Serious Earth “ one-shot, the doctors at Arkham were shown to have weaned him off of the mint, and onto a die, then a pack of tarot card cards. With the die, alternatively of only dear and evil, he is given six different options, and with the tarot card, 78. Two-Face is shown to be wholly dependent, and is unable to even decide to go to the bathroom before sorting through the cards. however, he did end up getting his coin back, and besides showed a rare case of giving a different destine than the mint predict : He set Batman detached despite the coin landing bad side up. During Countdown, when he is being deported to the “ Hell Planet ” along with the early villains in Salvation Run, Pied Piper and the Trickster offer to break him out of Belle Reve after defeating his escort guards. Two-Face flips the coin, and it comes up un-scarred, so he declines, and rather just waits patiently in the center of the hallway for more security guards to show up. Over the years, assorted attempts have been made to repair his facial scars, but none have successfully cured his insanity long term ; although he has concisely returned to his Dent character, he has ended up just destroying one side of his grimace and becoming Two-Face once again. One extra affair can be seen in Frank Miller ‘s 1986 Dark Knight series, where indent goes through a surgical procedure to restore all the damaged tissue in his grimace, all funded by Bruce Wayne. After the surgery, Dent is considered to be cured from his double personality insanity, and he flush appears on television receiver with a coin that has two clean sides. however, as the history progresses, he gets involved in crimes again and is finally caught by Batman and it is revealed that he thinks they did the opposite of what the surgery promised in order to “ have a laugh ” .


Over the years, Two-Face had many rivalries with other DC characters, particularly the trace : Batman — Although it was the crime overlord ‘s fault, Dent had blamed Batman for his facial scar. He and the Batman had fought each other in over 50 issues of Batman and Detective Comics. The Joker — Both Two-face and the Joker are frequently allied just a much as they oppose each other. This is because while both are chaotic in nature, their dispositions are wholly antonym, with the Joker ‘s motivations centering around self-amusement and chaos, and Two-Face ‘s often centering on anger and retaliation. Either way, these two constantly feud and compete on defeating Batman. In the Dark Knight Trilogy continuity, The Joker is indirectly responsible for Rachel Dawes end, vitamin a well as his disfigurement.

Poison Ivy — A competition or common sense of hatred exist between Two-Face and Ivy in Batman : The Animated Series due to Ivy attempting to murder Harvey Dent with implant toxins some time before his incidental. future interactions between the two shows that the alone matter keeping Two-Face from killing Ivy out of retaliation is a lucky coin flip. This carried over into the animate series, in which both sides of Dent ‘s personality expressed a hope in killing her, though “ Dent ” wanted to strangle her and “ big Bad Harv ” wanted to hit her with a truck. The Penguin — The Penguin and Two-face have always been at each others throats. This is by and large because their goals normally do n’t align. While Penguin is selfish and greedy, Two-Face believes in a twist shape of justice and balance .

facial appearance

The coloring Two-Face ‘s scars has been altered over the years. Starting from Harvey Dent ‘s first appearance in Detective Comics # 66, the deform share of Dent ‘s face was traditionally k for decades. In the 90s it was changed to dark purple after Batman Forever. In the movie Dent ‘s scar english is a bright pink-purple, although this version played by Tommy Lee Jones is the lone one to not feature an center bulge and exposed teeth. As depicted in Batman: The Animated Series, it is a sky blue. Artist Matt Wagner changed the scarring color to red in the 1992 Faces storyarc. Tim Sale late used a similar expression in Batman: The Long Halloween, which slowly became standardize modern look by the turn of the millennium. In The Dark Knight, Two-Face is disfigured by arouse rather than acid. As such the deform side of his grimace lacks hair’s-breadth and is charred and bloody, revealing the muscles, tendons and bone structure below. His appearance in Batman: Arkham City is based off of this appearance .

Powers and Abilities

  • Professional Lawyer: He was a successful attorney and is proficient in nearly all matters pertaining to criminal law.
  • Expert Detective: He possesses great deductive skills and analytic ability, reinforced by the training given by Batman.
  • Criminal Mastermind: He’s a genius in criminal planning and has many ties to the underworld, showing himself capable of competing with the Penguin.
  • Expert Marksman: Thanks to Slade Wilson’s training, Dent became an excellent marksman, able to shoot accurately from large distances.
  • Skilled Combatant: Dent has been extensively trained by Batman in Kung-Fu.


  • Two-Face’s Coin – Two-Face is mostly dependent on his coin to make decisions.


  • Various Weapons: Two semi-automatic pistols, Sniper rifle, Knives, Rocket launchers and poison gases, to name a few.


Two-Face is supported by respective henchmen. The following were the only ones that were named :

  • JoeDetective Comics #66

In other Media


Batman ( 1989 )

See: Harvey Dent (Burtonverse)

Batman Forever ( 1995 )

See: Two-Face (Schumacherverse)

The Dark Knight ( 2008 )

See: Two-Face (Nolanverse)

The Lego Batman Movie

Two-Face appears in the enliven Lego movie voiced by Billy Dee Williams, who played Harvey Dent in the live-action 1989 Batman movie. He is seen driving a truck, and telling Catwoman that they need the door to the Axis Chemicals open. Two-Face late appears in several other scenes with the Batman villains. His design is a Lego version of Billy Dee Williams ‘s Harvey Dent .

Batman vs. Two-Face

See: Two-Face (Batman vs. Two-Face)

television receiver

Batman: The Animated Series

See: Two-Face (DC Animated Universe)
See: Two-Face (Beware the Batman)
See: Harvey Dent (Gotham)
See: Harvey Dent (CW Gotham Knights)

Video Games

LEGO Video Games

See: Two-Face (LEGO Video Games)

Batman: Arkham Series

See: Two-Face (Arkhamverse)

DC Universe Online

  • Two-Face is voiced by Edwin Neal in DC Universe Online.

See: Two-Face (Telltale)


  • Two-Face is considered to be Batman’s second arch-nemesis after the Joker.
  • Two-Face made his debut as Harvey Kent, however DC soon changed the name to “Harvey Dent”, as to not confuse the character with that of Superman’s alter ego.
  • He was replaced by False Face in the 1960s television series of “Batman” because Two-Face would have been too gruesome. However, in 1968 Harlan Ellison wrote a Two-Face episode, supposedly Clint Eastwood was cast for the role, but before it could go anywhere the show was cancelled. Interestingly, Eastwood’s “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” co-star Eli Wallach played Mr. Freeze in the same show.
    • Two-Face became the main villain of “Batman ’66: The Lost Episode”, a comic that’s part of the comic book continuation of the series. His origin is similar to the mainstream version but the character was altered to fit the world of the comic.
  • In K.A. Applegate’s young adult book series, Remnants, a female character named 2face appears. Like Harvey Dent, this 2Face had half her face severely burned. At the beginning of the series, she is one of the main characters, and tries to survive; however, she later becomes more of a villain. The author has stated that 2face is indeed based on Two-Face from the Batman mythos.
  • All of Two-Face’s incarnations followed a certain design scheme when it came to the scarred left half of his face. The left eye always appeared to be bulging, sometimes due to the fact that the eyelid was burned away, while the teeth were exposed due to the lips also being burnt away. The only Two-Face to break this pattern was the one played by Tommy Lee Jones in Batman Forever. This incarnation’s left eye was not bulging, while the teeth were not exposed.
  • Although the giant penny is considered to be canonically known as an item that Two-Face attempted to use to crush Batman; it was in fact first used by the Penny Plunderer, a villain who has since been ret-conned out of Batman’s rogue gallery.
  • The Doctor that rebuilt his face is called Dr. Eckhart, the actor that portrayed Two-Face in The Dark Knight film is called Aaron Eckhart.
  • In Batman: Arkham City, Two-Face’s appearance is astonishingly close to the one used in The Dark Knight. His suit is an amalgam of the animated series version and The Dark Knight version. The left side of his suit is badly damaged and burnt with red spots burnt into it, and his hair is missing on his scarred side and his muscles and tendons can clearly be seen, though the suit itself is almost completely identical to his suit in Batman: The Animated Series. Hugo Strange also said that Dent was Gotham’s “White Knight” before his accident, a term used to describe Dent in The Dark Knight.
  • In Batman: The Animated Series, Episode 11, Two-Face, Part 2: When Two-Face was looking at the picture of himself and Grace Lamont, you can see a credit/debit card that he has that is not in the name of Harvey Dent, but in his villainous alter-ego: Two-Face.


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