Harvey Dent

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Biographical information
Name Harvey Dent
Born March 30, 1978
Birthplace Gotham City, New Jersey
Aliases/Nicknames Two-Face

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Nicknames Harv, Big Bad Harv, Harvey Two-Face
Physical description
Species Human
Gender male
Height 6’1¼ ”
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Unusual Features Left side of face disfigured
Family information
Family Christopher Dent ( don )
Lucy Dent ( mother )
Statistical information
Occupation District Attorney
Education Law School Graduate

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Harvey Dent was the early District Attorney of Gotham City and one of Batman ‘s most building complex adversaries. Harvey ‘s heed was american samoa damaged as his confront in a attack initiated by gangster Sal “ The Boss ” Maroni. He has since carried a coin round and flips it to make decisions.


early life sentence

Harvey Dent was born on March 30, 1978 in Gotham City, New Jersey to industrialists Lucy and Christopher Dent. Born a child of wealth and privilege, young Harvey Dent was conclude friends with Bruce Wayne. Bruce ‘s church father, Thomas Wayne, was happy to see the two attachment, and felt that Bruce last found a friend that he could relate to. Harvey and Bruce enjoyed playing games of strategy, though Harvey always apparently outmaneuvered the otherwise brainy Bruce. Around this time, Dent much found himself harassed by a school strong-arm. After being bullied for weeks, Dent decided to stand up to him. One day, he lost his temper and punched the strong-arm in the face. The following day, Dent found out that the bully was in the hospital. Though he went there to get his appendix removed, Dent thought he had sent him there because of their fight. Dent felt thus guilty about what happened that he vowed never to lose his wrath like that again. Over the years, that built up anger developed into a second personality. Dent managed to keep it under control condition for most of his life, but it would constantly slip out during brief moments of anger and embarrassment. A short time late, Bruce ‘s parents met an prematurely death at the caprice of mugger Joe Chill ‘s two bullets. He by and by became Gotham City ‘s distinguished District Attorney and a true defender of law and ordering. His hard work ethic, however, allowed him to rise to become a lawyer and, finally, the District Attorney.

Batman Season 1

I knew the risks when I took this job, Lieutenant.
―Harvey Dent


personality and traits

You should know better by now. Fate has chosen… and cannot be denied.
―Harvey Dent


Powers and Abilities


High Intellect : Harvey Dent possessed a gamey level of intelligence, adequate to of setting in motion a grandiose series of events aimed at confounding the Batman and was considered by some as a headmaster strategist. Trained Hand-to-Hand Combatant : Harvey Dent was extensively trained by Batman in Hand to Hand fight and proved a match against him on occasion. Skilled Attorney : He was besides a successful lawyer, and was adept in closely all matters pertaining to condemnable jurisprudence .


Multiple Personality Disorder : Two-Face was obsessed with duality. He did things according to opportunity and consequently relied heavily on his mint to make decisions, making the mint his Achilles ‘ heel .



Double-Headed Coin : Two-Face used a two-headed silver medal dollar, one side of which was defaced, the other side clean. Flipping the mint dictated Harvey when making any significant animation decisions. If the mint landed on the scarred side, Two-Face would pursue acts of evil. If the mint landed on the overlooked side, he was compelled to commit acts of good. At one point, Dent as Two-Face was so dependent on the mint for any of his criminal acts that he could be easily defeated by taking the coin away from him or preventing him from seeing the resultant role of the pass. dent lessened his dependence on the coin flip to whether a site should be implemented, rather than each individual act .


typically Two-Face used a kind of automatic and semi-automatic handguns to conduct his criminal affairs.


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