Upcoming Marvel movies: Release dates for every film & show

( Pocket-lint ) – When Marvel released Endgame in 2019, it brought an conclusion to some of Earth ’ s mighty heroes and served as a stopping point to the inaugural few phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, aka the Infinity Saga. But the MCU is continuing. angstrom hard as it might be to imagine an MCU without heroes like Iron Man and Captain America that we ‘ve come to love over the past ten of 20-plus blockbusters, it ‘s comforting to know the universe is n’t done. That leads to the motion : What ‘s adjacent ? Well, Marvel is still releasing an avalanche of new series and films. The studio apartment has revealed a roadmap for the following two phases of MCU films. It includes five inspire Disney+ series, nine Disney+ live-action serial, and 11 films that will release over the next few years. For reference, there have been 29 movies since the MCU began in 2008. Read: What order should you watch every Marvel movie and TV show

here, then, is everything you need to know about what ‘s following for the MCU. We ‘ve split up this guide into live-action movies, live-action shows, animated shows, and specials. If you want the spoiler-free version of this guide, scroll to the bottom, where we ‘ve appended at-a-glance list versions that you can skim. squirrel_widget_187869 Below are all the confirmed live-action movies coming to the MCU. Marvel has plans for 11 new movies over three years .Upcoming Marvel Movies and Shows photo 39

  • Release date: 11 November 2022

The highly predict sequel to 2018 ‘s Black Panther is expected to dive into the wide world of Wakanda, as Marvel announced it wo n’t recast Chadwick Boseman ‘s character following his tragic death. Without Boseman, the independent question for this film and the future of Wakanda in the MCU boils down to who will be the new Black Panther. Many of the cast members from the beginning film would all make sense, with Letitia Wright ‘s Shuri, Lupita Nyongo ‘s Nakia, and Winston Duke ‘s M’baku as the most obvious choices for the character. Regarding the villain for this film, the most late dawdler gave us our first glimpse at Namor, the rule of Atlantis who Tenoch Huerta will play. Namor ‘s entrance into the MCU has been rumoured for years and it appears he ‘ll make his debut by leading his submerged nation into war with Wakanda .Upcoming Marvel Movies and Shows photo 46

  • Release date: 17 February 2023

The third base Ant-Man and the Wasp film will see the following confirm spy of Jonathan Majors ‘ Kang The Conqueror following his appearance in the season stopping point of Loki. Kang is a time traveler from army for the liberation of rwanda in the future who discovers the multiverse and time travel. The movie will return Paul Rudd as Scott Lang and Evangeline Lilly as Hope Van Dyne, aka Ant-Man and The Wasp. Michael Douglas and Michelle Pfieffer will besides return to their former roles. Corey Stoll will flush be back as the villain from the inaugural Ant-Man film, Darren Cross. finally, Peyton Reed will return as director after helming the first gear two Ant-Man films .Gallery image 14

  • Release date: 5 May 2023

This one-third Guardians film was initially slated to hit theaters much earlier, but Marvel delayed it when they announced James Gunn, the writer, and director of the first two films, would be returning for a third base installation ( he was busy working on Suicide Squad – hence the delay ). We have no accurate details about what the plot could be for the new film, but it could see the Guardians looking for Gamora, who was missing at the end of Endgame. We do know the film will reveal the teased-character Adam Warlock, previewed at the end of Guardians 2, with Will Poulter ‘s frame of the quality being announced. Disney besides recently revealed that the frame will be filming a Disney+ vacation especial for spill in 2022. You can besides expect the release of a serial of shorts on Disney+ about Baby Groot, competently titled I am Groot .Upcoming Marvel Movies and Shows photo 40

  • Release date: 28 July 2023

We nowadays know the deed of Captain Marvel ‘s sequel, The Marvels, which teases a team-up female-centric team-up led by Brie Larson ‘s Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel. The first Captain Marvel film is set in 1995, and we do n’t know what Brie Larson ‘s fictional character has been up to between then and her appearance in Endgame, but we can safely say from the summation of Iman Vellani ‘s Kamala Khan, who made her debut in the Disney+ TV series Ms Marvel, and Teyonah Parris ‘ Monica Rambeau, who was recently powered up in WandaVision, that the film should be set in what passes as the contemporary for the MCU. There ‘s besides the credits scene from Far From Home. It featured Nick Fury aboard a starship with the Skrulls from the first gear Captain Marvel film. This could be linked to the adjacent Captain Marvel feature. There ‘s besides the credits scene from Far From Home. It featured Nick Fury aboard a starship with the Skrulls from the first Captain Marvel film. This could be linked to the future Captain Marvel feature .Gallery image 16

  • Release date: 3 November 2023

After winning an academy award for Best Actor, Mahershala Ali set up a meet with Marvel and let them know he wanted to play the vampire hunter Blade. Marvel Studios announced his cast at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, and he “ appeared ” in one of the post-credit scenes from The Eternals where we could hear Ali ‘s part speak to Kit Harrington ‘s Dane Whitman. Bassam Tariq has been tapped to direct .Upcoming Marvel Movies and Shows photo 38

  • Release date: 3 May 2024

Marvel officially unveiled Captain America : New World order at Comic-Con 2022. Following the decision of the Disney+ television series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, it was revealed that Anthony Mackie ‘s Sam Wilson will get his own big-screen adventure nowadays that he ‘s the new Captain America. There ‘s no other word on who else could be returning for the film, but here ‘s hoping we get to see Sebastian Stan ‘s Bucky Barnes team up with the newfangled Cap again. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier ‘s showrunner, Malcolm Spellman, is penning the script and Julius Onah will serve as the Director. Super-early rumours are pointing to the return of two villains, one of which is Daniel Bruhl ‘s Baron Zemo, who we last saw working with Sam and Bucky. The early is red Skull, the villain that Chris Evan faced off with during WWII in Captain America : The First Avenger and was final played by Ross Marquand in Avengers : Infinity War and Avengers : endgame. Hugo Weaving originally played the function .Upcoming Marvel Movies and Shows photo 64

  • Release date: 26 July 2024

Thunderbolts was announced at Comic-Con 2022 where it was revealed the film will be the final examination entrance on phase 5 of the MCU. This is n’t an Avengers film, but it will likely see a few of the late anti-heroes Marvel has introduced joining forces. cipher has been attached so far, but likely choices to see in the film are Florence Pugh ‘s Yelena Belova, Wyatt Russell ‘s John Walker, and Daniel Bruhl ‘s Baron Zemo. Of course with it being two years away, there are probably characters in this film who have n’t been introduced so far .Upcoming Marvel Movies and Shows photo 34 dismissal date : 28 November 2024
The Fantastic Four have been some of the premier comic characters for Marvel since their origin. All that success, however, has n’t translated to the big blind however, with three films produced since 2005, and none of them being peculiarly successful. That will probable all change with the next Fantastic Four film, as Marvel reacquired the rights to produce it and add the four to the MCU. We ‘ve recently seen John Krasinski portray an alternate population ‘s interpretation of the group ‘s drawing card, Reed Richards. however, it does n’t seem like Marvel is set on having Krasinski play the character full-time .Upcoming Marvel Movies and Shows photo 65

  • Release date: 2 May 2025

Jonathan Majors was introduced as Kang in the foremost season of Loki and it was instantaneously made clear that he was going to be a major villain in the future of the MCU. As Kang explains in the season finale of Loki, he had discovered a way to travel between universes, efficaciously opening up the multiverse. now one version of Kang managed to win out and set up the TVA so that no more Kangs would be created to threaten the multiverse. But that interpretation of Kang is dead immediately which means we will see the much more nefarious versions of him show up throughout phase 5, beginning with Ant-Man : Quantumania, and presumably finishing here with the Avengers teaming up to take him down .Upcoming Marvel Movies and Shows photo 66

  • Release date: 7 November 2025

A moment Avengers film will release merely six months after The Kang Dynasty. While we ‘re however identical far out from the film being in theatres, the Secret Wars amusing run sees heroes and villains of the MCU, including the X-Men, abducted by an entity known as the Beyonder and made to fight on pieced together satellite known as Battleworld.

Gallery image 17

  • Release date: Unannounced

While most of the excitement with Disney ‘s buy of Fox Films centered around electric potential future films for the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, it was easy to forget that Disney nowadays owns the rated-R superhero Deadpool, and it ‘s arduous to imagine we ‘ll have to wait hanker for him to show up in the MCU, officially. Disney and Ryan Reynolds are reportedly working on the stick out. Bob ‘s Burgers writers Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin are penning a script that Ryan Reynolds is overseeing while Shawn Levy, who recently directed Reynolds in the movie Free Guy has signed onto direct. Marvel has n’t announced a release date even, but you can expect this film to be rated R, besides, fair like its predecessors. Marvel has confirmed plans for nine modern live-action shows over three years .Upcoming Marvel Movies and Shows photo 51

  • Release date: 17 August 2022 on Disney+

We ‘ll forgive you if you think this is just a daughter translation of the strongest avenger, but Jennifer Walters is a character all her own in Marvel Comics. Bruce Banner is her cousin, and she gains his powers during a blood transfusion. She ‘s much more comfortable with a big green alter-ego than her cousin, as she becomes the lawyer of choice for any superhero who has to be in court. Of naturally, Marvel will credibly change some of her lineage report, but the 9-episode series will still focus on her ability in the court. Tatiana Maslany will play Walters, aka She-Hulk, and Mark Ruffalo will besides be back as the Hulk/Bruce Banner. We besides know that Jameela Jamil will play the villain Titania. In a spot more surprise news, Tim Roth will reprise his character as The abomination from 2008 ‘s The incredible Hulk ( as seen in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. ) Check out the trailer for She-Hulk here .Upcoming Marvel Movies and Shows photo 36

  • Release date: Late 2022/early 2023 on Disney+

This Disney+ television receiver series stars Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury, while Ben Mendelsohn will return as Talos. It ‘s a live-action translation of one of the most celebrated comedian storylines of all meter, which will see shape-shifting Skrulls infiltrate Earth. Kevin Feige indicated the series will be a crossing event, meaning we could be seeing lots of early characters from the MCU .Upcoming Marvel Movies and Shows photo 53

  • Release date: Summer 2023 on Disney+

Alaqua Cox will star as Maya Lopez, aka Echo, in a newly Disney+ television serial after the character debuted in the Hawkeye series. In the comics, Maya or Echo is a endow athlete and can copy any movements she sees. Charlie Cox is expected to appear as Daredevil and Vincent D’Onofrio will return as Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin, for this serial .Upcoming Marvel Movies and Shows photo 59

  • Release date: Summer 2023 on Disney+

It ‘s been confirmed Loki will return for a second season ( thanks to the credits of the season finale for the inaugural season ). Expect it to pick up where the events of the first season left off — with Loki and Sylvie split improving and the timeline destroyed. In summation to Tom Hiddleston and Sophia Di Martino returning as Loki and Sylvie, Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Wunmi Mosaku are besides expected to reprise their roles .Upcoming Marvel Movies and Shows photo 33

  • Release date: Autumn 2023 on Disney+

Dominique Thorne will make her debut as Riri Williams in Black Panther : Wakanda Forever before she takes over the reins of her own Disney+ television series. In the comics, Williams is a ace who created her own interpretation of the Iron Man armour at the senesce of 16 while attending MIT. Judging from her inclusion in Black Panther : Wakanda Forever, Marvel may be changing that backstory a little moment .Upcoming Marvel Movies and Shows photo 67

  • Release date: Winter 2023/2024 on Disney+

Kathryn Hahn will reprise her function as Agatha Harkness in her own series after she debuted as the villain in WandaVision. The serial will hopefully shed more light on some of the darkness magic she used in WandaVision ampere well as the history of witches in the MCU .Upcoming Marvel Movies and Shows photo 63

  • Release date:  Spring 2024 on Disney+

Charlie Cox will reprise his role as Matt Murdock/Daredevil after playing the role on Netflix. This will be Cox ‘s fourth appearance in the MCU after popping up in Spider-Man : No Way Home, She-Hulk : Attorney at Law, and Echo. It ‘s even ill-defined whether this series will be a good continuation of the Netflix series. As lone Vincent D’Onofrio is slated to return for the new serial reprising his role as Kingpin. Of course, the series is hush two years from its current premier date, so there ‘s enough of meter to get Elden Hanson on board to return as Foggy .Upcoming Marvel Movies and Shows photo 35

  • Release date: Unannounced, but on Disney+

This series will star Don Cheadle as his MCU quality, James Rhodes, aka War Machine, who deals with the fallout of his old supporter ‘s technology falling into the incorrectly hands. The series will be based on a popular run of the Iron Man comics, albeit with major differences, as Tony Stark is dead. Armor Wars was conspicuously left out of a huge laid of reveals Marvel made at Comic-Con 2022, but Yassir Lester, who ‘s writing the serial, assured fans it would still be coming out. Marvel has five confirmed animated shows in the works for Disney+ .Upcoming Marvel Movies and Shows photo 54

  • Release date: 10 August 2022 on Disney+

This collection of shorts will see baby Groot working on growing up. There will be five episodes and Bradley Cooper will voice Rocket Raccoon in the series .Upcoming Marvel Movies and Shows photo 57

  •  Release date: Early 2023 on Disney+

A irregular season of What If … is already in the works and Marvel has besides already committed to the third base temper of the enliven serial. Jeffrey Wright will return to voice The Watcher and we ‘d expect other voices from the MCU to appear deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. It ‘s been confirmed that Hayley Atwell ‘s Captain Carter will again be featured this season, a well as episodes featuring Hela, Gamora, and Tony Stark .Upcoming Marvel Movies and Shows photo 58

  • Release date: Autumn 2023 on Disney+

Beau Demayo will serve as executive producer and head writer for this newly animize series that will pay court to the celebrated 90 ‘s series X-Men : The Animated Series. The series will be Marvel ‘s first adaptation of the X-Men since reacquiring the rights. It was announced at Comic-Con that the series has already been renewed for a second season .Upcoming Marvel Movies and Shows photo 55

  • Release date: 2024 on Disney+

What if MCU, but Walking Dead. This inspire serial will see Earth ‘s mightiest heroes confronted with a zombi apocalypse. Marvel revealed that the series will release in 2024, and most importantly be rated TV-MA. Brian Andrews will serve as executive producer .Upcoming Marvel Movies and Shows photo 56

  • Release date: 2024 on Disney+

This inspire series will see a young Peter Parker on his way to becoming Spider-Man. Jeff Trammel will serve as executive producer and question writer. Marvel revealed that Charlie Cox will voice his character Daredevil in the series at Comic-Con 2022. In addition, they revealed that the series has already been renewed for a second season. Marvel has two confirmed specials for Disney+ coming out this holiday season .Upcoming Marvel Movies and Shows photo 62

  • Release date: October 2022 on Disney+

Marvel is producing a Halloween especial that is said to be based on the amusing book character Werewolf by Night. Gael Garcia Bernal will play Jack Russell, a man whose family has been cursed for generations to turn into werewolves. In the comics, Russell ’ s sword of lycanthropy is small different than the classic versions of werewolves. He can transform at will, by think of a full moon, and he besides is silent wholly in see of himself. He besides is regularly involved with Moon Knight, Blade, and ( gulp ) Morbius, in his unlike comic runs .Upcoming Marvel Movies and Shows photo 49

  • Release date: December 2022 on Disney+

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special was announced back at Disney ‘s Investor Day in 2020. James Gunn will direct the Disney+ Special that will see the main form of both Guardian ‘s films return, including Chris Pratt as Peter Quill and Dave Bautista as Drax. Gunn, who wrote and directed all of the Guardians of the Galaxy films, has said he was inspired the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special. here ‘s everything we described above, broken down into three at-a-glance lists that are spoiler-free.

  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – 11 November 2022 (Live-action movie)
  • Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania – 17 February 2023 (Live-action movie)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. III – 5 May 2023 (Live-action movie)
  • The Marvels – 28 July 2023 (Live-action movie)
  • Blade – 3 November 2023 (Live-action movie)
  • Captain America: New World Order – 3 May 2024 (Live-action movie)
  • Thunderbolts – 26 July 2024 (Live-action movie)
  • Fantastic Four – 28 November 2024(Live-action movie)
  • Avengers: The Kang Dynasty – 2 May 2025 (Live-action movie)
  • Avengers: Secret Wars – 7 November 2025 (Live-action movie)
  • Deadpool 3 – Unannounced (Live-action movie)
  • She-Hulk: Attorney at Law – 17 August 2022 (Live-action Disney+ TV series)
  • Secret Invasion – Late 2022/Early 2023 (Live-action Disney+ TV series)
  • Echo – Summer 2023 (Live-action Disney+ TV series)
  • Loki season 2 – Summer 2023 (Live-action Disney+ TV series)
  • Ironheart – Autumn 2023 (Live-action Disney+ TV series)
  • Agatha: Coven of Chaos – Winter 2023/2024 (Live-action Disney+ TV series)
  • Daredevil: Born Again – Spring 2024 (Live-action Disney+ TV series)
  • Armor Wars – Unannounced (Live-action Disney+ TV series)
  • I am Groot – 10 August 2022
  • What If…? Season 2 – Early 2023
  • X Men ’97 – Autumn 2023
  • Marvel Zombies – 2024
  • Spider-Man: Freshman Year – 2024
  • Marvel Halloween Special – October 2022 (Disney+ TV special)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special – December 2022 (Disney+ TV special)

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