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Human ( once )


Reading: Mukago




163 cm (5’4″)


57 kg (126 lb)

Hair Color


Eye Color

Gray with Dark Red Sclera



Twelve Kizuki

Personal Status




Manga Debut

chapter 51

Anime Debut

Episode 26


Japanese VA

Kana Ueda

English VA

Kira Buckland Mukago Images Image Gallery Mukago ( 零 ( む ) 余 ( か ) 子 ( ご ), Mukago ? ) was a member of the Twelve Kizuki, having held the situation of Lower Rank Four ( 下 ( か ) 弦 ( げん ) の肆 ( し ), Kagen no Shi ? ). [ 1 ]


Mukago has very light grey skin, two dark red stripes across her boldness, and a pair of white horns protruding from either side of her brow. Her eyes were gray with white rings around the sides and black red sclera, with the kanjis for “ Lower Four ” etched in them. She besides possessed chin-length white hair with shorter bangs between her horns.

Mukago wore a plain red kimono with a black-and-white fur-lined collar tied up at the spinal column with a big, darkness empurpled crouch, white tabi socks, and black zōri shoes that have orange colored straps .


Out of all the Lower Ranks, Mukago was shown to be the most cowardly. As stated by Muzan Kibutsuji through reading her thoughts, Mukago had no intention of battling the Demon Slayer Corps ‘ Hashira and planned to flee at the mere citation of one, noted to have done so numerous times. When Muzan learned of this, Mukago attempted to appease him and beg for mercy .


Following the death of Lower Rank Five, Rui, Mukago is summoned to the Infinity Castle by Nakime, being the final of the Lowers to appear, equitable before Wakuraba. Before she can comprehend her situation, she is immediately taken by Nakime to a platform with the rest of the Lower Ranks, where she fearfully looks around, joining Rokuro and Kamanue. Before them are Nakime to the side and a obscure female demon in battlefront of them .
initially confused, Mukago becomes terrified when the monster commands them to bow down and kneel, immediately recognizing the monster is Muzan Kibutsuji, having disguised himself to lower their guard about what he will do. She attempts to apologize on their behalf and claim they did not know it was him, only for her overcome to ruthlessly silence her, demanding she do not “ voice her worthless thoughts “. Muzan informs them about Rui ‘s death and demands to know why the Lower Ranks are therefore weak. [ 2 ] Mukago listens as Muzan lectures them about how being in the ranks of the Twelve Kizuki is only the starting point of when they can be useful to him, claiming their only role is to consume homo flesh and derive power. The Demon King angrily states that it has been over a century since the Upper Ranks were death substitute, so far the Lower Ranks are replaced repeatedly, causing Kamanue to scoff at the absurdity of his arithmetic mean. [ 3 ] adequate to of reading their minds, Muzan angrily asks Kamanue why he couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be told that, expanding and extending his branch into a tentacle to grab the Lower Rank by his body and lift him into the air out. Kamanue apologizes and beg for forgiveness but is mercilessly devoured by Muzan, as Mukago and the pillow of the Lower Ranks keep their heads lowered in shock hush. [ 4 ]

Realizing the direness of their situation, the Lower Ranks immediately panic that they will be killed angstrom well. Knowing their minds can be read by Muzan, they remain silent. He goes on to ask the Lowers if they are more afraid of the Demon Slayers than of him. Upon hearing this, Mukago speaks up and states that she is not. Muzan challenges her and claims that all she thinks about is fleeing whenever she encounters a Hashira. Under huge pressure and the threat of death, Mukago breaks down in tears and says that she would put her life in risk for him. however, Muzan dismisses her pleas as contradicting his instruction. Without nothing else to say, Mukago watches as Muzan brings his monstrous arm down onto her, killing Lower Rank Four immediately. [ 5 ]

Abilities and Powers

Demon Abilities

little is known about Mukago ‘s potency and abilities as a Demon, but it is assumed that she must have been much stronger than an median Demon and superior in might to Kamanue, as she was given a higher Lower Rank position than him .


  • Mukago’s name was revealed in the first fanbook.
  • Mukago ranked 28th in the first popularity poll with 77 votes.




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