8 Biggest Differences Between U.S. Agent And Captain America

While there are some similarities between Cap and USAgent, there are besides a distribute of preferably arrant differences. Captain America is one of the greatest heroes in the history of the Marvel Universe. Steve Rogers has forged a heroic verse bequest like few others. While late years have seen others take up the curtain of Captain America and thrived, it was n’t that room for a long time. John Walker was the third base Captain America, picked to replace Rogers after he grew disillusioned with the government, and it did n’t go good at all .
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It all proved to be excessively much for Walker and Rogers took the mantle back. finally, Walker would become USAgent, a function he was much better suited for. While there are some similarities between Cap and USAgent, there are besides a draw of rather stark differences.


8 USAgent Actually Has Superpowers

John Walker joins the West Coast Avengers Captain America ‘s ace soldier serum made him physically superior to every human. It enhanced his intensity and agility to the point of human perfection, which helped him vastly in conflict. equally good as this made him, he ‘s not actually a superhuman – he ‘s merely a perfective human. His skill and experience are just as authoritative in his battles as his physical attributes are .
John Walker has superhuman forte given to him by the Power Broker and was a superpowered wrestler before he became Captain America. While it did n’t help him when he finally battled Rogers for the mantle of Captain America, it is a boastful deviation between the two .

7 Cap Is Worthy Of Mjolnir

Captain-America-Mjolnir-Hydra-Secret-Empire Cap has had many great accomplishments over the years. One of the greatest is his worthiness to wield Thor ‘s hammer, Mjolnir. not fair anyone can pick up the malleus ; only those who are pure of heart can. It ‘s come in handy over the years, and has allowed him to take up the baron of thor when the thunder idol was taken down. It makes Cap an integral part of the Avengers and is another reason for others to respect him .
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USAgent has more than made up for some of the worst things he ‘s done, but he ‘s not worthy of the malleus of Thor. He ‘s not a purehearted person. While he ‘s saved a lot of lives, he ca n’t change who he is on the inside .

6 Cap Is A Great Mentor

united states of captain america 2 header The Marvel Universe is entire of capital mentors, and there are few who can match Captain America. Cap has trained respective Avenger members in hand-to-hand combat, teaching them how to be an even better champion. He ‘s directly mentored heroes, and acting as an case to batch of heroes that came after him. even The Punisher, who hates most superheroes, looks up to Captain America .
USAgent ca n’t compete with Cap in this sense. When he was Captain America, he had his own Bucky, his former wrestle spouse Battlestar. Besides him, no matchless wants USAgent as a mentor. even if they did, he is n’t precisely mentor material .

5 Cap Has Faced Down The Greatest Threats The Marvel Universe Can Throw At Him

thanos cap Cap and USAgent have both been Avengers, but haven’t faced similar threats. USAgent was by and large a depart of the West Coast team, acting as their Cap substitute. The West Coast team frequently faced depressed dangerous threats, but were always the B-list Avengers – even when they had Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, and Vision on the team. Cap, on the other hand, was always in the frontlines against the greatest threats the Avengers ever faced .
Cap is one of the bravest heroes on the satellite. He proved then by facing down the greatest threats conceivable. While USAgent has faced some atrocious foes, he ca n’t actually compete with Cap.

4 USAgent Is Staunchly Conservative And Cap Isn’t

USAgent Steve Rogers was normally misconceived as an America first bourgeois, just because he ‘s Captain America. Steve Rogers was born poor in an irish family in the 1920s. They had no sleep together for the fat conservatives who destroyed the state ‘s economy in the stock market clang of 1929. Rogers himself was a New Deal Democrat. After his revival, he would alone go foster left on the political spectrum .
John Walker ‘s early life was very different from Rogers ‘, which made their political beliefs different. Walker has always been a much more cautious person than Cap, yet another thing that divided them .

3 USAgent Was A Much Crueler Captain America Than Rogers Has Ever Been

US Agent John Walker vs Captain America Steve Rogers Marvel USAgent ‘s stint as Captain America was marred by his own actions. He was n’t ready for the cape at all, and was much more crimson as Captain America than Rogers would think of being. His cruelty and willingness to kill is what drove Rogers to be Captain America again. even though Cap ‘s opinion of toss off has evolved in recent years, he could n’t countenance a killer as Captain America, particularly an cussed one .
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Cap fight in WWII and faced down the worst foes, but has never been a barbarous person – walker was. While he ‘s changed over the years, he even has that tendency inside of him, something that sets him apart from Cap .

2 Cap Is A Born Leader

Avengers Captain America Thor She-Hulk feature Cap has friends all over the Marvel Universe as many respect his leadership. Cap is the hero everyone looks to, and his tactical acumen has saved the day more than once. This is nothing new for Cap, as he frequently takes blame and proves to be an perplex drawing card. Although USAgent has been a leader, he ‘s nowhere near Cap ‘s league. He ‘s dear at it – but heroes would n’t pick him to follow .

1 Cap Is An Inspiration And USAgent Is Not

captain-america-shield-kid Cap is one of the most cheer heroes in the Marvel Universe. His case has inspired superheroes and american english citizens were motivated by him to be well. There are few people on worldly concern who are american samoa adored as he is.

USAgent is not on this level. It ‘s one of the reasons he was a weak Captain America, and has n’t attempted to prove otherwise. even USAgent would admit that Cap was one of his inspirations and that he ‘s nowhere close to him, therefore at least Walker knows the truth .
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