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Tengen was born into a class of nine children within a shinobi kin. Three of the nine children died before they flush reached 10 years old ascribable to fanatic coach. With the remaining six of his siblings, they were forced to kill each other on their founder ’ s orders without them knowing who they fought, as their heads and faces were covered with masks. Tengen realized his father ‘s whoremaster alone after he had killed two of his brothers. By the age of 15, seven of his siblings had already died leaving entirely him and his younger brother who is two years youthful. As children, his father had forced them to undergo harsh and intensive discipline as an attack to save the kin, and influenced them to believe that they needed to dispose innocent lives for their benefit, and entirely have a wife as means for producing offspring. [ 1 ] As his last remaining brother adopted this mentality, and did not feel bad about killing their other siblings, Tengen became dismay and decided to leave the kin permanently. [ 1 ] He left the village with his wives without fighting his brother. Uzui ‘s kin practices polygyny, then when Tengen turned 15, he must have 3 wives, who were chosen by the head of the kin. [ 2 ] After leaving the greenwich village with his wives, he would belated teach them to value themselves before the mission, going against their teachings as kunoichi. [ 3 ] For a while after he had left the kin, it became habit for him to say he was going to hell, but he stopped after Makio got angry with him, Hinatsuru cried, and Suma bit him. He anguished over whether he should have exterminated the Uzui kin, but he could n’t bring himself to kill his don or brother. [ 4 ] Following the departure from his kin, Tengen and his family searched for Kagaya Ubuyashiki to help fight for the Demon Slayers, and he formally joined. Tengen would late go on to climb the ranks of the Corps and become the Sound Hashira before Sanemi Shinazugawa became a Hashira, and when Kanae Kocho was a member. [ 5 ]


Tengen was deliver as a extremity of the Hashira when Tanjiro Kamado was put on trial. [ 6 ] Upon initially meeting Nezuko and Tanjiro, he openly expresses his antipathy at the idea of them travelling in concert, even claiming that he will “ cut off his head with manner. ”

When Tanjiro explains his intelligent for travelling with a Demon, the Sound Hashira becomes intrigued and even requests to see their interaction. however when the drawing card of the Demon Slayer Corps informs the Hashira of his credence of the siblings, Tengen openly rejects the theme of allowing Tanjiro to remain with Nezuko. [ 7 ] Although Tengen did not participate in any major battles during the discharge, he receives news of Kyojuro ‘s death from a corvus and expresses his business that even he had lost his life to one of the Upper Ranks. [ 8 ] At the begin of the arch, Tengen enters Butterfly Mansion and attempts to kidnap Naho and Aoi to assist him on his mission. however he is forced to change tactics when the three boys —Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke Hashibira — rescue the girls, and force him to take them along on his deputation. [ 9 ] On their way to the web site, Tengen reveals that they are going to investigate the disappearance of his wives within the Entertainment District. In order to do so, he explains that each male child will be sent to one of the three brothels : Ogimoto House, Kyogoku House, or Tokito House to try to gather information on their whereabouts. Once they arrive at the district, Tengen disguises the boys as girls ands drops them off at each house to begin their probe. [ 10 ]

Tengen proceeds to lie low as the boys gather information within each house, and monitors for any unusual activity within the zone. After Zenitsu goes missing, Tengen senses the immediate danger and tells the early two boys to abandon the mission and let him complete it for their condom. He reaches the Kyogoku House and holds the whorehouse coach hostage demanding to know where Zenitsu and Hinatsuru had disappeared to. Upon learning that Hinatsuru had been sent to the Kirimise, Tengen presses the director for more information and he reveals that Warabihime had been causing the disappearances. [ 11 ] When Tengen arrives at the Kirimise, he discovers Hinatsuru had been held prisoner by Daki ‘s obeah and defeats it, before tending to his wife. once he administers medicine to her and checks that she ‘s approve, Tengen instructs Hinatsuru to leave the zone and run for condom before continuing his search for his other wives and Zenitsu. [ 12 ] When he arrives back in the zone, Tengen hears the sounds from the metro cavern, and enters it to discover his wives — Makio and Suma — inside fighting the obeah. After freeing them, the obeah manages to escape and Tengen scrambles after it, with Inosuke and Zenitsu trailing behind him. [ 13 ] Tengen on the scene to discover Tanjiro struggling to control his baby, and promptly decapitates Daki ineffective to believe that she is the Upper Rank they have been searching for. Upon discovering the truth behind Daki and Gyutaro ‘s presence, the Hashira engages in boisterous combat with the Demons. Gyutaro manages to poison Tengen during the fight, preventing him from decapitating the Demon. After they ultimately manage to bring down the Demon siblings, Tengen ends up losing his left field hand and eye in the march. [ 14 ] [ 15 ] By the end of the conflict, Gyutaro ‘s poison has spread throughout Tengen ‘s consistency resulting in his inability to speak. As he lays dying from the poison, Nezuko Kamado intervenes and uses her her blood Demon Art to burn the poison out of his system, allowing him to rejoice with his wives. [ 16 ] Once Obanai arrives to the setting, he tells him that he is formally retiring from the Demon Slayer Corps and assures him that the trainee he “ hates so a lot ” has grown impregnable enough to fill the void his absence will leave, alluding to Tanjiro. As the Kakushi rush in to clean up the fit, Tengen is then supported by his wives as he walks away to begin his retirement. [ 17 ]

Despite officially retiring, Tengen assists in Hashira Training along with his wives. He oversees the beginning level, which is basic stamen train .
Tengen and Shinjuro Rengoku were located in another section of the Ubuyashiki estate when it was taken into Muzan Kibutsuji ‘s Infinity Castle. They stand guard outside of the room Kiriya, Kanata, and Kuina Ubuyashiki are located in as the surviving Ubuyashikis map out the fortress and give instructions to the Demon Slayers .



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