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Venom and Iron Man have constantly been popular superheroes loved by the audiences. now Hot Toys has revealed a Venomized Iron Man Action Figure from the animize series of “ Spider-Man: Maximum Venom “. Will the pairwise combination be more popular ? How does this Venomized Iron Man Action Figure perform ? Let ’ s take a front !
Based on the “ Venomized Iron Man ” setting in “ Marvel’s Spider-Man animation season 3: Maximum Venom “, Hot Toys and Mr. Khoo Fuk-Lung, a Hong Kong well-known comic artist jointly designed this Venomized Iron Man Action Figure .
According to the official introduction, this work belongs to the Artist Collection series of Hot Toys. As the name suggests, it requires artistic creation. Therefore, based on the plant of the American animated character of Venom Iron Man, Mr. Khoo Fuk-Lung ’ s personal Hong Kong comics characteristics are incorporated, therefore expanding into a new discipline .
Venomized Iron Man Compared with the effigy in the animation “ Spider-Man: Maximum Venom “.
It is not difficult to find that this action figure does not actually refer to the styling settings in the liveliness.
There is still a big difference between them in terms of human body and dash.

so looking at it this way, Hot Toys ’ Venomized Iron Man Action Figure is actually a new original design concept materialization work that breaks through the traditional framework. Although Hot Toys said it will decidedly make fans feel quite surprise and advanced, at present, lone the name is the same, and the appearance dispute is in truth big, it is in truth hard to say whether fans like it or not…
This Venomized Iron Man Action Figure ‘ mho size design is besides 1/6 scale normally used by Hot Toys, and the overall stature is approx. 35cm. And there are adenine many as 16 points of articulation, which allows you to display this action figure into many poses.
just expression at the appearance, it is indeed quite rampantly and domineering .
This malice symbiote shows the expect of Iron Man being parasitized by venom, specially the upper berth right body has been wholly swallowed by malice. In arrange to fit the theme, it is besides necessary to highlight some of Iron Man ’ sulfur characteristics, so the remaining left one-half of the body and left are depictions of Iron Man armor elements .
The word picture of the leave half of the armors is good, the out armors have worn out depicting and aging-effect paint.
In summation, the outer armors have a bombastic number of symbiont details, showing that the malice symbiont is constantly attaching and extending .
Iron Man ’ s right leg and metrical foot have been completely swallowed by the malice, and the impart leg and foot ‘ s armors have been climbing by the symbiote. The erosion details on the armors are truly dependable .
The left half of Iron Man has light-emitting mechanisms, you can see that the palm of leave hand, arc nuclear reactor on the breast, and left eye can all emit light .
Regarding the part of the malice symbiont, the iconic details such as white eye, guerrilla crisp silver teeth and boastful natural language are faithfully recreated in this action number .
On the breast of Venomized Iron Man, in addition to the white spider pattern, Hot Toys besides provides three give voice biochemical mechanical pincers outstretched from the chest.
The biochemical mechanical pincers are besides equipped with realistic bones and blood coatings. Displays in concert with the spider radiation pattern on the chest of drawers, the three-dimensional impression is identical hard .
This Venomized Iron Man Action Figure besides comes with exchangeable protruding tongue accessories of different shapes.

The back of this Venomized Iron Man is depicted in good details. In addition to the white spider design, explosive muscles have besides been highlighted.
By the way, the malice symbiont adopts light black semblance, which shows a dark purple-blue spectrum under different lighting angles, and the color is deep in layers .
In terms of accessories, Hot Toys ’ products have always been relatively rich. In addition to the exchangeable tongue introduced above, this Venomized Iron Man Action Figure besides comes with five interchangeable hands and a specially designed character-themed figure basal with a graphic card .
At the same time, this action calculate besides includes an interchangeable newly developed Venom pass sculpt. The details are well portrayed, both the eyes details and the texture of the spit are very beneficial .
This class coincides with an crucial milestone for the twentieth anniversary of the Hot Toys brand, so the quality of this Venomized Iron Man Action Figure is absolutely credible.
The style is indeed singular, if it is not related to the images in the vivification “ Spider-Man : maximum Venom ”, this action design is worthy of recognition.
Guys who have the opinions, you can post it in the comments box .
Special Edition
It ’ sulfur worth mentioning that there is a special version of this Venomized Iron Man Action Figure provided.
Compared with the Normal translation, the special edition will have an extra symbiote sword interchangeable for the right hand .
This symbiote sword is well depicted and looks very domineering.
After replacing it, you can recreate the look of the Venomized Iron Man which turns his right bridge player into a weapon .
With this symbiote sword, and coupled with the existing accessories, the playability of this Venomized Iron Man Action Figure is richer .
Since Hot Toys has formally obtained the copyright related to Venom,
So the launch of Venomized Iron Man Action Figure was expected.
But the completely newly developed design is actually surprise.

Let us just expect and see how sales are ! ! !
Where to buy : Solaris Japan    Venomized Iron Man Action Figure
Product Size
approximately 35cm grandiloquent
Plastic, etc.
Hot Toys
Action Figure
Release Date
Second and Third Quarters of 2022
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