Venom: Space Knight Vol 1 1

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Venom: Space Knight Vol 1 #1

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329?cb=20151120072209 artwork by : Ariel Olivetti

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Venom Space Knight Vol 1 1 Textless

Venom Space Knight Vol 1 1 Action Figure Variant

Venom Space Knight Vol 1 1 Deodato Variant

Venom Space Knight Vol 1 1 Deodato Variant Textless

Venom Space Knight Vol 1 1 Hip-Hop Variant

Venom Space Knight Vol 1 1 Hip-Hop Variant Textless

Venom Space Knight Vol 1 1 Lim Variant

Venom Space Knight Vol 1 1 Lim Variant Textless

336?cb=20150819020348 art by : Ariel Olivetti 329?cb=20151120073039 art by : John Tyler Christopher 329?cb=20151120072812 art by : Mike Deodato Jr. and Frank Martin Jr. 323?cb=20151029193134 artwork by : Mike Deodato and Frank Martin 329?cb=20151120073314 art by : microphone Choi 350?cb=20150911224435 artwork by : microphone Choi 329?cb=20151120072444 art by : Ron Lim, Tom Palmer and Dave McCaig 328?cb=20151106221208 art by : Ron Lim, Tom Palmer and Dave McCaig

Release Date

November 25, 2015

Cover Date

January, 2016

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Axel Alonso


T+ ( 13 and up )

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1st story

Appearances · Synopsis


Robbie Thompson


Ariel Olivetti


Ariel Olivetti


Ariel Olivetti


Cory Petit


Jake Thomas
Kathleen WisneskiQuote1.png  Wait. Do you know what an agentive role of the Cosmos is ? ’cause I ‘ve been wondering — Quote2.png

—Venom (Flash Thompson)

Appearing in 1st fib

Featured Characters:
Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Numerous unnamed aliens
    • Blait’r ( Mentioned )
  • Cora’s children ( First appearance )
  • Symbiotes ( Mentioned )
  • Were-Fish ( First appearance )
  • Cora’s wife ( First appearance )


  • Venom’s spaceship ( alone appearance ; destruction )
  • Kio’s spaceship ( First appearance )
  • Agents of the Cosmos’ spaceship ( First appearance ) ( Cameo )

outline for 1st story

Running down a corridor, Venom fires over his shoulder with a laser pistol, while thinking that his position could have gone better but that break plays were always his favorite and that all he has to do is run. Thinking to himself that he ‘s like a kid on a resort area, Venom leaps out a windowpane as an estrange with a set of tentacles for an arm grab him, and he instinctually retaliates by slicing its tentacle off with an arm-blade. The alien, an arms dealer named Gholar, plummets out the window after him, but Venom maneuvers then that he lands on top of him. Gholar ‘s thugs arrive and clear fire, so Venom web-swings away while dodging lasers, thinking to himself that he is an agentive role of the Cosmos despite having no theme what that entails, and that he got a message from a ringing voice in his pass to travel to that planet to track down a chemical weapon. Venom had found out that Gholar had sold the weapon, YT-19, to a smuggler whose name is on the drive he “ borrowed, ” but his transport is blown up before he can use it to learn the buyer ‘s identity. Leaping through the window of a nearby construct, Venom asks an owl-like estrange woman if he can borrow her calculator, discovering the buyer was a space pirate named Kio, whose transport is ascribable to depart in five minutes. Dodging Gholar ‘s thugs, Venom latches onto the side of Kio ‘s ship as it takes off into space, using the Venom symbiote ‘s tendrils to open the airlock from the away. Once inside, Venom outlines a plan : find the YT-19, lots of punch, and then steal Kio ‘s ship to replace the one that was blown up. Spotting a bulky robotic silhouette, Venom notes he might have to amend his disturbance tilt so that punch is at the top, and tells the automaton to slowly turn round. Forming an arm-blade, Venom asks if he can help the automaton and is surprised when it asks to be terminated. The automaton explains that it ‘s been in Kio ‘s service for centuries and has become self-destructive, but its programming does not permit it to self-destruct. Seeing the automaton is not a terror, Venom asks for its name, and the automaton introduces itself as 803. Venom asks 803 to show him where the YT-19 is being held, and 803 asks to be destroyed in return, though Venom refuses to confirm that he ‘ll go through with it. 803 opens a storage compartment in the cargo true laurel and reveals a female alien and her four children, telling Venom that the YT-19 is derived from their blood. Flash thinks to himself that while the Venom symbiote may have been purged of its rage, he was n’t. inwardly seething with craze, Flash can feel the symbiote feeding off his anger and forces himself to calm down for fear of corrupting it, approaching the aliens. The mother alien tells Venom to stay back, but he assures them he ‘s an agent of the Cosmos and there to help them escape. Noting the mother estrange ‘s relief, he starts to ask if she knows what an agent of the Cosmos is, but she interrupts to warn him that 803 is working for the pirates. Venom replies that 803 is harmless and merely wants to be destroyed. The automaton verifies Venom ‘s argument and asks the aliens to terminate him before being cut off by Venom, who tells him to get the mother alien a weapon and stand guard over them until he gets back. 803 asks if Venom will destroy him if he complies, and Venom facetiously replies that he ‘ll do so only if 803 is good. On the embark ‘s bridge, Kio tells his pilot burner to steer the ship into the Broken Sea. The pilot protests, saying the were-fish will tear the ship apart, but Kio retorts they can use the cadaver of the intruder to distract them. As the pilot expresses confusion at Kio ‘s statement, Venom attacks and knocks out one of the crew-members. Kio sedately asks what a Symbiote wants with a simpleton commandeer like himself, and Venom states that he ‘s taking Kio ‘s cargo. Kio amends his affirmation, noting that Venom is not just a bare Symbiote but an Agent of the Cosmos, and Venom asks him if he knows what an agent of the Cosmos is. Standing up, Kio pulls out a sonic pistol and says that the Agents of the Cosmos are nothing and unaccented. The sonic wave peels the Venom symbiote away from Flash ‘s confront, causing it to screech in pain, and Kio derisively observes that Flash is an tellurian and that that makes him evening weaker. Separated from the symbiote, Flash tries to figure out a way out of his situation as Kio states he ‘s going to sell the symbiote and fertilize Flash to the were-fish. Kio boasts that he calls his sonic weapon “ The Scream ”, and Flash makes a reference book to the Alien film ‘s tagline before slamming his fist onto a red button and hoping the symbiote will know what to do. The ship ‘s cargo bay doors open, jettisoning the ship ‘s occupants and contents into space. Rebonding to the symbiote, Flash latches onto the embark with web, then spots the estrange family and Kio being attacked by were-fish. Venom saves the syndicate and leaves Kio to be devoured, making his way back to the ship and retrieving 803. Returning the aliens to their homeworld and family, Flash learns that no-one has attempted to harvest their rake in millions of cycles and that a darkness is spreading across the galaxy, but that the mother is relieved that the Agents of the Cosmos are still watching over them. When Flash asks what the Agents of the Cosmos are, the mother responds that they are heroes, which Flash notes is an answer he can work with. Flash returns to his ship to find 803, who says that Flash should have left it in space. Flash tells 803 that it is loose, which the automaton says does not compute. Flash tells 803 that it can come along with him if it wants, but that he ‘s in cathexis and it ‘ll have to help out, meaning no destruction for the time being. 803 states that it is eloquent in three million languages and 217 forms of torment, but before it can go into more detail Flash tells it to be lull, noting that things worked out fine for a series of pause plays, and that possibly being an agent of the Cosmos wo n’t be indeed badly after all .

Solicit Synopsis

IN SPACE, NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM…WITH EXCITEMENT ! Flash Thompson is a distribute of things. Soldier. Veteran. Doubleamputee. Host to a knock-down alien symbiote. now, apart from the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, Flash has besides been tasked with being an intergalactic ambassador of Earth and an agent of the Cosmos. What does that mean ? It means Flash Thompson will be what he ’ second always wanted to be : A BIG. DAMN. HERO. It ’ sulfur high venture in trench quad as Venom swashbuckles his way across the universe !

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