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Attack on Vision


approach on Greenwich Village


Ambush in Knowhere 350?cb=20171129235549


Infinity War


spring 2018 [ 1 ] [ 2 ]


Edinburgh, Scotland

Result (Outcome)

Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, and Sam Wilson decide to come out of hiding


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Black Order


Steve Rogers
Wanda Maximoff
Corvus Glaive
Proxima Midnight


“Give up the stone and she lives.”
―Corvus Glaive to Vision

The Attack on Vision was an still-hunt staged by the Black Order to obtain the Mind Stone embedded in Vision ‘s frontal bone, who was only saved by the unexpected arrival of Steve Rogers, Black Widow, and Falcon, who had been warned by Bruce Banner of the incoming danger .


“There are two more Stones on Earth. Find them, my children, and bring them to me on Titan.”
―Thanos to the Black Order

In the wake of the Avengers Civil War, Steve Rogers broke into the Raft to liberate his allies, including Wanda Maximoff, who went into shroud. Although Vision was a garter of the Sokovia Accords, he reunited with Maximoff, keeping his distance from Tony Stark, as he did not want to endanger Maximoff. They would be allowed to sporadically have mystery meetings together in order to blossom their growing kinship, on the condition that they return to their teammates after their conclusions.

roughly two years late, Thanos took it upon himself to retrieve all six Infinity Stones and sent the Black Order on Earth to retrieve the stones there. Aware that Vision was possessing the Mind Stone, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner realized that he will be Thanos ‘ following target, however, Stark lost reach with Vision two weeks prior. Before Stark could get in contact with Rogers to find Vision, they were faced by Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian who demanded the Time Stone from Doctor Strange. As a consequence, Strange was abducted by Maw, so Stark and Spider-Man followed him in space. Banner then used the burner call, left by Stark, to contact Rogers and warn him that Vision was in danger .
Having another meeting in Edinburgh, Vision felt pain from the Mind Stone embedded in his frontal bone, which alerted Maximoff. Vision was concerned that the Stone was urgently attempted to communicate with him, and warn him of the entrance danger. Maximoff tried to use her abilities to mentally interface with the Stone, but felt nothing but Vision himself. Walking through the streets at night, Maximoff and Vision saw the news report about an attack on New York City, which resulted in Stark ‘s disappearance. [ 1 ]


“We don’t wanna kill you. But we will.”
“You’ll never get the chance again.”
―Black Widow and Proxima Midnight

Feeling guilt due to not being present to help the conflict, Vision reluctantly decided to leave and aid against the invaders, but Wanda Maximoff was hesitant to let him go, fearing for his base hit. abruptly, Vision impaled from behind by Corvus Glaive, involuntarily forcing him back to his master android phase. Before Maximoff could aid him, she was blasted away into a nearby workshop by a guess from Proxima Midnight, allowing Glaive to begin forcibly prying the Mind Stone from the weakened Vision ‘s brow. however, before he could do so, Maximoff returned, throwing the Black Order away with her powers, and carry Vision and herself through the air to another street, aside from the invaders .
Vision realized that the wind had disrupted his ability to control his density, as Maximoff attempted to use her abilities to heal the wind. Before she could finish, they were soon attacked again in a renewed assault by Glaive. Pushing Maximoff to base hit, Vision grabbed Glaive and flew him across the city, smashing the alien into buildings, while Maximoff faced the attacking Midnight on the grind in airless battle. Glaive offered to spare Maximoff ‘s life sentence in commute for the Stone, only for an angered sight to ram him onto a church roof .
As Midnight and Maximoff dueled on the street below, Vision began to gain the amphetamine hand, pummeling Glaive repeatedly. however, as Vision fired a good time from the Mind Stone at Glaive, it was deflected using the blade of his weapon, destroying a hand truck near the two combatants on the street. Glaive redirected the beam to hit Vision, stunning the android, and allowing Glaive to continue to forcibly and painfully extract the Stone. Maximoff, hearing Vision ‘s yell, incapacitated Midnight by bending backwards and throwing her into the destroy truck, before flying to the cathedral roof to rescue Vision from Glaive, blasting the latter away. Maximoff attempted to fly herself and Vision to guard, merely to be blasted out of the air by a recover Midnight, causing the two to fall into a nearby discipline post.

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vision, hard wounded, pleaded with Maximoff to leave, but she refused to leave him behind, preparing to make her final stand against the Black Order. however, they were interrupted by Steve Rogers who had been called by Bruce Banner to locate and protect Vision, effortlessly catching Midnight ‘s spear that she threw at him, much to her shock. Revealing himself in front of the enemies, Rogers ordered Black Widow and Falcon to join the battle .
In a coordinated attack, the three rogue Avengers engaged the Black Order, attacking together and even using their own weapons against them. With Wilson knocking Midnight away, Romanoff managed to use Midnight ‘s spear to hard hurt Glaive, while Rogers retrieved Glaive ‘s weapon. midnight summoned her spear from Romanoff and attempted to kill the Avenger, merely to be blocked by Rogers. The two Avengers managed to overpower and disarm Midnight in a brief melee duel, before Wilson flew in and knocked her down, cornering them .
While Wilson held both Midnight and Glaive at point, Romanoff threatened to kill them. Infuriated, Midnight countered, claiming they would never get the gamble, before the two retreated to their waiting Q-Ship and fled to orbit to nurse their wounds, taking the Glaive ‘s weapon with them. [ 1 ]


“Thanos has the biggest army in the universe, and he is not gonna stop until he, he gets… Vision’s stone.”
“Well then, we have to protect it.”
“No, we have to destroy it.”
―Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff and Vision

The three Avengers took the hurt Vision and Wanda Maximoff back to their stolen Quinjet to plan their adjacent move. While Natasha Romanoff berated Maximoff for not regularly keeping in touch due to their amatory meetings, Steve Rogers decided to finally return to the Avengers Compound, knowing that the coming threat was bigger than anything they have previously faced.

The team arrived at the compound to find James Rhodes talking to Thaddeus Ross and the Department of State over a call. Ross ordered Rhodes to arrest them, but he just ignored Ross and welcomed his teammates with open arms. They were besides greeted by the arrival of Bruce Banner, who had been gone for a few years, and who brought tidings of the coming of Thanos. Discussing their following move, the Avengers realized that the invaders would return again, and would not stop until they retrieved the Mind Stone. Vision proposed that Maximoff ‘s powers, being a creation of the Mind Stone, would be the only thing able of destroying it, and frankincense offered to sacrifice himself to prevent the stone from falling into Thanos ‘ hands. Unwilling to sacrifice one of their own needlessly, Banner suggested removing the gem from Vision in order to save him, but noted that he himself is unable to perform such a unmanageable operation. Rogers proposed moving Vision to Wakanda, the merely place with the technology advanced enough and capable of executing such a complex tax. meanwhile on the Q-Ship, Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive finished healing their wounds and met with Cull Obsidian, with who they prepared for the final conflict for the Mind Stone. [ 1 ]

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