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Tony Stark created a user interface known as Just A Rather Very Intelligent System—shortened to JARVIS—sometime before becoming Iron Man. After escaping kidnapping in Afghanistan, Stark used JARVIS to help him build the Iron Man Mark II armor. The program besides helped him run the become itself a well as subsequent Iron Man armor iterations .
Following many adventures on his own and with the Avengers, Stark and his teammates recovered Loki ’ s scepter from a Hydra base in Sokovia. Baron Wolfgang von Strucker ’ south scientists managed to tap into the device ‘s incredible power and used it to build high technical school weapons and even grant powers to the likes of the Maximoff twins. After Thor agreed to let Stark study the scepter, he discovered that it featured some kind of advanced artificial intelligence, far more intricate than JARVIS .
Stark convinced Bruce Banner to help him work on a cosmopolitan peacekeeping inaugural they ’ d discussed, called Ultron, in secret away from the early members of the Avengers. During a party at Avengers Tower, Ultron woke up and JARVIS attempted to welcome him into the earth, but the raw initiation apparently killed the old one and then attacked the Avengers .
Stark subsequently got word that person seemed to be keeping Ultron aside from the world ’ randomness nuclear plunge codes. That being turned out to be JARVIS, evening though his program had been scattered. Around the like clock time that Tony figured out how to reconstitute JARVIS, Ultron used Loki ’ s scepter to force Dr. Helen Cho to use her regenerative Cradle to create a new torso for him, which integrated Wakandan Vibranium a well as the Mind Stone that he freed from the scepter to create a new body.

however, Ultron lost the Cradle when Captain America attacked him, giving Black Widow and Hawkeye time to get the Cradle into the Quinjet and then off to Stark at Avengers Tower. Though Banner initially wanted to destroy the body, Stark said that they could put JARVIS into this one and wind up with the Ultron concept they initially envisioned.

When the other Avengers—as well as Pietro and Wanda Maximoff—discovered what the scientists had planned, they were angered, with Quicksilver attempting to stop the process. Thor suddenly arrived in the midst of this conflict, using his power, harnessed through Mjolnir, to charge the body in the Cradle to life with his lightning.

Though the Avengers seemed disbelieving at the prospect of this raw being, dubbed Vision, helping them, he won many of them over when he lifted Thor ‘s hammer—something no one but Thor had always amply accomplished —and handed it to him .
The Avengers then traveled to Sokovia, where Ultron was, as Vision had blocked him from escaping into the internet, limiting him to only his prime automatic body and the lookout robots he ’ d built to assist him. vision then joined the fight against Ultron in earnest and flew Wanda Maximoff to safety when she was endangered. With the Avengers having destroyed all of the other robots Ultron had created, Vision confronted the end one left. Though Ultron called him uninitiate, Vision said that live among humans was a privilege, before blasting Ultron into non-existence .
After defeating Ultron, Thor deemed Vision desirable of the Mind Stone, which helped earn the synthetic homo a spot on the Avengers, in a new embodiment of the team that included Captain America, Black Widow, Wanda Maximoff, Falcon, and War Machine .

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