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in the first place Vixen was an animated web series that spun off from Arrow. It consisted of two seasons. Warner Brothers decided to combine these two seasons and add an extra fifteen minutes of history resulting in Vixen : The Movie. Basically it ‘s the beginning floor of Vixen adjust in Arrowverse. ( then do n’t be surprised to see some conversant superheroes make their appearance. ) It was stated that if the series was successful it could lead a new live action series. Vixen ( voiced and played by Megalyn Echikunwoke ) was besides intended to be featured in the second season of Legends of Tomorrow but due to previous commitments this never happened. They opted for Maisie Richardson-Sellers as Amaya Jiwe. the grandma of Mari McCabe ( Megalyn Echikunwoke ) who besides is named Vixen. Seeing how Amaya ‘s storyline is quite essential in the third season of Legends of Tomorrow this inspire movie got my interest.

So what do I think of it ? I liked it. certain it ‘s a little rough around the edges and the animation might not constantly be top notch but the report came across barely very well and in the end is n’t that what it ‘s about ? This animated movie very felt like a especial consequence in Arrowverse where a draw of conversant characters like The Flash and The green Arrow have their parts to play. But what made this even more special was the fact that they were actually voiced by the actors of the live action shows. You can tell that for some actors this was something they had to get used to distillery the voice dissemble was adequate enough.

As one would expect this animated DC movie set in Arrowverse like the shows is action packed. I am not wholly sure if they actually would have the budget to recreate all the powers displayed in a live action show but it was nice to see what Vixen is capable of. She is far more brawny than previously shown. More authoritative Vixen does real superhero things like rescuing people from robbers and thieves. An element I find incredibly authoritative. It makes her immediately sympathetic and why you will root for her throughout her adventures. They probably could have gone a little profoundly into her roots although I have the misgiving we will finally in future episodes of Legends of Tomorrow.

If it were up to me the bouncy action Vixen would already be a reality. At this target I am amply embracing the expansion of the already quite huge Arrowverse. sol bring it on !

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