DC and Webtoon Debut Vixen: NYC First Look

Vixen stars in a new collaboration between DC Comics and WEBTOON titled Vixen : NYC. The webseries is the first in DC and WEBTOON ‘s recently announced slate of new titles, which includes bolshevik hood : Outlaws and Zatanna & the Ripper. Vixen : NYC, scheduled for a May 26th unblock, comes from the creative team of writer Jasmine Walls and artist Manou Azumi. The preview images retell the narrative behind Vixen ‘s charming totem, which grants her the powers of diverse animals .
vixen : NYC is the latest DC property to be adapted by WEBTOON, joining the smash-hit Batman : Wayne Family Adventures. The Batman series is still releasing modern episodes weekly .
“ The DC and WEBTOON partnership is an stimulate opportunity to explore modern genres with DC ‘s iconic Super Heroes and Super-Villains, telling new stories that both new and old fans can enjoy, ” Nancy Spears, DC ‘s frailty president of Sales and Marketing, said in a statement.

“ WEBTOON is home to a fresh genesis of comics fans, and DC is home to some of the most iconic characters and franchises in comics, ” David Lee, Head of Content at WEBTOON U.S, added. “ Our partnership with DC represents the future of the amusing industry, combining legendary franchises with new technologies and global fandoms that cross borders. Fans ca n’t get enough of Batman : Wayne Family Adventures, and we know they are going to love what we have in store for the 2022 slate. ”

The description of Vixen : NYC reads :

Mari Jiwe grew up in a small, seaside town in North Carolina, but upon graduating high school seeks to connect with extend syndicate in Ghana. There, she meets relatives who gift her a mysterious totem, passed down for generations. immediately upon returning home, she moves to New York for her newcomer class of college. Mari hates it. New York is fetid, cheating, and entire of even smellier and dirtier animals. Holed up in her room she ultimately inspects the totem — unwittingly releasing its magic trick. She is hit with an energy that gives her the power of the animal kingdom … of New York .
batman : Wayne Family Adventures Mari had a hard enough time navigating college as a convention girl, and nowadays she not alone has to figure out how to “ adult, ” but besides how to “ superhuman. ” then women, who look unusually wish Mari, are kidnapped across the city. Vixen learns an estrange, distant relative, General Maksai, is on the hunt for her, seeking the quartz glass for himself. To stop his war way, Vixen will have to stop him. As she does, she learns the true extent of her abilities. Turns out, she ‘s capable of a lot more than she thought .

Let us know what you think of the Vixen : NYC inaugural look in the comments ! The preview pages can be found below. The series debuts May 26th on WEBTOON .

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