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Real Name

Wallace Rudolph West

Main Alias

Kid Flash

Other Aliases

Ace West,
Wally West



( grandfather )
( church father, deceased )
Unnamed mother ( deceased )
( uncle )
Mary West ( aunt )
( aunt )
( cousin )
( cousin )
( cousin, deceased )
( foremost cousin once removed )
( first cousin once removed )
( inaugural cousin once removed )

Wallace West I (great-grandfather) William West (grandfather) Daniel West (father, deceased)Unnamed mother (deceased) Rudy West (uncle)Mary West (aunt) Iris West (aunt) Wally West (cousin) Dawn Allen (cousin) Don Allen (cousin, deceased) Bart Allen (first cousin once removed) Irey West (first cousin once removed) Jai West (first cousin once removed)


Flash Family,
Justice League Reserves [ 1 ],
Titans ·
Teen Titans

Formerly Defiance

Base Of Operations

San Francisco Central City · Formerly New York City





Secret Identity



Marital Status



Student · Formerly Government Agent










Prime Earth


Van Jensen · Robert Venditti · Ron Frenz · Brett Booth

First Appearance
The Flash Annual Vol 4 #3
(June, 2014)
Quote1.png My name is Wally West… and I need to be the fastest kid alive. Quote2.png

Wally West src

Wallace West, the fourth Kid Flash, is the adolescent buddy of the Flash and the son of Daniel West, the second Reverse-Flash.


Wallace ‘s parentage was a complicate narrative. Wallace, like his older cousin who shares his diagnose with him, was named after their great-grandfather. Wallace ‘s don Daniel West hid his true identity from his son, bonding and remaining in the boy ‘s life as his “ uncle ” rather than his founder. As a identical unseasoned boy, Wallace was brought on a trip to central city alongside his similarly-named cousin, Wally West on the day of Central City ‘s Flash Day Parade by his aunt Iris. They visited Iris ‘ boyfriend Barry Allen ; Iris was called away for work, and took Wallace with her, leaving his cousin Wally with Barry, leading to the black incident that turned the elder Wally into Kid Flash. This visit was not feature of Wallace ‘s childhood ; Wallace ‘s mother loathed the West family, and much would not allow him to have anything to do with them. Despite this, Wallace did occasionally spend time with the larger West kin. During these gatherings, the young Wallace would frequently tell other syndicate members that he was better than anybody else at closely anything. One day, his class got tired of his boast, and gave him a whole day to prove his superiority. It was a catastrophe ; in the march, he broke a window, burnt a salad, and got the burn department called. As a leave, he was facetiously given the dub Ace. [ 2 ] wallace grew into something of a delinquent ; he was disobedient and a troublemaker. When Wallace ‘s beget went missing when the Crime Syndicate tore through Central City, his aunt Iris West took him in but even she could n’t keep him out of trouble. [ 3 ] The boy finally began to ease out of his rebellious nature when he gained an admiration for Central City ‘s hometown superhero the Flash. Wallace finally gained a connection to the cryptic Speed Force, giving him superspeed that was unpredictable and arduous to control, when a future version of himself sent his powers through time to his past self before dying. [ 4 ] With his new powers, Wallace attempted to help the Flash and his aunt in any direction he could .

Speed Force Storm

A few weeks belated, the Speed Force was interrupted by a device created by Dr. Joseph Carver that created what would be known as a “ Speed Force storm ” over Central City. Anybody hit by one of the storm ‘s lightning bolts would be granted super speed and a connection to the Speed Force. Among the many civilians that were struck, Wallace, excessively, was hit by a bolt of lightning, cementing his powers and making them more static. [ 5 ] Wallace, attempting to keep his powers a secret from his Aunt Iris, worked with the speedster Meena Dhawan, besides known as “ Fast Track ”, who helped him to better utilize and understand his endow. Dhawan was apparently killed by the new nefarious speedster known as Godspeed, devastating Wallace and sending him looking for a new mentor. After working directly with the Flash for the first time to capture Godspeed, Wallace was taken under the Flash wing as the raw Kid Flash. [ 6 ]

adolescent Titans

early into his newly career as a superhero, Kid Flash was abducted along with other young heroes by Robin, after being freed from his bindings by Starfire, Wallace and the rest attacked Robin in anger but he tells that they work well in concert and should join him in forming the latest personification of the Teen Titans as they took on the League of Assassins. [ 7 ] Kid Flash and the rest of the youthful heroes officially agreed on forming the new team after Damian gave himself up to save them from Ra ‘s alabama Ghul. [ 8 ] During his prison term on the team Wallace began to grow a particular friendship with Raven. however, his meter with the Titans was cut short after he was tricked by Deathstroke into helping him save his son Grant Wilson from dying. But rather, Deathstroke absorbed Kid Flash ‘s baron for his own. Furious, Robin threw Kid Flash out of the Titans for his recklessness. [ 9 ]

project Defiance

When Slade Wilson decided to assemble his own team as separate of Adeline Kane ‘s Project Defiance, Wallace was recruited into said team after being kicked out of the Teen Titans due to saving Slade in the past. once in the Defiance HQ he met Tanya Spears. [ 10 ] Kid Flash participated on the team ‘s beginning mission against Doctor Light and his beaming man in the Chetlan United Atlantic Islands, the deputation proved successful when the team was rescued by Terra. [ 11 ] Wallace participated during a aim seance where he watched Rose fight Slade. [ 12 ] In world, Wallace ‘s reason for joining Defiance was to spy on Deathstroke in order to regain the Teen Titan ‘s trust, during this time he besides developed a break down on Tanya. [ 13 ] Wallace finally decided to leave the team, but Tanya begged him not to go as he was his best ally, she then kissed him and attempted to have arouse with him to which Wallace refused. The adjacent good morning Kid Flash found Tanya obviously dead after killing herself when in reality she traveled to the innerverse in order to rescue Power Girl. Furious, Kid Flash went for Deathstroke and viciously beat him before leaving. [ 14 ]

The Color of Fear

Kid Flash finally met Wally West and found out that Daniel West was n’t his uncle but his founder. [ 15 ] Wallace besides learned that Daniel died during a mission with the Suicide Squad and the Flash knew about it, which damaged their relationship despite him finding out that Barry was the Flash. [ 16 ] Wallace was present in Barry ‘s birthday party, through he was still angry that Barry has n’t told Iris that he was the Flash. During an approach by Multiplex, Wallace took Iris home but when they arrived, the two found the Reverse-Flash inside. [ 17 ] Eobard noted that Wallace ‘s presence in the Flash ‘s bequest was new while Kid Flash tried to attack him. unfortunately, Wallace was no equal for Eobard and was viciously beaten rather. After Thawne took Iris, Barry arrived and found Wallace badly injured before taking him to S.T.A.R. Labs to heal him while he dealt with Eobard. [ 18 ]

Black Hole Rising

Kid Flash received a message from Barry telling to come where he was at, there he saw that Meena was still animated, much to his please. Meena explained to the Speedsters that she came back to save Barry, as he was dying from his contact with the Negative Speed Force. Meena took the two to the Central City Demolition Derby so they can test the effects of the Negative Speed Force. Flash starts running and in no meter Flash begins to be consumed by the Negative Speed Force but Wallace manages to stop him from being torn apart and Barry thanks him for keeping him in check. While Meena seemed excited with the results, Kid Flash began to find her behavior suspect, this suspicion proved to be true as Meena betrayed the two and revealed that she was an accomplice of Black Hole. Meena then took the powers of the Negative Speed Force from Barry, becoming the new Negative Flash. [ 19 ] Wallace tried to attack Meena but he was cursorily beaten, Meena then left while the two speedster got attacked by Black Hole soldiers, though the managed to beat them, but they did n’t know where Meena went. [ 20 ]

Super Sons of Tomorrow

Kid Flash subsequently rejoined the Teen Titans. [ 21 ] He fought the Hangmen in New York with his team until they were saved by Superboy, who wanted to join the Teen Titans but was shut down by Robin. During a discussion inside the Titans Tower, an understudy version of Batman took master over the Tower and locked the team inside to fulfill his mission of killing Superboy due to a possible future where he destroyed Metropolis. In the middle of the attack Jon flew out of the column and abruptly exploded, having developed a new, destructive baron called the ‘super-flare ‘, Wallace tried to save the titans from the explosion by running around them forming a shield but they calm got hurt. [ 22 ] After Kid Flash and the other titans regained consciousness from the attack, they found out that Robin left with Superboy in ordain to protect him. The team was then attacked by the alternate version Tim Drake, who now called himself Savior, and he managed to convince two of the titans to help him stop Superboy, with Wallace and the rest disagree. [ 23 ] Kid Flash, Aqualad and Starfire finally found the Super Son before Savior could and they took the two to the Fortress of Solitude. As the Titans of Tomorrow arrived on the show, Jon panicked, incidentally charging up a way more dangerous ace flare. With everyone working together to stop the explosion, future-Tim Drake absorbed the energy of the good time and sacrificing himself to save the day. [ 24 ] After the fight Damian hold a vote to make Jon a fresh member of the Teen Titans, but Wallace and the rest agreed in that it was excessively dangerous due to what just happened. [ 25 ]

arrant Storm

He narrowly saves Barry from Raijin .
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Flash War

Wallace was helping Iris, Barry and Wally in the garage, when the Renegades arrived and demanded to arrest Iris West for previously killing Eobard Thawne. A competitiveness soon ensued but they all agreed to let them take Iris deoxyadenosine monophosphate hanker as they could help them with Wally ‘s temporal role seizure, so they all travel to the twenty-fifth Century. [ 26 ] Hunter Zolomon late persuaded Wally to go to the Speed Force and save his lost children, Barry chased after Wally as it was dangerous to tamper with the Speed Force, while Kid Flash, the Renegades and Iris stayed with Zolomon who showed his true colors before teleporting off, making the twenty-fifth century crumble. [ 27 ] Wallace and Iris were saved from the time roll by Commander Cold, Kid Flash used his joining to the Speed Force and ran the three of them back into the time stream. They arrived back in the present where Barry and Wally were fightning Hunter Zolomon who immediately had the Strength Force and Sage Force acquired. [ 28 ] When Barry moved in on Iris ‘ house, wally decided to move out as he had discovered in the Flash Museum of the future that he did n’t exist before Flashpoint and he was intersection of Barry ‘s mistake. [ 29 ]

Full Throttle

Deciding to stop listen to what the “ grown-ups ” tell him to do, Kid Flash decided to act on his instincts from nowadays on. [ 30 ] He agreed to join Damian ‘s newly Teen Titans a long as Damian besides added Roundhouse to said team. [ 31 ] When Roundhouse was apparently killed [ 32 ], Wallace felt a fortune of grief over it, while Red Arrow saw it as an oportunity to train the team. He late went to Roundhouse ‘s house to tell the syndicate that he died, but was shocked when he saw that Roundhouse opened the door of the house and was hush active. [ 33 ] The Titans broke into the Batcave to get access to the Bat-Computer, though they were briefly attacked by a Batman Robot. [ 34 ] Wallace late found out that Damian was locking the villains they ‘ve defeated in a makeshift prison below Mercy Hall and, under the effects of soporific persuasion from Eobard Thawne, Wallace agreed to not reveal that information to the team. [ 35 ] [ 36 ] [ 37 ] The clandestine would not last long however, as the prisoners freed themselves, revealing the mysterious to the stay of the team. [ 38 ] The team was late betrayed by Roundhouse, who stole Djinn ‘s band to get retaliation on Damian for the death of his baby. [ 39 ] Despite this the team promptly forgave him after he saved them. [ 40 ] Wally and the titans by and by tried to stop Damian from killing KGBeast after he had already killed brother blood. [ 41 ] Batman finally appeared and said that the Teen Titans were over due to Damian ‘s actions. [ 42 ] During one of the team ‘s final missions without Robin, Kid Flash was badly injured and later rescued by Emiko, who besides kissed him. The team was late brought to the Titans Tower by the original Titans in order to join their academy. [ 43 ]

eat up Line

wallace later arrived at Central City after receiving a call from Barry along with Avery Ho, Flash arrived and told the two that the Reverse-Flash was binding and killed Godspeed. Barry tells them that it ‘s better if he deals with Thawne alone, but Kid Flash and Avery followed him to the Speed Lab where it ‘s revealed that Barry just did n’t want them to see how he kills Eobard. [ 44 ] After Eobard started to attack Central City with his legion of Zoom, Barry sent Wallace along with Iris and Avery away to a safe house. [ 45 ] Flash quickly visited them at the safe theater but was attacked by Impulse who said that he was n’t Barry but Thawne, who had taken see of the Flash ‘s body. [ 46 ] All the speedsters late followed Thawne to confront him, with Jay Garrick besides arriving to help, Barry managed to free himself from Thawne ‘s control and regain control over his torso while he was being guarded by Kid Flash and the rest. [ 47 ] Kid Flash and rest of the Flash Family fought the Legion of Zoom while Barry defeated Eobard. [ 48 ] After the fight Wallace attended to a celebration in Barry ‘s theater. [ 49 ]

Death Metal

After The Batman Who Laughs, empowered by Perpetua, transformed the populace into a bloodcurdling landscape, Wallace was searching for the Teen Titans until he felt Barry, Wally and Jay running from the Darkest Knight through the Speed Force. The Darkest Knight then summoned a horde of Dark Flashes to chase them down until Wally used Johnny Quick ‘s Speed Formula to briefly stop consonant meter, bringing them to a break outside the Flash Museum. After some discussion and gain that the Speed Force was being corrupted, the four Speedster ran into the drove arsenic soon as clock resumed in holy order to get to the Mobius Chair. Wallace finally could n’t keep up with the two Flashes and decided to go for Jay, who had previously stayed behind. fortunately, wally managed to get to the electric chair which brought Wallace and the pillow of the Flash Family out of the bloodcurdling battlefield, as they found refuge in the Speed Force. [ 50 ] During the final examination stand against the Darkest Knight ‘s army, Kid Flash along with other Speedsters went into the battlefield to help the other heroes fight the united states army from the last fifty-two Multiverse. [ 51 ]

Titans Academy

After the original Titans opened the Titans Academy in honor of Roy Harper so they could train newly kids to be future Titans, Kid Flash along with his friends worked as the core Teen Titans team that got sent on missions. Wallace and the team defeated the Clock King while the other students were in their first day. Kid Flash late assisted to Nightwing ‘s birthday party. [ 52 ] Wallace got his friend Avery to help him prepare for a date with Emiko while they besides stopped the Rogues. [ 53 ] wallace was besides show along with his team during the Titans ‘ meet to report the attack by the mysterious Red X. [ 54 ] Kid Flash later appeared to rescue Bolt from an attack of the Suicide Squad and Red X, during the competitiveness Wallace was confused to see Superboy with the squad. After the fight Crush besides decided to leave the Titans, much to Wallace and the perch of the team ‘s confusion. [ 55 ]

Dark Crisis

Iris told Wallace and Wally that Barry Allen had n’t been seen since he left on a mission with Justice League Incarnate. [ 56 ] Mister Terrific tracked Barry ‘s singular resonance signature in the Speed Force, and was able narrow his possible localization to three understudy realities. The Flash Family gathered at the Flash Museum to go into the Force and hopefully find Barry and bring him home. The West twins ran through the portal site into the Speed Force before anyone could stop them and Jay Garrick jumped in after them. The remaining speedsters split into two teams to rescue both Barry and Jay and the kids. Wally and Wallace went through the portal site and emerged in Earth-Flash.1, a pocket property created by Pariah as Barry ‘s personal eden. [ 57 ]



  • At his introduction, Wallace was introduced as Wally, the son of Rudy West, Iris’ older brother.[3] However, in DC Rebirth, it is revealed there are two Wally Wests: one the son of Rudy, and one the son of Daniel – this Wally being the son of Daniel West,[76] whom he was raised to believe was his uncle.[5][77] It has yet to be revealed which West Wallace believed to be his father before learning the truth, as it logically could not have been Daniel.
    • This Wally is now referred to as “Wallace” to differentiate him from his cousin.[78]
  • He discovered that he was created due to Barry’s mistake when he created Flashpoint.[79]
  • The Flash (Avery Ho),[80] Power Girl,[81] and Roundhouse[82] all consider Wallace their best friend.
  • Irey and Jai West see Wallace as an uncle.[2]


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