‘WandaVision’ Cast & Character Guide: Get Up to Speed on the Marvel Show

WandaVision, the first honest-to-god Marvel Studios television receiver series, has fair premiered on Disney+. And it is amazing, an imaginative and queerly affect series that takes two comic book icons and places them in the context of erstwhile educate American sitcoms. If you ’ re expecting a tried-and-true superhero television show, which has sadly become its own tire format, you will be pleasantly surprised .
It ’ s besides worth noting that WandaVision is the first spot of Marvel Cinematic Universe-y good we ’ ve had in over a year, featuring a main quality that we haven ’ metric ton seen on screen since 2018. If you want to get up to speed on who these characters are ( and where they are in Marvel ’ second grand, complect galaxy ), we ’ rhenium hera to help. Don ’ thymine worry, this will be largely spoiler-free ( you won ’ thymine determine anything you haven ’ thymine already seen in the market materials ) and we ’ ll keep updating this post as the temper rolls along .

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff

WandaVision Elizabeth Olsen Image via Disney+/Marvel Studios last seen : In 2019 ’ south Avengers: Endgame

official dossier : Olsen has played the character of Wanda Maximoff since 2014, when she made her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut via a post-credits setting after Captain America: The Winter Soldier. She took center stage the adopt class in Avengers: Age of Ultron, as an orphan who volunteered for experimental Hydra procedures as a way to get back at Tony Stark ( Robert Downey, Jr. ) apparently the first “ mutant ” in the MCU ( although at the time they were legally prohibited to use the phrase ), by the end of the movie she was in truth Scarlet Witch, member of a new Avengers batting order that debuted at the end of the movie. ( Her brother, Aaron Taylor-Johnson ’ south Quicksilver, sadly didn ’ thyroxine live long adequate to become a part of the team. ) Her powers include forcible and mental handling and telepathy ; all sorts of vaguely witchy stuff that looks great on shield, particularly when accompanied by a bleary red burn .
Age of Ultron besides marked the first appearance of Vision ( Paul Bettany ), a classify of personification of Stark ’ s JARVIS butler system ( more on him in a minute ). As their evil-thwarting adventures together continued, their romantic relationship blossomed. In Captain America: Civil War, it was clearly beginning even though they found themselves on opposing sides of the Sakovia Accord debate. ( Vision sided with Tony and wanted superhero registration, later acting as a screen of babyminder for Wanda ; Wanda, whose actions during an Avengers mission helped spark the argue, sided with Captain America and fought against superhero oversight. ) By the time 2016 ’ s Avengers: Infinity War rolled around, Wanda and Vision were romantically involved and when the great battle ( the titular Infinity War, if you will ) began, the two were on a amatory european getaway. By the end of the film, Vision was dead and Wanda had been snapped ( or blipped ) out of universe. She finally showed up at the end of Avengers : endgame, back from the great beyond after being gone for five years and highly brainsick at Thanos ( Josh Brolin ), the brainsick titan who killed her love and turned her to ash .
Circa WandaVision : Wanda has moved into the quaint suburban town of Westview, where she constantly finds herself in scenarios ripped out of a 1950s situation comedy ( besides, the expression ratio is boxlike and everything is black-and-white ). still, she understands that there ’ s something simmering underneath the idyllic town. Something sinister…

Paul Bettany as Vision

wandavision-paul-bettany-elizabeth-olsen-3 Image via Disney+/Marvel Studios last seen : 2018 ’ second Avengers : Infinity War
official dossier : Bettany has been a separate of the MCU since the very beginning : he voiced JARVIS, Tony Stark ’ s virtual butler beginning with 2008 ’ second Iron Man ( the very start of this fantastic experiment ) and he played the function in Iron Man 2, The Avengers, Iron Man 3 and share of Avengers : Age of Ultron, before his awareness was used to give give birth to Vision. Vision was part-physical demonstration of JARVIS and part-wholly modern character, powered by the Mind Stone, one of the Infinity Stones that Thanos and his fortune were after. At the end of Avengers : Age of Ultron he was, like Scarlet Witch, a proper penis of the modern Avengers team .
Bettany appeared as Vision in Captain America : Civil War where, again, his feelings for Wanda began to emerge and his understand of what it means to be a superhero was sincerely tested. When he returned for Avengers : Infinity War, his bio-mechanical heart in full belonged to Wanda. But Vision became an acute reference of scrutiny, as the thing that gave him liveliness ( that cursed Mind Stone ) was besides something that Thanos and his isthmus of creepy space villains were after. During the climactic battle in Wakanda, Shuri ( Letitia Wright ) worked indefatigably to remove the stone while maintaining Vision ’ s essence. It didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate employment. Vision had a showdown with Thanos, where he implored Wanda to break the stone, thus destroying him but thwarting Thanos ’ evil plot. She did it, was heartbroken, but Thanos used the Time Stone to reverse her actions and plucked the stone out of his brow, killing Vision. Since then we haven ’ t seen him. Until now…
Circa WandaVision : vision ( and Bettany ) are apparently bet on, living the suburban dream with Wanda in Westview. He has a vaguely define job at some kind of auditing firm and enjoys hanging out with the neighborhood watch down at the library ( possibly tipping its hat to his former life as an Avenger ) and gets into balmy hijinks as he tries to conceal his automatic nature. But how is he back ? And what, precisely, is going on with the television situation comedy premise ?

Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau (“Geraldine”)

wandavision-monica-rambeau Image via Disney+/Marvel Studios end seen : 2019 ’ s Captain Marvel ( as a little kid )
official dossier : Monica Rambeau is the daughter of Maria Rambeau ( Lashana Lynch ), an Air Force original and single mother who happens to be BFFs with Carol Danvers ( Brie Larson ) aka Captain Marvel. When last we saw Monica it was in Captain Marvel, during the golden days of the 1990s. She was barely a small child and helped Captain Marvel pick out the colors for her new costume ( we would have gone with the glowing neon honestly ). You could tell by her interactions with Carol that this was going to be a profound moment in her young life. And you ’ vitamin d be right .
Circa WandaVision : In WandaVision she is very much a adult adult, who besides exists in the small, black-and-white situation comedy township of Westview. But she seems to have more questions about where she is and why she ’ mho there. And she keeps introducing herself as “ Geraldine. ” The end of Episode 3 ( the last episode screened for critics ) promises much more of “ Geraldine ” very soon.

Kathryn Hahn as Agnes

wandavision-kathryn-hahn-leg-warmers Image via Disney+/Marvel Studios One of WandaVision ’ s new characters, Agnes is Vision and Wanda ’ s interfering neighbor, fulfilling a fantastic situation comedy trope. She interrogates Wanda about her homelife, cigarette in during impromptu moments, and broadly stirs the pot. And honestly, that ’ s about it therefore far .

Fred Melamed and Debra Jo Rupp as The Harts

In the first sequence, Mr. Hart , Vision ’ s boss at his dim office occupation, brings his wife Mrs. Hart to a very strange dinner .

The Other Residents of Westview

We do n’t know much about Wanda and Vision ‘s early neighbors yet, but the supporting vomit, including Emma Caulfield Ford, Asif Ali, David Lengel, Amos Glick, and David Payton, are playing characters who may know more about what ‘s going on than we do .

Pre-Existing Characters Who Have Yet to Be Introduced

The following are characters confirmed by Marvel Studios president of the united states Kevin Feige and Disney+ but have, as of so far, not shown up on WandaVision .

Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis

kat-dennings-thor Image via Marvel Studios final seen : 2013 ’ s Thor: The Dark World
official dossier : Another early member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kat Dennings first appeared as Darcy Lewis in 2011 ’ s Thor. She was a alumnus student scientist who worked aboard Natalie Portman ’ s Jane Foster, aka the love interest of Thor ( Chris Hemsworth ). Dennings returned for 2013 ’ s Thor : The Dark World and was the highlight of the preferably limp sequel ( arguably the identical bad film in Marvel Studios ’ otherwise mighty portfolio ). Who could forget Darcy awkwardly asking Thor how space was ? It was great. Since the Thor sequel, Dennings has been absent from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which makes sense considering that Portman has besides been MIA ( although Portman set to return in Thor: Love and Thunder, due out in the summer of 2022 ). Quite honestly, we ’ ve missed Dennings .
Circa WandaVision : TBD .

Randall Park as Jimmy Woo

randall-park-ant-man-and-the-wasp Image via Marvel Studios last seen : 2018 ’ sulfur Ant-Man and the Wasp

official dossier : The outstanding Randall Park first appeared as FBI Agent Jimmy Woo in 2018 ’ s Ant-Man and the Wasp. One of the few non-SHIELD law enforcement officers, Woo acted as a kind of minder and parole officeholder for Scott Lang ( Paul Rudd ) aka Ant-Man, who was under family check following his interest in the events of Captain America : Civil War. ( Lang is an ex-con after all ! ) Woo is an affable heterosexual arrow, easily duped but intelligent and inquisitive. He is besides keenly concerned in close-up magic trick. And adenine far as comic foils for Ant-Man blend, it ’ mho hard to beat Jimmy Woo .
Circa WandaVision : TBD

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