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After the highly-anticipated handout of the first Attack on Titan bundle in Call of Duty, another has appeared in Warzone and Call of duty : Vanguard. This bundle gives you the Armored Titan clamber !

Co D Vanguard x Attack on TitanThis is going to be popular… | © Activision Blizzard / Kodansha call of duty : Vanguard got its Season 2 update merely two weeks ago, and players have been delighted to find a new attack on Titan Bundle. The long-familiar leaker and data miner Zesty suggested a newly pile might be coming a few months ago, and now we can see he was decline. So what do you get in the new package ? And how much does it cost ?

The Attack on Titan Armored Titan Bundle

When Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Season 2 update was implemented, players discovered a new Attack on Titan bundle in the game for the Armored Titan. even if you do n’t watch Attack on Titan, this package might still have some appeal, because it looks badass. The character that the skin is based on is one of nine Titans in the prove to have hardened hide that acts as armor plate. Badass .
The new bundle has just hit the stores in Warzone for you to purchase ! It costs 2400 CoD Points ($20) and includes a mastercraft blueprint for the Cooper Carbine. here ‘s the wax bundle :
Attack on Titan Armoured Titan BundleIt’s going to be crazy popular. | © Activision Blizzard

The Attack on Titan Levi Bundle

After a long wait, the Attack on Titan Bundle is finally available in Call of Duty’s in-game store. For 2400 CP you can get the pack in the store, which grants you a big selection of Attack on Titan skins and camouflage.

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The raw pack includes the Levi Ackerman skin for Operator Daniel equally well as two weapon blueprints and most importantly the two Titan Piercer swords as melee weapons. On exceed of that we then get a end go and an MVP and presentation highlight a well as a spell, a gummed label and an emblem. Take a look at the pack for yourself :

Co D x Ao T BundleHere you can see the whole Levi Bundle. | © Activision We ‘ve had some pretty bore bundles in Vanguard, indeed far, and it ‘s great to last see them get a bit crazy with it. particularly since we know we ‘re going back to the tactical/realistic expressive style later this year with Infinity Ward ‘s Modern Warfare 2.

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