Justice League: 10 Secret About The Watchtower Every Fan Should Know

The Justice League received a base during Grant Morrison ‘s function. here are 10 facts you did n’t know about it. The Watchtower debuted at the end of the first JLA story arc during Grant Morrison ‘s germinal run. The League had seen better days and Morrison was working to redefine the team for the modern era. alternatively of giving them a terrestrial base, he decided to take a clue from the erstwhile Justice League satellite days and give them a basis on the moon, which was fitting for a team that ‘s job was to protect the earth from all threats .
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During its universe, there were lots of interesting little facts about the Watchtower and we ‘re going to take a look at them.


10 It Was Made Of Prometheum

Justice Leage JLA watchtower comedian record universes are known for making up their own metals, ones that have properties that actual Earth metals do n’t have or tensile strengths that are impossible. Marvel has adamantium and vibranium and the DC Universe has prometheum .
Prometheum is extremely hard, although not unbreakable like adamantium, and making the Watchtower out of it was a thoroughly motion by the Justice League, given the asperity of the threats they faced .

9 The Monitor Womb

The Monitor Womb was how the Justice League watched the planet earth and found out about threats. It was a massive shaft wax of monitor screens and the Leaguer who was on duty would sit in a float chair and monitor what was happening on Earth and beyond .
however, the Monitor Womb was used well by martian Manhunter, who could link telepathically to its systems and take in all the data quickly, analyzing and dispatching Leaguers to where they were needed most .

8 Beam Me Up

The Watchtower used a sophisticate transporter system to transport JLA members to Earth. Justice League members would have transporter pads installed in their bases in club to transit to the Watchtower. These personal transporters were programmed to entirely allow them to use them — although this organization was n’t completely goofproof, as prove later .
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This allowed the members of the Justice League to respond closely instantaneously to an alarm from the Monitor Womb and then promptly get to where they needed to go and take on whatever threat that awaited them .

7 Martian Ships

JLA Watchtower moon base A lot of the Watchtower ‘s engineering was taken from the Hyperclan, a group of White Martians the Justice League defeated after the team reformed. One of the things they took from the Hyperclan was a fleet of martian Jumpships. These were small vessels but they were equipped with faster than light engines .
This allowed the League to tackle spaceborne threats that were beyond their transporter image and besides to get around in case the transport system was on the fritz .

6 It’s A Jungle In There

oxygen production and atmospheric scrub are pretty important when in space and the Justice League had an interest way of dealing with it : they had a jungle in the Watchtower. It was filled with plants from around the galaxy and was a pretty common-sense solution to the problem of breathable breeze in the Watchtower .
Of course, it was a system that could be exploited, like when Prometheus attacked the Watchtower and started to burn it down, but it was still a safe system than one that could be hacked by outside sources or affected in some way by the League ‘s many evil scientist villains.

5 Going For A Swim

The Watchtower had places for each of its members to hang out and feel comfortable. For Aquaman, that meant body of water and the Justice League had him covered. Near the hobo camp was a massive lake where Aquaman could hang out and swim around to his center ‘s contented .
What was actually cool is that this fortune of the Watchtower was connected to every other part by a serial of water-filled tunnels that Aquaman could swim through to get to other sections of the loom. The Watchtower was wholly Atlantean accessible .

4  The Best Trophy Room In The Universe

The Justice League fought a set of dangerous enemies and frequently times these enemies would possess some very dangerous and herculean technology. After defeating these enemies, the League would confiscate their most dangerous weapons and keep them in the Watchtower in the Trophy Room .
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The Trophy Room was filled with all kinds of cool mementos of the League ‘s victories, even incorporating things from their erstwhile adventures which had been put in storage after the loss of other headquarters .

3 It Had Everything A Member Could Need

Justice League History not every member of the Justice League was a billionaire like Batman or had a Fortress Of Solitude like Superman. Members like Kyle Rayner or wally West were even guys who did n’t have cool secret bases they could use in their investigations .
indeed, the Watchtower was equipped with a across-the-board diverseness of facilities so that any extremity could go there and use it as a home base, broad of engineering they would n’t otherwise have entree to and help when they needed it .

2 A Variety Of Technology

The Justice League used all kinds of technical school to construct the Watchtower. While a good parcel of it was martian, it besides used Kryptonian, Thanagarian, Rannian, and Terran engineering. martian Manhunter, who was basically the superintendent of the Watchtower, was able to get all of these disparate technologies to work together very well .
late, when Big Barda and Orion joined the team, they brought New Genesis and Apokoliptian technology to the Watchtower, making it one of the most technologically advance locations in the stallion DC Universe .

1 It Had Good Security But It Wasn’t Foolproof

The Watchtower needed to be reasonably much conceptive to the Justice League ‘s enemies. If one of their enemies were able to get in, they would have access to some perplex technology and weapons. The security system read the deoxyribonucleic acid of League members and would n’t transport anyone who was n’t a penis or okayed by them.

however, there were at least two occasions when enemies were able to take advantage of this : prometheus was able to sneak up with a load of journalists doing a story on the League, and Superboy-Prime was able to transport in and destroy the place from the inside .
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