What That Weasel Credits Scene in The Suicide Squad Means

The Suicide Squad is an action-packed film that includes equal parts humor and barbarous fight scenes. It ’ s what the 2016 Suicide Squad should ’ ve been, but failed to deliver. One thing that makes The Suicide Squad so a lot better than the 2016 original is the storm twists that come at the end of the movie. sure, Harley Quinn ’ s badass moments, King Shark ’ s hilarious naivete, and Bloodsport ‘s fear of rats all made the movie badass, but you know who actually stole the prove, even in his ever-so-brief screentime ? The Weasel. 10 minutes into The Suicide Squad, closely half of the “ Task Force X ” die. Captain Boomerang is killed by an enemy helicopter. Blackguard, played by Saturday Night Live ‘s Pete Davidson, has his front shot off. Mongal is burned to death. You get the drift. The beginning casualty of The Suicide Squad was the Weasel. Described as a homicidal anthropomorphic animal who has killed 27 children, the Weasel is first introduced as a member of the Task Force X. He neither speaks english nor understands precisely what ’ sulfur going on ( i.e he ’ second on a mission with a promise of certain death ). But his lack of news doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate excuse the fact that he ’ second “ deadly. ” so “ madly, ” in fact, you ’ d think the murderer of 27 children would make it to the actual battleground—show some of his homicidal tendencies, eat a few soldiers, etc. But he “ dies ” the second the team deploys to Corto Maltese. All because no one at ARGUS bothered to check if he could swim.

That ‘s the last we see of the Weasel … or so we think. The film ‘s ending reveals some interest developments .

What happens to the Weasel?

Of course, the Weasel, uh, weaseled himself out of the death. To be carnival, Savant ( Michael Rooker ) never checked to see if the Weasel was even breathing ; he merely declared him dead. indeed, what ’ sulfur next for the homicidal animal ? not certain. once he awakened ( is that the good term here ? ), he ventured into the forest of Corto Maltese, possibly heading to kill more children. Yikes. This won ’ t be our death prison term seeing the Weasel, though. Considering how much fans and critics alike have enjoyed The Suicide Squad since its secrete, it ’ s not a load to think a few sequels and continuations could pop off. And since most of the tax force is dead, it ’ second safe to assume that the Weasel could potentially be recruited. Hell, we might even see him in HBO Max ’ second Peacemaker, considering The Suicide Squad conductor James Gunn wrote that entire series himself.

Either way, know that more Weasel appearances will probably be coming—that cliffhanger probably is in there for a reason .
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