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While many personal computer games work well with a mouse and keyboard, some titles were designed for a control, like the DualShock 4 ( DS4 ) that comes with a Sony PlayStation 4. Some gamers are besides more comfortable using a control than a sneak and keyboard apparatus .
Whether it ’ second for quilt or the game itself, you ’ ll be glad to know you can easily use your DS4 when playing games on your personal computer. merely follow our bit-by-bit guide to get started .

Use a USB cable to connect your PS4 accountant to your personal computer

The easiest way to pair your restrainer with your personal computer is with a USB cable. You can tied use the matchless you use for charging your accountant. Ideally, though, you ’ ll probably want a longer cord to add a bit more rate. Any USB cable should work, american samoa hanker as it is micro USB on one end ( the small, sparse connection on the control ) and either USB-A ( the “ standard ” wide, orthogonal connection ) or USB-C ( the new, rounded connection ) on the other .
Connect the restrainer to your personal computer with the cable, and your Windows 10 personal computer should recognize it mechanically. You ’ re instantaneously cook to start battling blasters and brutes.

If you don ’ t have a micro-USB cable television handy, check out the PowerA USB 2.0 Charging Cable for PlayStation 4 which at 6.5 feet should give you plenty of strive between your personal computer and control .

Use Bluetooth to connect your PS4 control to your personal computer

For a bite more exemption of movement, you can connect your PS4 control to your personal computer with Bluetooth. This will take a bit more frame-up than a wire connection .
On your personal computer, press the Windows key or open the Start menu, and type “ Bluetooth. ” Select the Bluetooth & other devices option. When you ’ re in the Bluetooth settings, make sure your calculator ’ south Bluetooth is turned on. Click on Add Bluetooth or other device, then select the first option, simply labeled Bluetooth .
now, on your accountant, press and hold the PS release and the Share button ( it ’ randomness minor, on the amphetamine left of the control ) at the lapp time to enact pairing manner. After a few seconds, the light bar ( above the touchpad ) will flash and a moment former your computer should connect. If there are multiple options on screen, you can find the gamepad labeled as Wireless Controller. Select it and you ’ re all set !
If your calculator doesn ’ triiodothyronine have Bluetooth built in, you can add it with a elementary wireless arranger.

Asus USB-BT500 Bluetooth 5.0 USB Adapter

The cheap Asus USB-BT500 Bluetooth 5.0 USB Adapter lets you add a Bluetooth connection to just about any computer. The bantam device is scantily larger than the USB port itself. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy ( BLE ) technical school, excessively, so you shouldn ’ t see any extra barrage enfeeble with laptops. This Bluetooth arranger is backwards compatible with Bluetooth 4.x, 3.x, and with the 2.1 used by the Sony DS4 control .
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Use Steam to customize your PS4 control with your personal computer

When you use your DS4 control with Steam games like Dota 2 or Warframe, you ’ ve got some added options. once your restrainer is connected, either wired or wirelessly, exposed steam and go to the pulldown menu in the upper leave. Select Steam, then Settings, then Controller.
In the General Controller Settings, you can enable PlayStation Configuration Support. steam should already detect your connected PS4 restrainer and will show its options at the bottom of the screen. You can calibrate your restrainer, and even choose a color for its front LEDs. If you click Identify, the control will rumble .

Get a new PS4 restrainer good for your personal computer

If you don ’ triiodothyronine want to swap your PS4 restrainer to your personal computer every time you play a unlike type of game, you can always get a dedicated restrainer merely for your computer.

PlayStation DualShock 4 Wireless Controller

The standard PlayStation DS4 Wireless Controller will work with your PlayStation, of class, ampere well as your personal computer. This version is available in JetBlack, and it ’ s precisely like the one that comes with most PlayStation 4s. There are several other tinge options to check out a good, including Midnight Blue, Glacier White, and Rose Gold. Check out Adorama ’ s extensive excerpt for PlayStation 4 Accessories for early choices .
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