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You have set up a new DNS server on your machine and you have no clue whether it ’ s working or not. well, there are ways to check it. You can do it natively through the dominate pipeline or with the help of third-party apps. Let me show you how .

Priority of DNS

nowadays, before we get to the process, it ’ randomness significant to understand the precedence of DNS servers. By default, we use the DNS servers provided by our ISP ( Internet Service Provider ). But what happens when you change the DNS server on your local machine or the router ? Which DNS waiter gets the precedence ? Well, it ’ second easy .
If you change the DNS server on the router to let ’ s say Google DNS, then every device connected to the router will mechanically start using Google DNS as the DNS Server. however, on crown of that, if you change the DNS waiter on your local calculator to let ’ s say Cloudflare DNS, then these settings will override the DNS settings of the router. now, only your calculator will use Cloudflare DNS while the rest of the devices will hush use Google DNS.

sol, if we rank the precedence of DNS servers, it is going to be something like this ,

  1. If you’ve entered a custom DNS address on your computer or smartphone, that DNS server will be used
  2. If you have not entered any custom DNS on your device, then the DNS server available on the router will be used
  3. If you have not entered any custom DNS on your computer and router, then the DNS server provided by your ISP will be used.

If you want to read more about setting up DNS Server, you can read our detail article on how to set up a DNS server .

1. What DNS Server Am I Using – Windows 10/8/7

If you have updated your DNS settings and the changes aren ’ thymine reflecting, try clearing your DNS hoard or flush your DNS .

There are multiple ways to check the DNS Server on your Windows machine. here is a pair of them .
Method 1:
To check the DNS Server you are using on Windows, plainly open up the command prompt. To do so on Windows 10, pawl on Start, then All Programs, then Accessories, and ultimately on Command prompt. and run the following control .

ipconfig /all | findstr "DNS\ Servers"

In case you are wondering, all that the instruction does is pulls all the network configuration values and then filter out the “ DNS Servers ” line from it .
ipconfig_command on windows
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Method 2:
The second method acting is a lot simple and has a user-friendly control. That is, just do a nslookup of any web cover and Windows will show what DNS server you are using as part of the search. To do a nslookup, just use the below command. You can replace “ ” with any web address you want. In fact, you can even replace it with your own IP cover .


nslookup_command on windows

2. What DNS Server Am I Using – Linux

To check what DNS server you are using on Linux, merely open up the terminal and do nslookup for any web site. Just character in the play along command. You can replace “ ” with your own IP address a well .


In case you are wondering, “ nslookup ” is a command-line utility that resolves the DNS name to an IP address, thus revealing the DNS server used in the march .
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Ubuntu_NSlookup on windows

3. What DNS Server Am I Using – Mac

similarly, on macOS, open the terminal and type the surveil command .
To launch the terminal on macOS, press CMD + SPACE to launch Spotlight, and then type in ‘ terminal ’. and hit record. alternatively, you can open your Applications folder, then open Utilities, and double-click on Terminal. Once the terminal windows open, copy-paste the follow control and reach figure .



4. What DNS Server Am I Using – Android

There are a handful of Android network scanner apps on the market that let you see what DNS you are using. I would suggest Network Info II. The app is ad-free and easy to use. Simply download it from the Google Play Store, open it, and go to the WiFi tab. There you ’ ll see DNS 1 and DNS 2 entries. These are the DNS servers you are using .
Download Network Info II
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alternatively, you can besides try the PingTools Network Utilities. It does the basic speculate and besides provides some extra utilities that can perform tasks like UPnP read, LAN wake-up, port scan, etc .
To know the DNS address, install the app from Play Store and open it. nowadays, rap on the “ Router ” or “ Internet ” icon and it will display all the network details. here, you can find what DNS you are using by looking at DNS 1 and DNS 2 entries .
Download PingTools Network Utilities

5. What DNS Server Am I Using – iOS

Network Analyser is a free io app that shows utilitarian data about your network. There is a premium version of this app that costs $ 3 but for our bare indigence, the light version ( ad-supported ) is sufficient. Just install and open the app, you can see what DNS you are using future to “ DNS Server IP. ”
Download Network Analyzer ( io | iPad )

6. What DNS Server Am I Using – Router

By nonpayment, your router uses the DNS Server provided by your ISP. But if you suspect person has changed it on your router, here ’ s how to find it. Simply open up the network browser, and type in the router ’ s IP address ( normally or192.168.0.1 ). In case you are not mindful, here ’ s a immediate way to check your router ’ randomness IP address. future, log in with the username and password. Most of the routers have credentials written on the back .
once you see the router ’ sulfur web interface, depending on the router model look for DNS 1 and DNS 2 entries. normally, it ’ randomness under the Network Setup or Status option .
NetGear_Router_Screen on router
In character you find any third-party DNS IP here, try googling the IP or do a nslookup with the IP to find out the server associated with it. If you are still uncertain about the DNS service, then it is advisable to change the DNS on your local calculator. This will override the set on your Router and now you can peacefully enjoy browsing the network .

Closing Words

so, these were some of the ways to find out what DNS server you are using. Depending on the operational system you have, choose the most efficient way. You can besides use on-line sites like WhatsMyDNSserver to promptly check your DNS overhaul provider. however, the on-line method acting is slightly erroneous and wouldn ’ thyroxine provide you correct local DNS server IP .
In casing you use third-party DNS providers like Cloudflare DNS or OpenDNS server, you can visit their sites to check your DNS waiter. For more issues or concerns, let me know in the comments below .
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