What does adaptation mean?

  1. Zafar Adeel : For the club, what very is significant is what happens to our water, we must consider body of water as partially of the hale climate change adaptation agenda .
  2. Walter Kaelin : It has to be there – because merely then will human mobility be integrated into climate change adaptation plans, entirely then will access to fund that is necessary for some countries be enshrined in the ( agreement ).
  3. Eddie Bautista : We ‘re living in a time now where we have to talk about adaptation, there ‘s a abstemious at the end of the tunnel, but I just do n’t know how are we going to be able to pull this off fast enough.
  4. Musin Almat Zhumabekovich :

    1. Without desires, you are dead, like a ghost that sees alone world. 2. It ‘s amaze how we choose our own world, what does it mean that we want to live in an illusive lie, or to see only what we want to see in individual reality, denying the divine reality of nature. To live in an artificial reality of our vices and instincts. To squeeze bodily pleasures out of her when, as spiritual pleasures, as opposed to bodily pleasures, are ageless. We deny our lives by plunging into the illusion of void. Lies from our illusive dreams become reality. Lying out of self-deception becomes our batch. 3. Life is a memory, it is memories, life is a recording on an energy tape, because life is in the past. 4. Life is not a body, but a person, life is department of energy in emptiness. 5. Life consists of recording thoughts, from confusion and naivete. 6. life goes through a karmic evolution of awareness, over and over again in retro deja vu recordings. Karmic incubator of development in one here and now of life that you experience over and over again, you grow up when you want to take the side of good and light. 7. Life is karmic nostalgia. A karmic epicure looking for venture. Life is the philosophical energy of a buffet of feelings and emotions. 8. Melanin and anthropological, familial adaptation of philosophical acculturation, created the delusion of hierarchical aesthetics, external and inner compulsion with perfectionism, animal ego of the Olympics, where envy and diffidence creates a dead end in evolution. 9. cultural vandalism of the ballyhoo of the media, media and the Internet in pop culture, skill, art, where alternatively of discoveries, attracting attention and appropriating other people ‘s merits, this is the cancer of development. generator : Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

  5. Musin Almat Zhumabekovich : 1. biological infantilism atrophies in a person many utilitarian qualities of survival ascribable to selfishness, the population of world will be significantly reduced. 2. Machine logic Outside, we look like people, but inside we are as if machines that created evolution itself. Machine mechanism of thinking moving from one extreme to another. The logic is wholly automatic. Inside, everything works very accurately for a normal person, if something breaks, this person is called a lunatic. This is the absolute power of logic over everything. automatic awareness in which everything seems alien when it is not a profit, but love affair. 3. The subconscious heed is capricious and consequently paradoxical, it does not listen to the wisdom of the universe. 4. All reflexes of think are just gears twisted by the experience of life. 5. The main geography of the organism The basic geography of an organism is wholly based on the life sentence experience of development. constantly corrected by selfishness that will disrupt the basic ecosystem of think and homo health. 6. concern is the footing of all desires. 7. Cosmetics, clothing shop and fictile surgery are pain relievers for your ego, beloved ladies, but not a medicine. 8. We all admire geniuses. Before the talents. This is totemism. This is paganism where every brilliance as a deity is creditworthy for his ability. We have become pagans of media mythology. 9. sleep is self-criticism and self-irony. 10. aloneness is when all the threads connecting with communication break and you stop being a puppet. 11. You will become more successful when all stupid desires die out in you. 12. successful people are obsessed with the idea that they are always late. 13. A full-bodied man thinks like a sultan. More hidden wives, more mistresses, more prostitutes, he is not a prince, he just bought you like a barbie at a sex plaything store. 14. The world is a masterpiece of adaptation and there is an endless space around us, but nature is our space. 15. immortality which will give you to find the secrets of being. All the secrets of awareness will be revealed by eternity. 16. Thinking constantly mutates, instincts and reflexes acquire newfangled qualities of ability, philosophy acquires newfangled armor, and thinking newly claws in the process of adaptation. 17. Insomnia is the epicenter of forlornness, a irritating point of inevitability. writer : Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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