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AC adapter name 1. An AC arranger used for charging a laptop battery. AC adapters convert a higher-voltage alternating current to a lower-voltage aim stream for use with devices that require a relatively constant voltage ( within a allowance ). direct current is besides required to recharge batteries, making AC adapters all-important for electronic devices like laptops ( see Figure 1 ) and cell phones. [ 1 ] Older AC adapters waste quite a bit of electricity in the human body of standby office, but holocene regulations and subsequent innovations have reduced the come of electricity wasted well. See standby office for more detail data .

How it works

A childlike AC arranger consists of a transformer, a rectifier, and an electronic percolate. The transformer initially converts a relatively high- voltage alternating current that is supplied by an electrical exit to a lower electric potential suitable for the device being powered. [ 2 ] [ 3 ] A rectifier then converts alternating stream into direct current. There are two break types of rectifiers : the half-wave rectifier and the full-wave rectifier .

Half-wave rectifier

The half-wave rectifier efficaciously blocks current stream in one steering through the habit of a diode ( see calculate 2 ). This creates a pulsating target current. due to half of the current being blocked, much of the provide energy is lost, and the mean electric potential of half-wave refine power is lower than that of full-wave refine office.

Half wave rectifier [4] The arrow-shaped symbol at the top of the number 2. A half-wave rectifier.The sagittate symbol at the peak of the electric racing circuit is a diode that only allows electron menstruate from right to left across the diode. The graph on the leave is the input signal voltage and the graph on the right is the output signal electric potential .

Full-wave rectifier

There are respective types of full-wave rectifiers. Rather than blocking the electric current in one commission, these rectifiers flip its focus so that a constant pulsate steer current is the output. A common type of full-wave rectifier is the full-wave bridge rectifier [ 5 ] ( See Figure 3 ) .
Full wave bridge rectifier [6] The graph on the left is the input voltage and the graph on the right is the output voltage. human body 3. A full-wave bridge rectifier.The graph on the leave is the remark voltage and the graph on the correct is the output voltage.

For more information about rectifiers, visit ElectronsTutorials or All About Circuits .


Smoothing Capacitor calculate 4. The output electric potential ( green ) of a half-wave rectifier and smoothing capacitor from the remark AC electric potential ( yellow ). Note the ripples in the output voltage. As seen in Figures 2 and 3, the output voltage of the two rectifiers still varies greatly. however, a constant electric potential is required for most devices that operate on aim current. A smoothing circuit or capacitor is used to achieve this. At its simplest, a circuit part known as a reservoir capacitor or smoothing capacitor is placed at the output of the rectifier. basically it releases stored energy when no voltage is being output from the rectifier. [ 7 ] This creates a fairly firm electric potential. however, some ripples from the AC voltage persist ( See Figure 4 ).

Modern AC adapters

In modern use the most common arranger is the Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS). These are well more complex than linear regulated ability supplies and have clear advantages. The main advantage for SMPS is that it gives DC supplies that can deliver more baron for a given size, price and weight of the adapter. [ 8 ] SMPS is used in many applications such as barrage chargers, laptops, vehicles, LED fall, and early consumer electronics. To learn more about how SMPS units work, visit Learn about Electronics .

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