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Zoom provides respective ways for meeting hosts to set up audio and for participants to join audio .
As a host, use this article to inform your meeting setup .
As a meet participant, use this article to decide which option works best for you .

Joining Audio Options:

Preferred Options: Joining with Computer Audio or Phone Call

The best options when participating in a Zoom meet :

  • Use your built-in or approved external devices.
  • Attendees can dial in to the meeting using a telephone when the option is enabled by the host. 

Note: Certain countries may require bell or toll-free numbers .

  • Dial-in numbers at zoom.us/zoomconference are based on the country the participant calls from.
  • All phone calls are subject to fees based on the participant’s phone coverage or plan restrictions.

Note: Audio quality and connectivity requires a potent telephone or internet connection .
Cost: Use calculator sound recording at no monetary value to hosts or participants. telephone calls are subjugate to fees based on the participant ‘s phone coverage or plan restrictions .

  1. Click the meeting or webinar link provided by the host. 
    • Or, join the meeting by entering the meeting or webinar ID.
  2. Select Join With Computer Audio.

Phone dial-in is the second base favored option when joining a Zoom meet. This option is available for domestic participants.

  1. Click the meeting or webinar link provided by the host.
    • Or, enter the meeting or webinar ID.
  2. Select the Phone Call tab.
    1. Dial the provided phone number.
    2. Enter the meeting ID followed by #.
      • Optional: Enter your Participant ID.
    3. Press #.

Alternative Option: Dialing Out from Meeting as a Host

If a player is ineffective to join a meeting using computer audio or telephone, the host can use the call-out feature to reach the participant .
Cost: All calls are charged to the University per-minute, per player based on Zoom Global Telephone Coverage and Rates .
Note: Telephone features are not available to students as meet hosts. Students as meet participants can access telephone features.

Inviting Participants to a Zoom meeting as a Host:

  1. From the Zoom meeting, click Invite.
  2. Select the Phone tab.
  3. Enter the participant’s name.
  4. Enter the participant’s telephone number.
  5. Click Call. A banner with the word Ringing appears as the call connects. 
    • The banner changes to Call Accepted if the call connects.

Alternative Options: Call Using Global Dial-in or Fee-based Toll Numbers

When using Global Dial-In or Fee-based Toll numbers, the participant calls in by dialing the allow Zoom Global Dial-In number .

  • Complete numbers listed on Zoom Global Dial-in Numbers page are available to all users. 
  • Fee-based Toll numbers are only available to users within the Health Care Component (HCC). 
    • If you are a member of the HCC: request access to Fee-based Toll number by submitting a Request International Dialing form.


  • Using a Global Dial-In or Fee-based Toll number may result in a fee to the participant and the host based on their telephone carrier. 
  • Fee-based Toll numbers are billed per minute to the University. This fee may be billed to your department.

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soar : International Dial-in Numbers

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