Versus Zoom

Why the charade, running around dressed like the Flash?”
“To give people hope, Detective.”
“So I could rip it away from them.
—Joe West and Zoom

“Versus Zoom”



Season 2 » Episode 18

Episode number

41 of 162

Original airdate

April 19, 2016

Written by

Joe Peracchio
David Kob

Directed by

Stefan Pleszczynski


Preceded by

Flash Back “

Followed by

Back to Normal “

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Images ” Versus Zoom “ is the eighteenth episode of the second temper of The Flash, and the forty-first episode overall. It aired on April 19, 2016 .




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In flashbacks, events from many years ago on Earth-2 are shown, and from, where Hunter Zolomon ‘s father, James Zolomon, argues fiercely with Hunter ‘s mother Ashley Zolomon, which ends with James shooting Ashley in front of him. Hunter is taken to an orphanage.

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In the show day Earth-1, Barry, Cisco, Caitlin and Iris are preparing to run a test on the tachyon device to see if Barry ‘s speed can increase with it. The test proves to be success, with Barry running with extreme travel rapidly without consequences. He evening travels through a dimensional transgress and reappears less than a second later ( during this brief time he ended up on Earth-38 and became friends with Kara Danvers/Supergirl [ 1 ] ). When he returns to S.T.A.R. Labs, no one even realized he traveled to another world entirely. Satisfied that he is now faster than Zoom, Barry intends to reopen a breach to Earth-2. Harrison Wells objects, and claims the breaches ca n’t be reopened but he agrees to make the tachyon device smaller. Iris goes on a date. At Joe ‘s identify, Wally arrives with laundry and informs he has no place to live on campus. Barry gets the estimate about opening the breaches with Cisco ‘s powers, since his doppelganger, Reverb, was able to manipulate dimensional energy. They try it in the transgress in the lab, but nothing happens. Wells goes to see Joe and attempts to get him to stop Barry from opening a gap, but Joe tells him, that once Barry sets his mind on something, there ‘s no way to talk him out of it. rather he tells Wells to help him. Barry and Cisco find the strongest breach source in an abandoned genial hospital. Cisco is still unable to open the gap, until Wells arrives with his goggles. With the goggles, Cisco is able to open the breach, and Zoom besides sees it and urges Cisco to keep coming. But Cisco stops and runs off. Joe and Iris come to the lab to give serve, and Barry tells Joe that Wally wants Joe to invite him to live with him. Caitlin and Iris talk about Iris ‘ situation, as Caitlin has noticed she has been watching Barry with love for some time. Iris admits she did n’t go on her date yesterday, as she has started to think that possibly she is sincerely mean to be with Barry, reasoning that they are married on Earth-2 and purportedly married in the future. Barry goes to see Cisco, and Cisco tells him he ‘s not afraid of Zoom, but himself. He fears that if he keeps using his powers, he will end up becoming like Reverb. But Barry says that unlike Reverb, Cisco has friends hera, who consider him family, and they will constantly stand by him. Cisco agrees to try again. Joe offers wally a opportunity to live with him and he accepts. Wells has succeeded in remaking the tachyon device, and the team begins to wonder, if Zoom ‘s actual name very is Jay. Caitlin tells the team, that there is no Jay Garrick on Earth-1, rather his doppelganger ‘s diagnose was Hunter Zolomon. The diagnose alerts Wells, who then reveal, that Hunter Zolomon on Earth-2 was a convicted serial cause of death, who was given to an orphanage, when his father killed his mother in movement of his eyes. He murdered 23 people, until he was last caught and sent to a mental hospital. While being treated, the atom acceleration explosion affected him, giving him the Speed Force. Thus, Zoom was born. Barry gets an idea on how to defeat him. Barry and Cisco return to the mental hospital, while Wells, Joe, Iris and Caitlin take shelter inside the Time Vault, as Zoom purportedly ca n’t enter it. Cisco opens the breach and Zoom comes out. Barry runs and Zoom gives chase. Barry is able to run faster than Zoom and bait him into S.T.A.R. Labs. Inside, Zoom finds that Barry has set the room with dummies of his parents. They distract him long adequate to allow Barry to trap him with meta-human chains. Zoom questions. how did Barry number out his real identity, and Barry says he made a err, when he told Caitlin about his doppelganger. When it seems that Flash is victorious, Zoom manages to break release and escapes. Barry, Iris and Joe return family, to find the place is ransacked. They find that Wally is missing, and that Zoom has him. He left a message : “ Your accelerate for Wally ‘s liveliness. ” Zoom has wally taken to his lair on Earth-2. finally, Barry finds no early choice, but to accept. Cisco vibes, and calls to Zoom, who appears with Wally. The exchange is made, and Wells inserts the Speed Force Draining device into Barry ‘s suit. The team questions Zoom, why did he do the things he did and how he was able to convince them, that there was two of him. rapid climb reveals that he traveled to the past to meet himself, making Cisco realize he is a time leftover, like the Reverse-Flash. His past self agreed with his plan to steal Flash ‘s rush in order to cure him, and besides inspiring hope in people, so that he could then snatch it from them. Barry uses the treadmill so that his Speed Force can be extracted. All of his accelerate is taken and Zoom injects it to himself. He is thrilled and proceeds to kill Barry, until Caitlin talks him out of it. He then escapes, taking Caitlin with him .


  • While Barry tests out the tachyon device, he travels through a breach and comes out through another breach, with the Supergirl

    leitmotif blending in with the background music. Once Barry returns to S.T.A.R. Labs, he asks, “How long was I gone?”, but neither Cisco nor Caitlin pay attention to the statement. This is a reference to ” Worlds Finest”, an episode of Supergirl in which The Flash crossed over. This episode took place within this very brief moment.

    • Coincidentally, both take place at the eighteenth episode of their own series.
    • Strangely, when Wells tells Barry that there is no way back to another Earth, Barry doesn’t tell him about how he had accidentally ran to another Earth, which had happened earlier that episode (most likely due to his uncertainty about how that happened and his inability to precisely create such a breach).
  • When Barry and Cisco arrive at an abandoned mental hospital, Cisco refers to it as a “Patch Adams” nightmare.
  • In a deleted scene, which is a scene following Hunter being arrested by CCPD, the former is seen saying “You can’t lock up the darkness” as he is being taken into custody.



The Flash 2x18 Promo "Versus Zoom" (HD) The Flash 2×18 Promo “ Versus Zoom ” ( HD )The Flash 2x18 Extended Promo "Versus Zoom" (HD) The Flash 2×18 Extended Promo “ Versus Zoom ” ( HD )

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The Flash 2x18 Sneak Peek "Versus Zoom" (HD) The Flash 2×18 Sneak Peek “ Versus Zoom ” ( HD )The Flash 2x18 Sneak Peek 2 Season 2 Episode 18 Sneak Peek 2 The Flash 2×18 Sneak Peek 2 Season 2 Episode 18 Sneak Peek 2


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