The Flash: How Barry Beat Zoom And What It Could Mean For Season 3

Spoilers below for The Flash finale. The main reservoir of conflict in The Flash Season 2 came between Barry and Zoom, the menacing Earth-2 superhuman with 1,000 different goals pertaining to stealing accelerate and destroying dimensions. There was no real reason to expect the appearance to kill off Zoom in a non-retractable way, considering that ’ s not how this appearance works, and Hunter Zolomon indeed met a destiny that could very well see him returning to the appearance in Season 3 and beyond as a different but evenly terrify character, Black Flash.

Barry and Zoom ’ s concluding struggle involved a subspecies around a device the villain mean to use to destroy all the other Earths so that he could rule the entirely one that remained. That never got to happen, though, as Barry got an advantage by using Zoom ’ s trick of bringing a time leftover in. When Barry ultimately gained the upper hand over Zoom in a fistfight, he chose not to finish his nemesis off, rather allowing Time Wraiths to come in ( with perfective time ) and capture the prey that had been alluding them for ages. And it ’ s when the Wraiths showed up that Zoom ’ s possible future was revealed. As the Wraiths pluck at Zoom ’ sulfur mask, we saw not the bleeding face of Hunter Zolomon, but rather a charnel countenance, marked by sharpen and surly teeth, darkened lips, a lack of a nose and some insanely crude eyeballs. As well, his earpieces seemed to turn to red, as the symbol on his breast turned to white, with a yellow lightning bolt, all matching up pretty closely with Black Flash ’ s costume from the comics.

”the On the page, Black Flash is basically the Grim Reaper for all the speedsters zipping around the multiverse, bringing them back into the Speed Force when their meter comes. He isn ’ t precisely a villain, so his inclusion body wouldn ’ thyroxine be proof that Season 3 is using another quick bad guy, but he ’ s besides not very helpful to heroes. The Black Flash mantle was taken up by both Barry Allen and Professor Zoom at sealed points, so that ’ mho always something we might be able to see in the future.

now, there ’ sulfur nothing definite about Black Flash entering the live-action DC television receiver universe, and we ’ ll credibly be waiting a while before Greg Berlanti or Andrew Kreisberg gets bigmouthed about the character ’ s future. Plus, Barry ’ s trip back in time to save his ma might have completely disrupted everything anyhow, making it so that Zoom wasn ’ thymine always taken in by the Wraiths. Well, he would have been in one timeline, but I ’ thousand referring to the one that we ’ ll be following closest on the show. Oh no, the time-travel conversation nosebleeds have started. The Flash will return to The CW this fall, hopefully with Jay Garrick back for more and possibly with Hunter Zolomon taking on the umpteenth new list of his nefarious career. This poll is no longer available .

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