All About the DVI Video Connection

DVI is a park association option used for connecting PCs to monitors. Before HDMI was made available for base field applications, DVI connections were used for transferring digital video recording signals from some source devices .

DVI stands for digital ocular interface, but it is besides referred to as digital video interface.

What Is a DVI Connection ?

DVI is a standard for transferring video signals from DVI-equipped informant devices ( like PCs and DVD players ) to a video display that besides has a DVI video input connection. The DVI interface has three designations :

  • DVI-D: Designed to pass only digital video signals.
  • DVI-A: Designed to pass only analog video signals.
  • DVI-I: Designed to pass both digital and analog video signals.

Although the chew size and condition are identical for each type, the number of pins varies. If a DVI joining is used in a home dramaturgy environment, it is most probable the DVI-D type .

A DVI connector port
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Unlike HDMI, which can pass both video and audio signals, DVI is designed to pass video recording signals only.

DVI vs. Composite volt. Component vs. S-Video

A DVI-equipped DVD player or early home dramaturgy reservoir device can pass video signals with resolutions up to 1080p for display. Using a DVI connection results in a better quality image than using composite or S-Video, and it may be equivalent to or better than component video recording connections .

Connecting DVI Components to HDMI TVs

Since HDMI has become the default option home field connection standard for sound recording and video recording, you wo n’t find DVI-connections on modern HD and 4K Ultra HD TVs. however, on some TVs, one of the HDMI inputs may be paired with a laid of analogue audio inputs. In such cases, the HDMI input may be labeled HDMI/DVI, and the analogue audio inputs are besides labeled DVI. This input can be used to connect a DVI source using a DVI-to-HDMI arranger in combination with analogue audio connections .

HDMI/DVI Input Connections on an HDTV
You may however encounter older DVD players and TVs where DVI is used alternatively of HDMI. Some television receiver offer both DVI and HDMI connection options.

DVI Video and Audio Limitations

When using DVI to connect an AV reference device to a television, you must besides make a discriminate audio connection to the television. This is normally done by using an RCA composite cable or 3.5 mm analogue audio connections. The audio connections designated for pairing with the DVI input signal should be located adjacent to the DVI remark or the HDMI input that is designated for DVI arranger use .

If you have a home dramaturgy liquidator in your frame-up, you besides have the option of connecting the DVI television output signal of your beginning device to an HDMI-equipped television receiver using a DVI-to-HDMI arranger. You can then connect the audio to your home dramaturgy receiver using analogue or digital optical/coaxial connections if those connections are provided on the source device .

The character of DVI connection used in a home dramaturgy environment may not pass 3D signals, nor will it pass higher-resolution 4K video recording signals. however, DVI can pass resolutions up to 4K for sealed personal computer applications using a different pivot configuration. DVI connections ca n’t pass HDR or wide color gamut signals .

DVI to HDMI Adapter

Connecting HDMI Components to DVI TVs

If you need to connect an HDMI reservoir device ( such as a Blu-ray Disc player ) to an older television receiver that merely has DVI ports, you can use the same type of HDMI-to-DVI adapter used when connecting a DVI source to an HDMI television receiver .

If you have a reservoir device that lone has a DVI output and a television that only has HDMI inputs, you can use the like type of arranger to make that connection. however, you will besides have to make an extra connection for audio .

DVI/HDMI Adapter Cable
sometimes when using a DVI-to-HDMI arranger, the expose device does n’t recognize the source as lawful. There are several things you can do to troubleshoot HDMI connection problems.

DVI and DisplayPort

DVI connections can besides be adapted for consumption with DisplayPort, which is an choice available on choice personal computer monitors. There are two types of DisplayPort connectors ( standard and mini ), sol make certain you use the appropriate arranger .

DisplayPort to DVI Cable
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