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As our laptops continue to get thin, satiny and more whippersnapper, they have become more portable and better for traveling. The downside is that smaller laptops mean fewer ports. Before you search through your water closet for your dusty personal computer tugboat or 10-pound laptop, we have a much bare and smaller trace — a multiport adapter .
Multiport adapters are like bantam touch rooms for all your gadgets. These potent hubs can connect just about anything to your laptop, including USBs, SD Cards, Ethernet cables, HDMI cables and more. Insert your MicroSD poster to download files from your digital camera or camcorder. Mirror your laptop on a bombastic monitor with an HDMI cable. Sync your smartphone to your laptop using a USB interface. Connect immediately to your network in your position through an Ethernet cable. And finally, play your old CDs and DVDs on your laptop by connecting them through an external drive player. Plus, much, much more .

Laptops with few ports are designed as such to make them lightweight and portable, so it lone makes sense that multiport adapters mirror that mind. The seven adapters we ’ ve included on our list take up less room in your laptop pocket than a smartphone and can handle connecting multiple gadgets at once .
If you want to take on some big jobs with your small laptop, you need a multiport adapter .

1. Anker USB C Hub Adapter

We frequently look to Anker when it comes to call and calculator accessories, and this handy seven-in-one hub offers a variety of functions without sacrificing portability. It ’ s designed to plug into USB-C ports, so it ’ s a good option for newer Apple computers, Chromebooks and other laptops. It has HDMI, two USB 3.0 ports, SD and microSD and even an Ethernet port. pass-through charge allows you to charge your device by plugging your charger into the USB-C port on the hub .
Pros : portable option with a wide-eyed kind of ports, including Ethernet, SD and MicroSD, and USB 3.0 .
Cons : The USB-C remark is designed for power pitch, not data transfer, so you ’ ll need to use another USB-C port on your computer if you have a USB-C device .
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Anker USB C Hub Adapter


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2. Satechi Aluminum Multi-Port Adapter

Upgraded with an improved MicroSD slot and refined aluminum design, the Satechi Aluminum Multi-Port Adapter is a lightweight and compress hub that makes it easy to connect assorted devices at once. The expansion port includes spots for a 4K HDMI cord, an Ethernet cord, a USB-C pass-through Charging, an SD/Micro Card Reader and three USB 3.0 ports .
Pros: The Satechi is ballyhoo and turn and doesn ’ metric ton require any initiation or drivers. Designed for MacBooks, the Satechi besides works with most new laptops and computers .
Cons: The Satechi doesn ’ t include a miniskirt display interface. It ’ s besides not compatible with Apple SuperDrive .
Satechi Aluminum Multi-Port Adapter amazon

Satechi Aluminum Multi-Port Adapter


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This slick option has 8-in-1 functionality, and it ’ s designed to plug into your computer ’ s USB-C port. In addition to a USB 2.0 port, it has two USB 3.0 ports, maximizing data transfer speeds when using USB 3.0 devices. besides included are an ethernet port, microSD, SD and HDMI port. Plus, there ’ s another USB-C input that can be used for pass-through charge, allowing you to charge your laptop without taking up supernumerary ports .
Pros : batch of ports, USB-C input for pass-through charge. Three USB-A ports, including USB 3.0 for fast transportation speeds .
Cons : Like the Anker choice, the USB-C input is for pass-through charging only, not data transfer .
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4. Purgo USB C Hub for MacBook Pro

This multi-port adapter from Purgo streamlines your devices by plugging directly into your MacBook Pro, preferably than connecting through a cable. There are microSD and SD, two USB-C ports ( one is data transfer only and the other is charging and data ). There are besides two USB ports and an HDMI port. It comes in space grey, silver and rose gold to match the most common MacBook colors.

Pros : slick design that plugs immediately into your laptop, eliminating the need for extraneous cables. available in colors that match Macbook colors .
Cons : Check compatibility before buy ; it entirely works with MacBooks, but not all of them .
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Purgo USB C Hub for MacBook Pro


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5. Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Ultra Slim Data Hub

Most of the options on this tilt are designed for laptops that use USB-C, but this choice from Anker is made for USB-A ports. true, it ’ mho more of a USB hub than a multi-port arranger ; there are four USB-A inputs, but there are no other kinds of inputs. But if your calculator is lacking in USB-A ports, then this is a good choice to consider. Plus, it ’ s an low-cost option from one of our darling brands .
Pros : good USB-A option. Highly compress and slowly to take on the go. Uses USB 3.0 for faster transfer speeds .
Cons : merely USB-A inputs, no USB-C, HDMI, SD tease, etc .
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Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Ultra Slim Data Hub


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6. TOTU Eight-in-One Type C Hub

Smaller than a smartphone, the TOTU Eight-in-One Type C Hub is so lightweight and compact that you can carry it in your pocket. Connect all your devices in one area with the TOTU, which includes one Ethernet/RJ-45 Port, one USB Type-C Female PD charging port, one HDMI port, one TF SD tease slot, one SD card slot, one USB 2.0 Type-A port and USB 3.0 Type-A ports .
Pros: Ideal for photographers, the TOTU can simultaneously transfer files from an SD and MicroSD card at the lapp time and the 1000Mbps Ethernet port provides a safe, fasten and fast connection for agile downloads .
Cons: Some options have more ports .
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TOTU Eight-in-One Type C Hub



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7. EUSAOO Thunderbolt 3 USB C Hub

never worry about overheating with the EUSAOO Thunderbolt 3 USB C Hub, which is made from high-quality aluminum allow and corrosion-resistant ABS material that is built to withstand high temperatures. The hub is designed with three USB 3.0 male-to-female ports, one USB C female-to-male larboard, a 4k HDMI video output, RJ 45 Gigabit Ethernet port, VGA male-to-female port, Audio/Mic two-in-one port, and SD/Micro SD calling card subscriber slots .
Pros: Gamers and those who stream videos on-line will love the EUSAOO, which has 4K resoluteness video at 30Hz and 1920×1080 ( 1080p ) at 60Hz .
Cons: EUSAOO does not recommend connecting multiple high power devices to the arranger at one time.

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EUSAOO Thunderbolt 3 USB C Hub


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