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A Modern Pitless Adapter.
In my stopping point submission I briefly touched upon the importance of raising a buried wellhead. The above crunch wellhead is a relative newcomer to the residential well industry, and it has a number of advantages over its immerse predecessors – advantages that would be impossible to benefit from without the practice of a pitless arranger. so, what is a pitless adapter, and how did its invention affect the well industry ? First, a little history…

From Well Pit to Pitless

In the early on days of machine drilled wells, the wellhead was located underground below the frost wrinkle to avoid water supply lines freezing in cold climates. Often a well stone would be constructed around the wellhead to provide access for act well care, but sometimes the wellhead would merely be buried with no easy access detail .
Both situations came with unplayful potential drawbacks .
In the encase of a well orchestra pit ( pictured to the right field ), an access embrace can deteriorate over time, turning it into a hide trap for animals, grow equipment, and minor children. In addition, the concrete well casing around the pit can become crack, trapping surface water on the inside. This increases the chance of the well becoming contaminated with surface water, either by failure of the watertight crown, or an improper seal further down the well. Underground gasses can even become trap inside the well pit, making it a dangerous place to work, even for professionals.

**Never attempt to work inside of a well pit without proper training. When in doubt, call a Professional.**
When the wellhead is buried, it becomes fair a susceptible to surface water contamination as one housed in a good orchestra pit. even worse, there is no easy means to entree the well for routine maintenance or hand brake service. As any homeowner knows, critical parts of your family tend to fail at the most inopportune times. It can be unmanageable adequate to locate and unearth a malfunctioning buried well during the warm months ; imagine how time-consuming it can be when the ground is frozen !
fortunately for us, a simple however elegant solution was conceived that has made these issues obsolete .

Enter the Pitless Adapter

On June 19, 1953 a valet named Milton B. Martinson filed a apparent with the U.S. Patent Office that would modernize well initiation and make liveliness easier for well owners and serve professionals alike. He saw the defect built-in in well colliery installation, and came up with a “ means for extracting the liquid from a cased well below the top of the casing ” in its stead. late known as the pitless adapter, Martinson ’ s basic design remains in use to this day .
The basal function of the pitless adapter is to provide a junction for the drop curtain pipe in the well to connect to the water line running to the house. As you can see from Martinson ’ s original patent diagram, the main change with the pitless adapter is that the shed pipe exits through the slope of the casing preferably than through the circus tent. This is a cardinal purpose difference in and of itself- however, there are a phone number of improvements that in entire make the pitless adapter a revolutionist addition to well engineering .
beginning and foremost, the side exit allows the wellhead to be extended above ground. not only does this greatly reduce the chances of airfoil water contamination through the exceed of the well, it provides an easy point of introduction for well sustenance. If the sphere around the well must be excavated, the wellhead provides an excellent point of citation to avoid damaging the existing well components.

The male-female blueprint of the pitless arranger makes it relatively easy to work on the interior components of the well. By screwing a joyride called a t-bar lift in to the threaded clear part of the arranger, the drop pipe, telegram, and submersible pump ( or jet assembly in the case of a jet pump ) can be removed from the well without compromising any parts of the existing initiation. When you are done, the male man slides veracious back in to the female man !
other forms of sustenance become a breeze compared to working on an metro wellhead. Video well inspections can much be performed with little preparation- save you money. Well chlorination can be well performed from the top of the well. As a grok homeowner, you can even do this yourself. Ka-Ching !
**While a homeowner can do it, if you don’t feel comfortable performing a well chlorination, don’t do it. Call a professional.**

My well is underground. What do I do?

I ’ m glad you asked. If your wellhead is located inside of a well pit, you ’ re in luck. The well pit makes it easy for a well professional to extend the well encase and install a pitless arranger stead of the existing well seal. Afterwards, an earthwork professional merely fills the well pit with clean satiate .
If you ’ rhenium wellhead is buried, the process becomes more time-consuming and expensive, chiefly because the well must be located and dug up. It can be tempting to have an earthwork professional begin digging where the well is presumed to be, but in my experience the well is normally not located precisely where you think it is. The costs can add up fast, as the dig must be done carefully to avoid damaging the existing well structure. even hush, it is sometimes ineluctable, creating more exercise to be done. It can even become dangerous if you run into existing baron lines. Don ’ thymine worry though ; this is where a utility locating caller comes in to play !
A utility program locating company can pinpoint the location of your existing well structure and waterline with surprising accuracy. This drastically reduces the clock spent excavating the well, saving you money. The locating company fishes a tracer wire through the waterline until it stops at the elbow fitting on top of the well seal. They then use a magnetic signal detection device to trace the path of the waterline until it stops at the localization of the wellhead, marking it for the excavator. Dig Safe can locate clandestine utilities, making the job safe for all of those involved. here in Maine, I rely on Centerline Utility Locating any fourth dimension I need a well located.

Well done.

I think its dependable to say that the pitless arranger sincerely revolutionized the well industry. If your well doesn ’ metric ton have one, I strongly urge you to contact us to have your well modernized .
Thanks for read !

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