How to Connect Samsung Smart TV to Wi-Fi Without Adapter

Can You Connect Samsung Smart TV to WiFi Without an Adapter?

short answer : If your Samsung television receiver doesn ’ thyroxine have a built-in WiFi poster you may use a Samsung WiFi LAN adapter .
An essential point to note about this serve is that when you connect your television to the Wi-Fi, you may encounter some problems such as frequent interruption while watching movies online or applications getting hanged frequently .
If you have a adequate router you can reach an ideal speed with a Samsung television converter ( Hey! It’s on Amazon )
so, whenever you try to connect your Samsung smart television receiver to WiFi, the accelerate of the internet would deteriorate if you are not using a high-quality router, which finally minimizes the entire negative manifestation.

nowadays coming rear to the context, there are numerous ways that you can utilize connecting your computer to Wi-Fi .
We have listed the dim-witted procedures that will help you to dodge the complexity of setting up a radio network .

Method 1. Connect Samsung smart TV to Wi-Fi without an adapter

Let ’ s start with the basic and the simplest manner of connecting your Samsung television receiver with WI-FI without an arranger .
Step 1.
Turn on your television receiver and enter into its menu using the outback control .
Step 2.
In the menu section, voyage to “ Network ” and then “ Network Setting ”. Select adjacent to move on to the following setting page .
Step 3.
Select radio and then click on “ Next ” after which a special window will pop up .
Step 4.
In the newly window, you will find that there is a white box where you will need to type in your network password .
Step 5.
After entering the SSID, press Next, and your television receiver will get connected to the radio connection.

If you are still not been able to connect your Samsung Smart television receiver to wifi, try out this second operation .

Method 2. Connect your Samsung smart TV to Wi-Fi without an adapter

flush though this routine can be confusing, it is the fastest way to connect your television receiver to Wi-Fi .
In this method, you won ’ t need to do anything on the television manually, as it will get connected to your Wi-Fi network mechanically .
But for this routine, you will need to make sure that there is a WPS button on your router .
step 1. Go to the network setting on your Samsung television receiver and highlight “ WPS ” and press next .
footprint 2. Hold down the “ WPS ” release of your router, and it will get connected mechanically .
Summing it up
The foremost method acting for connecting your Samsung chic television with Wi-Fi without any adapter is simpleton and works easily with any kind of router .
The second method is recommended if you have a high-end router with a WPS button .
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