How to Cancel the AdaptedMind Subscription [Money Saving Hacks]

Cancel AdaptedMind Without difficulty !

AdaptedMind is a service that provides custom math and reading lessons for children. The company delivers a course of study and exercises tailored to the needs of each of its subscribers .

How Can I Cancel My AdaptedMind Subscription ?

There are several ways to cancel your AdaptedMind membership:

Can You Cancel With Yes / No

DoNotPay Yes
Email Yes
Phone Yes
Letter No
In-person No
Company website Yes

How to Cancel AdaptedMind via Website ?

You can deactivate your profile by accessing the Account Page on the website. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the AdaptedMind web site
  2. Click on the Log In button in the head
  3. On the Account page, cluck on Cancel My AdaptedMind Account
  4. Follow the instructions for cancelation

How to Cancel AdaptedMind Over the Phone ?

You can terminate your account by dialing 408-345-5282 and following the instructions .

How to Cancel AdaptedMind by Sending an electronic mail ?

This is not an official method acting, but the company has an information e-mail address that you can use to cancel your report, especially if you are experiencing problems with the online process. Try sending your cancelation request to info @ .

How to Cancel AdaptedMind With DoNotPay ?

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DoNotPay can get you out of the AdaptedMind subscription within two minutes. 
here are the steps :

  1. outdoors DoNotPay in your web browser
  2. Tap Find Hidden Money
  3. type in AdaptedMind as the name of the overhaul

DoNotPay will inform you when the cancelation summons is finished .

Are There Any other Subscriptions You Want to Cancel ? DoNotPay Will Help You !

cancel membership
If you do n’t have a habit of keeping track of everything you subscribed to but are still not thrilled with random services draining your wallet, use DoNotPay to terminate unwanted subscriptions .
Connect your email and bank account to DoNotPay, and we will identify and cancel all subscriptions you don’t need. 

Does AdaptedMind Offer Prorated Refunds ?

No, the party offers no refunds or credits for partially used subscription periods.

Can You Pause AdaptedMind ?

No, there is no option to pause the subscription. You can check all the details on the AdaptedMind web site .

How Does the Adapted Mind Subscription Work ?

Your AdaptedMind subscription renews each month automatically, and the company will charge your card monthly .

Does AdaptedMind Offer Free Trials ?

The company sometimes has a free trial included in its offer. If there is one, it lasts for a calendar month. AdaptedMind will start placard you for the full membership at the end of the barren trial period unless you cancel before that .

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What Are Some AdaptiveMind Alternatives ?

If your child is not enjoying AdaptiveMind, some alternate options might be better suited to their needs. 

Service Price Features
FunBrain release
  • suitable for kids in grades Pre-K through eight
  • Covers mathematics, read, problem-solving, and literacy
  • Includes games, books, comics, and videos
AAA Math free
  • Immediate feedback
  • ideal for children with dyscalculia
  • suitable for kids from kindergarten to the eighth-grade level
Do2learn $ 99.00 per year
  • Has a complimentary interpretation and paid products
  • Focused on social skills, behavioral regulation activities, and steering
  • Includes services that promote running communication in children with autism

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