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Tuft & Needle Mattress Firmness and Feel 

Tuft & Needle Mattress Firmness

Firmness level is one of the most authoritative features when shopping for a modern mattress. At Mattress Nerd, we measure firmness on a 1–10 resoluteness scale, with one being ultra-plush and 10 supernumerary hard. Most sleepers prefer a medium-firm mattress, but torso slant and sleeping position influence what ’ sulfur best for you .
The Tuft & Needle Original falls at a 6/10 on the firmness scale, giving it a truthful medium-firm palpate. It ’ s made with T & N Adaptive foam, which gives the mattress a responsiveness that creates a “ floating ” effect. In other words, you won ’ thymine feel stuck in the mattress .
Because it ’ s made entirely with foam and has entirely one comfort layer, it ’ s not durable or tauten adequate for most heavyweight people ( > 230 pound ) and stomach sleepers over 130 lbs. The cushioning top layer of foam improves pressure relief around the hips and shoulders, so we recommend the T & N to average-weight ( 130–230 pound ) side sleepers and average-weight or lightweight ( < 130 pound ) back sleepers .

What Does the Tuft & Needle Mattress Feel Like?

As an all-foam mattress made with proprietorship polyfoams, the T & N is best for folks who prefer a poise foam feel. In early words, the T & N is cushioning and conforming, but it doesn ’ t have the hug or “ muggy ” spirit of memory foam. With precisely one comfort level, you won ’ thyroxine sink identical deep into the mattress, but this lead layer is easy adequate to cradle the curves of sleepers who weigh less than 230 pound.

Support and Pressure Relief By Sleeping Position

body character : BACK SLEEPERS digest SLEEPERS side SLEEPERS
Lightweight ( < 130 pound ) : 4 4 2
average weight ( 130 – 230 pound ) : 4

3 4
Heavyweight ( > 230 pound ) : 3 2 2

1 = Very poor     2 = Not good     3 = Fair     4 = Good     5 = Excellent

Back Sleepers

The T & N is a good mattress for back sleepers under 230 pound. Lightweight and average-weight people should experience luminosity cradle of the spinal column without excessive dip at the hips. If you ’ ra heavyweight, you ’ ll get much better digest on a firmer mattress with sturdy materials like innerspring coils. You can find a few of our favored options by checking out our best mattresses for back sleepers .

Side Sleepers

side sleepers typically experience the fewest aches and pains on softer mattresses, but beds with a average firmness besides shape well. We think the T & N is a short excessively firm for lightweight sleepers who spend the majority of the night on their sides. It ’ sulfur besides not supportive enough for heavyweight side sleepers. however, average-weight side sleepers should experience sufficient pressure relief near their hips and shoulders .
For a compilation of our top-rated side sleeper mattresses, check out the best mattresses for side sleepers .

Stomach Sleepers

To prevent back annoyance, digest sleepers need a firmer mattress with uncompromising hold for their hips. The Tuft & Needle ’ s medium-firm palpate suits most lightweight stomach sleepers, but it ’ south besides piano for average-weight and heavyweight individuals. If you ’ re a stomach sleeper who weighs over 130 lbs, check out the best mattresses for stomach sleepers.

Combination Sleepers

combination sleepers are those who sleep in more than one sleeping position. Because combination sleepers move from one stead to the following, they do best on a mattress that supports their primary sleep positions and is easy to move round on .
The T & N has a proprietary polyfoam top layer that adjusts cursorily, making it excellent for tossing and turning with ease. It ’ s not the most responsive mattress we ’ ve always tested, but it will suffice for the modal combination sleeper .
We recommend the T & N to average-weight combination sleepers who favor their back and sides, arsenic well as lightweight sleepers who alternate between their back and stomach. If you ’ rhenium looking for the most responsive beds on the commercialize, check out our list of best mattresses for combination sleepers .

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