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Adaptive Insights ( a Workday ship’s company ), business plan and management
Company description : Founded in 2003, Adaptive Insights, a Workday company, is powering a modern generation of business planning. Driving business agility in a fast-moving earth, Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud helps people in companies to collaborate, gain insights and make smart decisions, firm. It offers brawny modeling for any size constitution, yet is so easy for everybody who plans .
Whether they know it or not, many organizations stand at a cliff edge. In today ’ s fast-paced commercial enterprise climate, companies need to be able to move quickly. But decision draw is stalled by static plan, typically handled with spreadsheets or bequest on-premise solutions. A mod cloud-based planning process that is continuous, comprehensive and collaborative offers a path forward for companies in the age of urgency. By enabling organizations of all sizes to respond to changing occupation conditions with confidence and agility, Adaptive Insights transforms business planning into a strategic and competitive advantage .
Main Markets: Health care, life sciences, non-profits, software and engineering

Headquarters: 2400 Geng Road, Palo Alto, Calif .
CEO: Tom Bogan
International Operations: UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa ( London office ) ; Australia and New Zealand ( Sydney office ) ; Japan ( Tokyo office ) ; Austin, TX ; Boston ; Chicago ; Denver ; Orlando, FL ; San Francisco ; Toronto, Canada ; Brisbane, Australia ; Prune, India

Products and Services

adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud delivers a comprehensive examination adjust of cloud-based software solutions supported by a potent, in-memory engineering platform for functional and company-wide clientele plan and built-in analytics at very boastfully scale. capable of handling complex multidimensional models with millions of trillions ( 1018 ) of cells, rapid scenario plan, analytics and report, Business Planning Cloud includes purpose-built knowledge domain intelligence to make it easier and faster for users to build functional models rather than always having to start from scratch. In addition to purpose-built solutions for finance, work force, and sales, customers can model virtually any operational habit, such as marketing necessitate generation and project-based design .
adaptive OfficeConnect works with Business Planning Cloud to provide full connectivity across Microsoft Office ( Excel, Word, PowerPoint ) for fiscal reports, board books and management presentations. With sum control over format and the office to refresh data in a single cluck, users are able to reduce the fiscal report work from days to minutes .

Key Features

business Planning Cloud enables the entire business plan march. The company has embedded report and analytics so users can plan the business, admonisher and analyze performance, test scenarios to naturally right to achieve their goals and reputation results to internal and external stakeholders .
The patent-pending Elastic Hypercube Technology supercharges the Business Planning Cloud chopine with the office, scalability and performance companies of all sizes need to model the complexities of their commercial enterprise and to report on and analyze results––without compromising ease of use .
Additional key features in Business Planning Cloud are scalable model, scenario planning, discrepancy analysis, ad hoc psychoanalysis, report, fiscal and operational KPIs and dashboards .

Insight and Analysis

Review from a professional on IT Central Station: How has it helped my organization? “ Our constitution is able to use adaptive to complete a major majority of our monthly management and quarterly Board reports. By refreshing reports and pages automatically, it creates the monthly report package with little to no manual staff employment. This process was identical manual with our old system. adaptive gives our users the tractability to budget at either the Natural Account or line item level. ”

What needs improvement? “ Being able to drill down when using OfficeConnect. ”
Overall comment from a professional on Gartner Peer Reviews (March 2019): “ It has been easy to work with the company. They are very open to customer suggestions, and while they can not constantly deliver on every request, it is clear that they view feedback seriously and value it. The adaptive Planning product is very flexible and we are able to self-manage it and adapt the configuration to address changing requirements. ”
What do you like most about the merchandise or service ? “ Flexibility. We use the product to manage operating budgets for our facility management services provided to bodied customers. Every corporate customer has unique requirements, and being able to use Adaptive successfully to handle these different clients is a real benefit. ”
What do you dislike most about the product or service? “ There are some parts of the exploiter interface that are boring to work with, such as re-ordering accounts, collapsing/expanding the display of accounts, limitations on reports due to reaching maximal capability of reporting elements, and other UI annoyances. ”
What piece of advice would you give other prospective customers? “ To get the highest value, plan to have a resource assigned who will become the subject topic expert, be an advocate for the product, and take responsibility to collaborator with Adaptive Insights and assistant users to acquire expertness. ”
Review from a professional on G2 Crowd: “ Contrary to other reviews, I find reporting and dashboards easy to use within the system once you ’ ve built a few. Being able to run different scenarios for knocked out class forecasts has been a huge benefit for our team. any errors in the model are relatively easy to track down on your own, and the defend team has been a huge asset to us throughout our clock using Adaptive. ”
What do you dislike ? “ The entire drug user interface is truly gawky, and could use a set of investment. We have received a dear amount of negative feedback on exploiter have from budget owners, but with time they get used to it. Data privacy rules within the system are excessively rigid. ”
eWEEK aggregate score from various reviewers: 4.6/5.0
List of current customers: american Family Insurance, Harry ’ sulfur, Jackson Family Wines, Kindred at Home, Legendary Entertainment, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, PF Chang ’ s, Seattle Sounders

Other key players in this market: Anaplan, Host Analytics, Oracle
Delivery : SaaS, cloud
Pricing : price is on a per-user basis .

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