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assistive and adaptive technologies can help some people with disabilities ‘ function round ’ their limitations. Although the terms are much used interchangeably, there is a slight remainder in the definitions of assistive technology and adaptive engineering. Assistive engineering is any detail, arrangement, or product used to improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. Assistive engineering can be bought off-the-shelf, modified, or custom-made. Adaptive technology is a subcategory of assistive technology ; it refers to something specifically designed for people with disabilities .
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Types of Assistive/Adaptive Technology

There are many kinds of assistive/adaptive technologies that address the different needs of people with disabilities. These can include ( but are surely not limited to ) :

  • Mobility aids : These include walkers, wheelchairs, and early items that can help people get about.
  • Augmentative and Assistive Communication Systems (AACs): AACs are used by people who have trouble communicating with single-handed speech. A identical celebrated example of an AAC is the communication arrangement used by physicist Stephen Hawking.
  • Technologies for the visually impaired: These include braille printers, screen readers, computer magnification programs, and other devices.
  • Technologies for the hearing impaired: These include hearing aids, cochlear implants, teletype phones, etc.
  • Technologies for feeding issues: These include curved utensils designed for people with limited dexterity, dishes that stick to the table to minimize spills, ergonomic bottle openers, and more.
  • Vehicular modifications : These include adaptive steering systems, wheelchair ramps, and other features that help people with disabilities to drive or ride in cars .
  • Home modifications: These include things like handrails near the toilet, non-slip mats, and voice command systems.

The price and handiness of unlike classes of assistive/adaptive technologies can vary vastly, depending on general requirement, the want for customs alteration, and relative proximity of Assistive Technology & Accessibility Centers ( ATAC ). Because custom devices that meet an individual ’ sulfur specific needs are often expensive, some universities, state governments, and certain non-profit organizations ( such as United Cerebral Palsy ) may have assistive technology ‘ lend libraries ’ where individuals who qualify can borrow or rent adaptive devices .

About the HIE Help Center and ABC Law Centers

The HIE Help Center is run by ABC Law Centers, a medical malpractice firm entirely handling cases involving HIE and other birth injuries. Our lawyers have over 100 years of compound have with this type of law and have been advocating for children with HIE and related disabilities since the firm ’ s origin in 1997.

We are passionate about helping families obtain the compensation necessity to cover their extensive aesculapian bills, personnel casualty of wages ( if one or both parents have to miss work in order to care for their child ), assistive technology, and other necessities .
If you suspect your child ’ randomness HIE may have been caused by medical negligence, please contact us today to learn more about pursuing a encase. We provide detached legal consultations, during which we will inform you of your legal options and answer any questions you have. furthermore, you would pay nothing  throughout the entire legal process unless we obtain a favorable liquidation .
You are besides welcome to reach out to us with inquiries that are not related to malpractice. We can not provide personalize aesculapian advice, but we ’ ra felicitous to track down informational resources for you .

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