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Beastie ( dub )
BB ( dub )
Goblin ( abuse )
The Calf
Scar Man
Beast Bob
Beast Man
Beast Babe
The Wild Man
Beast Monster

Garfield Mark “Gar” Logan (real name)Beastie (nickname)BB (nickname)Goblin (insult)Changeling

Handsome (by Raven)



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Metazombie (

Metahuman (Primarily)Metazombie ( Temporarily


( mother )
Boy Beast (
( cousin )
Chicken son
Unnamed grandma
( adopted mother )

( female counterpart )
( adopted sister )
( adopted buddy )
seahorse children Mark Logan (father) Marie Logan (mother) Bizzaro parallel) Matthew Logan (cousin) Elasti-Girl (adoptive mother) Chief (adoptive father) Beast Girl (female counterpart) Negative Girl (adoptive sister) Robot Man (adoptive brother)Seahorse children


( girlfriend / love interest )
Beast Girl
Greg Cipes
( short buddy )
( early love interest )
( former roommate )
( second best friend )
Negative Girl
Light Breeze ( teammate of his walrus children ) Cyborg (best friend) Raven (girlfriend / love interest) Dave (little buddy) Terra (former love interest) Sticky Joe (former roommate) Robot Man (second best friend)Light Breeze (mate of his seahorse children)


( arch-enemy )
The Brotherhood of Evil
Trigon the Terrible
Mother Mae-Eye
Mumbo Jumbo
( rival )
Brother Blood
Control Freak
H.I.V.E. Five
Doctor Light
Gemini De Mille/Gemini
Killer Moth
( sometimes )
charming Doubles

Adonis The Brain (arch-enemy) Aqualad (rival)Gemini De Mille/Gemini Terra (sometimes)




Titans Tower
Jump City
( once ) Trash Hole (formerly) Codsville (formerly)

Voiced By

Greg Cipes

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Beast Boy throughout the series.

Garfield Mark Logan, ( a.k.a Beast Boy ), is a member of the Teen Titans and one of the five main protagonists of Teen Titans Go !. While he is gifted with the ability to transform into animals, Beast Boy normally prefers sloth over saving the world. As in the original series, he is voiced by Greg Cipes .


Years ago, Beast Boy was a normal human baby who was left on the doorsill of the Doom Patrol ‘s house. The Doom Patrol except Chief instantaneously fell in love with him, but soon they got tired and needed Chief to besides fulfill his parental duties for him. foreman, being excessively faineant and wanted to go for a shortcut to skip the diaper changing, decided to inject a syringe filled with experimental monkey genes serum into the baby as one of his typical unethical experiments, and successfully converted him into the Beast Boy we know in the deliver day. [ 1 ] After a few years of serving with the Doom Patrol, [ 2 ] Beast Boy finally left them to defend Jump City from villains, as seen in “ Flashback “. There he met Robin, a chap adolescent superhero who was looking to form a team. Although the Boy Wonder was at first amazed by his powers, he soon learned that 99 % of what Beast Boy cared about was eating. Regardless of his sloth, though, Beast Boy and the other fellow teens were somehow able to secure membership on the newly formed Teen Titans. Although he has been a fighting coerce on the team ever since, Beast Boy prefers to leave the fighting part of the job to the others. For him, it is all about the food and video recording games …


As long as he sees he’s bothering you, he’s not gonna stop.

Raven about Beast Boy

“Beast Boy is Cyborg’s best bud–a slightly laid-back dim but lovable loafer who transforms into all sorts of animals when he’s not eating burritos and watching TV.” [ 3 ] relaxation, television, and snacking are Beast Boy ‘s independent priorities in life … everything else ( like his job as a superhero ) comes second. His constant department of state of taking breaks and lounging about badly irritates his team members, but does Beast Boy care ? not even a little. In fact, he is actually a little gallant of his sloth, arguing with his equally-idle friend Cyborg about who ‘s the laziest one in “ Lazy Sunday “. obviously, Beast Boy ‘s wholly ignorant about what the expectations of a superhero are .
When he is not sprawled out on the couch or scarfing down pies, Beast Boy enjoys doing other unproductive activities, such as having an indoor rodeo with Cyborg in “ Staring at the Future “. Lacking intelligence, he besides delights in dim-witted pleasures like pranking his friends in “ Ghostboy “, or singing a absurd song about waffles. The Titans will occasionally play along with Beast Boy ‘s shenanigans, but most of the clock time, they get infuriated with his monkeying round ( literally ). With his cool and thoughtless demeanor, Beast Boy can come off as selfish and egoistic. And while both of those traits describe him fairly accurately, every nowadays and then he will put others before him. For case, in “ Pie Bros “, Beast Boy got his faineant self a speculate just then he could buy a giving for Cyborg. Deep down, he in truth does care about other people ( particularly Raven ), and when Jump City needs him, he will be there. Probably hours belated, but he will be there however .

physical appearance

initially a penis of the Doom Patrol, Beast Boy still wears the magenta and black costume of his old team, only leaving behind the helmet. His sneakers have an animal paw printed on the sole, and he wears a copulate of gray gloves. The argent utility belt out around his shank is merely there for holding up his pants, although Beast Boy occasionally prefers to go around only in underwear, like in the sequence “ Nature “. As for his complexion, it is no secret that Beast Boy has undergone a mutant. His peel and hair have turned green, he has big, pointy ears, and a long canine tooth sticks out from his lower lip. however, this is just his normal appearance—Beast Boy can take on a wholly different count by turning into any animal that always existed. And when transform, his clothes handily disappear in animal form, but somehow reappear when he changes back …


For the diverse outfits that Beast Boy wears throughout the display, click here .

Powers and Abilities

Being able to transform into about any animal, Beast Boy has a huge array of special abilities to choose from. But with over 8.7 million species of animals out there, [ 4 ] we ‘re keeping this section down to some of Beast Boy ‘s more common animals. For a complete list of his transformations and skills throughout the series, visit this page.


alternate Forms

In addition to taking on different animal forms, Beast Boy has assumed wholly unlike identities throughout the series. lone his more outstanding ones are featured below, so for a entire list, click here .


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