Fat Adapted: The Beginner’s Guide to Fat Adaption on Keto

Do you know what it means to be fat adapted ?
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Within this metabolic express, you ’ re able to burn your stored body fat reserves for energy. It can besides reduce your body ’ sulfur cravings for carbs. You may besides feel more satiate after meals, which may result in eating fewer calories throughout the day, leading to burden loss .
But is it excessively good to be true ?
To reveal the truth and dispel the myths, you ’ ll learn everything you need to know about being fat adapted in this guide .

What It Means to Be Fat Adapted

Most people are not naturally fat adapted. rather, most people are “ carbohydrate burners, ” meaning their bodies run off glucose for energy. This is because the traditional western diet is heavily anchored in process, carb-based foods [ * ] .
But here ’ s the unfortunate cycle that carbs maneuver on your body : When the add dips excessively abject, you ’ ll experience low blood sugar, which may bring symptoms such as dizziness, carb cravings, dizziness, an inability to focus, and a sugar doss. To stop the negative side effects and conserve sustained energy levels, your body needs more carbs .
Your soundbox works overtime to combat this billow of glucose by sending out more insulin, a hormone to help sugar get out of your bloodstream and into your cells. consequently, your insulin levels lift. When your insulin levels stay elevated, this is known as insulin underground, which can lead to type 2 diabetes [ * ] .
With excessively much insulin floating around in your bloodstream, your brain ’ sulfur chemical signals are all thrown off, including those that let you know you ’ rhenium entire. This explains both why you tend to overeat and why you constantly feel hungry when eating a high-carb diet .
Your body craves more carbs and creates a down spiral that leads to unwanted gain in weight and body fat. High insulin levels can cause a storage of body fat called visceral fat, which settles around your abdomen [ * ] .

How to Know If You’re a Sugar Burner or a Fat Burner

To find out if you ’ re a carbohydrate burner, answer yes or no to the follow questions :

  1. Do you experience a “hangry” sensation (i.e., irritability when you’re hungry) when you go more than 4-6 hours without eating?
  2. Do you snack between meals, throughout the day, and into the evening?
  3. Are you having trouble feeling full or satiated after meals? (If you’re unsure, the next question will help you answer both.)
  4. Do you crave something sweet after meals despite feeling uncomfortable or bloated?
  5. Do you prefer carb- and sugar-rich foods like bread, pasta, cookies, or ice cream?
  6. Do you struggle to lose weight around your midsection?

If you nodded your head yes more than no to these questions, you ’ re most probable a sugar burner .
Don ’ t you think it ’ randomness time to switch to a better energy source ? Becoming fatness adapted means you ’ ll use surfeit body fat as a sweetheart fuel reference, preferably than an inflow of carbohydrates .

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That ’ second fat adaptation in a nutshell .

Why Fat Adaptation Is Different

Your body is capable of metabolic flexibility, or switching between using sugar or adipose tissue ( aka stored fatten ), to perform all its day by day functions .
To get to the metabolic state of fat adaptation, you need to tackle three steps :

  • Limit the number of carbs you eat
  • Eat a larger portion of healthy fats
  • Monitor your intake of high-quality protein

By reducing your carb intake, your body will burn off all your remaining carbs and glycogen stores right away. then it will tap into your excess fatty stores to give your metamorphosis and energy a promote .
Combining protein and high fatty will keep you feeling full and energized so you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have energy crashes, noon hunger pangs, or undesirable carbohydrate cravings. When you ’ ra fatness adapted, most people find themselves able to go 4-6 hours between meals without feeling hungry .

How to Become Fat Adapted

Fat adaptation is a simple means of saying that you ’ ve taught your body to burn fat — rather than glucose — for fuel .
here ’ s how to do that : lento start reducing your consumption of foods senior high school in both carbs and sugars, and replace them with healthy fats and high-quality proteins. When you do consume carbs, consume foods with a high measure of dietary roughage. Eat healthy fats from coconut oil, MCT vegetable oil, avocado, and olive petroleum, and high-quality protein from grass-fed kernel, seafood, and eggs .
note that “ lento ” is a key point hera. Going from eating 100 grams of carbs to 10 nightlong is extremely taxing on your body. Rather than cut carbs out cold joker, which can cause veto effects including headaches, brain daze, nausea, and other symptoms known as keto influenza, try a more chasten approach .


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To ease the transition time period, take things boring and brace. Reduce carbs small by little, simultaneously adding in more healthy fats and protein to ensure you ’ re consuming enough calories .

How Fast Can You Reach Fat Adaptation?

good newsworthiness : transition to a fat burn country can take angstrom small as three weeks .
first, you ’ ll experience the initial phase : carb withdrawal. This phase might include the keto influenza, which can survive anywhere from 3-14 days. During this beginning week or two, your body is using up stored glucose, or glycogen, and is signaling you to replace them [ * ] .
From there, you ’ ll shift into the moment phase, which can last between 6-8 weeks. hera, your body actually starts to make the conversion from burning glucose to fat .
once you ’ ve maintained this stage for several weeks, you ’ ll be in maintenance modality. That means your fat burning country will continue, as you continue to fuel your torso with healthy fats rather of carbs.

How to Tell If You’re Fat Adapted

If you ’ ve been following a low-carb, high-fat diet for some time, you ’ ll want to keep an eye out for these signs that you ’ ve become adapted :

  • Are you able to go longer without eating between meals? Instead of only making it 2-3 hours after a meal before craving a snack, you should be able to go without food for 4-6 hours.
  • Are you experiencing consistent energy throughout the day? If you’re adapted, you should be experiencing fewer dips in energy because your fat stores meet your body’s energy needs.
  • Are you able to work out without having to fuel yourself with lots of carbs? Once you’ve reached fat adaptation, you’ll have all the fuel you need for intense training sessions and physical activity. If you’re an endurance athlete still relying on carbs as your primary workout fuel, you’re not adapted yet.

Answering yes to these questions means there ’ s a high find you ’ re fat adapted and burning fatty as your chief fuel reservoir .
If you ’ re not fat adapted even — despite following a low-carb diet — your carb intake may be excessively senior high school for your body, or you might need to consume more fat or protein. experiment with your macronutrient inhalation levels, and you ’ ll reach fat adaptation soon enough .
Some people believe using keto strips can help you determine your state of fat adaptation. unfortunately, these don ’ t give you an accurate answer .

Fat Adapted vs. Ketosis

After reading the previous sections, you may be thinking, “ Isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate fat adaptation the same thing as ketonemia ? ”
shortstop answer : Being fatten adapted and being in ketonemia are two different states .
Fat adaptation means you ’ rhenium electrocution fat through fat oxidation [ * ]. A ketogenic diet — which means eating a by and large fat-based diet comprised of animal fats and high-quality protein — puts your body in a state of ketonemia .
In ketonemia, your body produces ketone bodies for energy in an attack to use up fatso acids. When your lineage ketone levels upgrade, parts of your body ( like your brain ) that normally use glucose will use these ketone bodies alternatively [ * ] .
You can be in ketonemia without being fat adapted, and you become fat adapted without being in nutritional ketonemia. You don ’ t have to follow a keto diet to reach fatten adaptation. Some people eat vegan, aboriginal, or paleo diets, or try intermittent fast to stay in this state — but they are not in ketonemia .
Yes, this sounds confusing, but here ’ s the bed line : If your body is not producing ketone bodies, you are not in ketonemia. however, you could be burning fat stores through fatty oxidation, which is a fat-adapted state of matter .

Fat Adaptation and Keto Adaptation Are Not the Same Thing

If you ’ re equitable starting a keto or low-carb diet, you have probably heard the terms “ keto adaptation ” and “ fat adaptation. ” While these are two similar metabolic states, they are not one and the lapp. That said, you follow alike steps to get to both .
To become fat- or keto-adapted, eat a low-carb, high-fat diet aiming for a carb consumption between 20-50 grams per day. This will help you transition from burning glucose ( being a carbohydrate burner ) to burning fat stores ( being a fat burner ) .
You can be in a fatten adapted express without being in ketonemia ( keto adapted ), and vise versa. If your body is not producing ketone bodies to use for energy, you are not in ketonemia. You can, however, still be in a fat-adapted state through other means, such as fatty oxidation or glycolysis .
To learn more about a ketogenic diet, which gives you fat burning health benefits, check out this steer .


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