Zoom SSO Login: How to Sign in With SSO and What Is It?

With outback working and video recording conferencing being a function of your daily everyday, your username on Zoom has become a part of your identity. But did you know that you can let your employees log in to Zoom using the ship’s company credentials that they normally use to sign in to your caller world ?
You can do so by using Zoom SSO Login and in this post, we will help you understand what it is, how utilitarian it is, how you can set it up for individuals in your organization, and ultimately, how to sign in with SSO on Zoom .

What is Zoom SSO ?

When you try signing in to Zoom, there are four options available to you – signing in with an e-mail address, a Google score, a Facebook report, and SSO. While the first three are the most readily available options on any web site or on-line serve, signing in to Zoom via SSO is most beneficial for big organizations and businesses.

With SSO enabled, you and others in your company can sign in on Zoom using just your company credentials. This means newly participants or your ship’s company employees do not need to register as a fresh user in Zoom to connect to meetings on the chopine. All you need is a company-approved conceit URL which will what a drug user ’ s sign-in ID be based on and they will be able to log in to Zoom directly without any other authentication method acting .

How does Zoom SSO Sign in knead

Single sign-on or SSO on Zoom is based on SAML 2.0 and supports logging-in using different enterprise identity management platforms like Okta, Gluu, OneLogin, Centrify, PingOne, Shibboleth, and Microsoft Active Directory .
When a drug user chooses an SSO login, they will be taken to the SSO provider ’ south site and will be asked to enter their caller credentials. All of a company ’ second employees will be redirected to the same SSO and when the right stage set of credentials are used, users will be logged in to Zoom using their company IDs .
Zoom will then recognize you as this ship’s company ’ randomness individual and will log you in with the company ’ s ID by default. think of it like a company badge, which you can use at places other than precisely your party premises .

Why should you use Zoom SSO for your occupation ?

By using SSO all users in your constitution will be able to authenticate using the in-house credentials that they normally use to sign in to the organization ’ second portal vein. Your business can benefit from Zoom SSO by preventing users from creating another jell of login information to use Zoom for video recording calling and collaboration .
If you use zoom SSO for your businesses, you and your employees can use one sign-in information all across your organization, frankincense avoiding the want to securely store more new information. SSO besides helps you better manage the report settings of all the individuals present in your organization and can prevent the geological formation of clutter when one account creates a bunch together of on-line profiles to access different services .

What do you need to use Zoom SSO

Before you start setting up Zoom ’ s Single sign-on feature of speech, you need to consider the follow things :

  • Make sure you’re using a Zoom Education or Zoom Business account
  • You have an approved Vanity URL which is a custom URL for your company
  • You are your company’s account administrator
  • You’re using a custom domain like @yourcompany.com

How to use Zoom SSO

Before you start letting your company officials log in using the Single sign-on feature of speech, you need to make certain that your organization has an approved amour propre URL. To apply for your vanity URL, you need to know the guidelines to design the custom URL for your ship’s company which you can do by clicking here .
After that, you can move to the future tone which is to configure your Zoom account with an SSO service of your choice .

1. Configuring Zoom with a choose SSO service

Zoom presently supports up to 7 SSO providers for helping your users log in to the video conferencing serve. When you select any of the SSO services available below, you and all the employees working at your business rate will be able to log in to Zoom using the credentials that they previously use on your company domain or the one you allot for them .
You can link your administration to the following list of SSO services and you can click on them to know more about configuring it below :

2. Signing in with SSO on Zoom

once your occupation or administration has configured one sign-on ( SSO ) for your Zoom explanation, you can easily proceed to sign in on Zoom directly on your calculator or smartphone .

On the web

If you wish to sign in to Zoom on the web using SSO, principal over to your caller ’ randomness Zoom vanity URL ( Example : yourcompanyname.zoom.us ) and pawl on the ‘ Sign in ’ button on the screen. When you do sol, you will be taken to the sign-in foliate of the SSO supplier that ’ second assigned to your company .
insert your credentials and sign-in to your report and after a successful log in, you will be taken to your Zoom account home riddle .

Using personal computer app

To sign in to the Zoom app on your desktop, open the Zoom app and chatter on the Sign In with SSO button on the blind. In the following screen, you will be asked to enter your party sphere and after you do so, click on the ‘ Continue ’ button .
You will be taken to your individual sign-on supplier page. here, enter the credentials that you use with your organization and when the signing-in process is complete, you will be taken bet on to your Zoom background customer and then be logged in .

Using mobile app

You can besides sign-in with your company ’ south SSO credentials when using Zoom on your phone. To do that, open the Zoom app on your earphone and click on the ‘ SSO ’ option inside the ‘ Sign In ’ screen .
now record your company domain inside the text box adjacent to “ .zoom.us ” and then tap on the ‘ Continue ’ button.

You will be redirected to your company ’ sulfur individual sign-on supplier. Provide your credentials and wait for Zoom to sign in to your caller account .
Want to learn more about Zoom SSO ? You can use this digest page to know more about log in using Zoom ’ s Single sign-on feature of speech .

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