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How to Pick the Best Bluetooth Adapter for PC

Picking the best Bluetooth adapter is reasonably easy. If you want to connect a sealed device to your desktop or laptop but don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have a Bluetooth arranger, pick a dongle that supports your device. Gaming controllers, for case, are troublesome when it comes to Bluetooth connectivity. For maximum compatibility, bridle to see what devices are supported on the manufacturer ’ s page. For exemplify, Asus specifically states that their dongle is compatible with PS4 and Xbox One bet on controllers, so that means that you can connect said controllers to your Windows-based machine place of the corner with no extra drivers .
That being said, there are other factors that can influence your decision. Let ’ s take a few minutes and go through them, as they all will affect one aspect of your know .


If you ’ re like me, popping some tunes turns a shower or a bathtub into an moment obstruct session. Having a dongle that ’ south capable to go through a few concrete walls and closed doors means that your dongle needs a potent signal. With better crop, your tunes will sound clearer and crisper even if you go to the bathroom .
Of course, this rule applies to unlike applications. Sure, if you have a radio keyboard or mouse, range credibly international relations and security network ’ t that authoritative ( unless you ’ ra plan on pranking person ), but if you ’ re constantly on calls, then having adept stove means being able to keep your call quality crisp while you ’ ra moving from board to board.


There ’ s no reason you should pay besides much money for a Bluetooth dongle. If you own a desktop and want to splurge some money, then go for a Bluetooth adapter ( basically a display panel that you mount on one of the expansion slots ). Bluetooth adapters work dear, with more range and bandwidth for data transfers .
That being said, if you ’ rhenium looking for a bum alternate or merely want something to use with a wireless speaker, then don ’ thymine spend a batch of money. Look at a few products, most of them are similarly priced, and pick the one that has the best connectivity and range for your needs .

Compatibility with Operating Systems

If you have Windows 10, then this shouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be an issue for you, but if you ’ re running an older operate on system or a version of Linux, then you need to make surely that your future dongle either supports your OS out of the box or has drivers that unlock it. In a nutshell, check the manufacturer ’ south page and go through their list of supported systems. Before installing the dongle, download the driver and run the setup .

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