What is WindowServer on Mac (and Is It Safe?)

A quick glance at your Mac ’ second Activity Monitor will reveal a process called WindowServer at the peak incision of the list. It is one of the many system processes that your Mac can not do without .
In this explainer, we ’ ll walk you through the nature of the WindowServer and what it does on your Mac. We ’ ll besides cover reasons why the process is always running in the background, and what to do when it becomes a CPU hog .
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    What is WindowServer on Mac?

    WindowsServer is a central component of the Mac operate arrangement that ’ s creditworthy for projecting the ocular interface of applications on your screen. The WindowServer besides manages other important system graphic drug user interfaces ( GUI ) like the Dock and Menu Bar. Every single thing that comes on your Mac ’ s shield was made potential by the WindowsServer.

    macOS starts WindowServer mechanically when you log in to your Mac. The process will stay active in the background, powering the graphical/visual interface of all applications until you log out or shut down your Mac. Asides from providing graphic support to applications, some background applications without a user-facing interface besides trust heavily on the WindowServer .

    Is WindowServer Safe?

    WindowServer on Mac is a wholly harmless system work. If anything, it helps applications and other system processes affair correctly. You should only worry about WindowServer when it overburdens the CPU, raises fan noise, or slows down your Mac ’ s performance .
    You may be tempted to force-quit WindowServer if you find it using an insane total of CPU resources in the Activity Monitor, but you shouldn ’ thyroxine. You can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate use your Mac without this serve running in the background .

    02 windowserver activity monitor Force-quitting WindowServer will close all active applications, refresh the operate system, and log you out of your Mac. When you sign second in, macOS will mechanically launch WindowServer in the background again and the cycle continues. That goes to show how important the march is to the proper operation of your Mac .
    Despite being a safe system summons, WindowServer sometimes causes your Mac to malfunction. In the adjacent section, we explain why that happens and how to nip WindowServer ’ second eminent CPU use in the bud .

    What Causes WindowServer High CPU Usage (And How to Fix)

    naturally, WindowServer ’ sulfur CPU and memory consumption will depend on the count of active applications using the process on your Mac. however, the follow factors can result in high gear CPU use issues :

    1. You Have Too Many Items On Your Desktop

    Remember that everything on your Mac ’ s expose was put there by the WindowServer. The more items ( icons, files, folder, etc. ) there are on your desktop, the more process power required by WindowServer to keep them there .
    03 mac desktop If WindowServer is using excessive CPU exponent and there are over 50 items on your background, delete unnecessary files and icons. Better so far, move them to a one folder on the background .

    2. Too Many Active Apps and Windows

    Having besides many active apps and windows may besides cause WindowServer CPU use to rocket. Close unnecessary windows and applications that you aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate using.

    3. A Buggy Program Is Causing the Problem

    If WindowServer ’ s CPU custom shoots through the roof only when you launch a detail lotion, the app most probably has a wiretap causing it to malfunction. To pinpoint the app causing the problem, airless all active voice applications and relaunch them one at a prison term. Use an application for at least 3-5 minutes and check the WindowServer usage in the Activity Monitor .
    If an application abnormally spikes WindowServer ’ s CPU consumption, update the app and check if that fixes the problem. Otherwise, contact the app developer to file a wiretap report .

    4. Your Gaming Mouse Is Another Potential Culprit

    04 gaming mouse Some Mac users noted that using a bet on mouse on their devices caused WindowServer on Mac to use a draw of CPU ability. Disconnect any gaming accessory connected to your Mac and check if that reduces WindowServer CPU usage .

    5. Visual Effects and Animation

    macOS ships with a “ Transparency ” feature that blurs the setting of active windows against your background photograph. While this feature adds some sort of aesthetic effect and ocular to app windows, it could cause the WindowServer to consume high gear CPU power—particularly when you have excessively many windows open .
    Go to System Preferences > Accessibility > Display and check both Reduce transparency and Reduce motion .
    05 reduce transparency mac

    6. Multiple Virtual Desktop or External Monitor Setup

    WindowServer consumes more CPU power and memory if you use an external display. The process uses even more work power to transmit visuals to multiple monitors. If you use multiple displays with your Mac, disconnect one proctor and see if that reduces WindowServer CPU custom .
    Using multiple virtual background or Spaces in Mission Control can besides cause WindowServer to overload your CPU. To fix the trouble, reduce the phone number of virtual desktops in Mission Control or Head to System Preferences > Mission Control and uncheck Automatically rearrange Spaces based on most recent use .
    If the problem continues, return to the Mission Control menu and uncheck Displays have separate Spaces .
    06 disable spaces mission control Note: Disabling “ Displays have separate Spaces ” in Mission Control will reduce WindowServer ’ s CPU use, but your external monitor may go blank if you use an application in wide screen.

    WindowServer on Mac Simplified

    hopefully, you now know what WindowServer is and why the process runs in the backdrop at all times .
    If WindowServer uses unreasonably high processing power on your Mac, use the troubleshooting steps above to diagnose and fix the problem. If the consequence persists, rebooting your Mac or resetting its NVRAM would decidedly restore the work to normalcy .

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