DC: 10 Weaknesses You Didn’t Know Wonder Woman Had

Like most characters in DC Comics, Wonder Woman is n’t without her weaknesses. here are 10 you may not have known about. There have been numerous iterations of Wonder Woman over the years. With each interpretation comes a new horde of powers, abilities, strengths, and evening weaknesses. It ‘s significant, actually, as every great character needs to have flaws and foibles in arrange to balance out their ultimate badassery .
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Whether it ‘s the golden age girl-next-door playing affiliation games on the Isle of Amazons or the bulletproof God of War depicted in the New 52 ( where empty points literally bounce off of her eyeballs ), each new iteration of the warrior princess comes with its own intricacies and nuances. What are some of Diana ’ s greatest weaknesses that may be lesser known to pop culture ? Let ’ s find out.


10 The Lasso of Truth

Kicking off the tilt at total 10 is Wonder Woman ‘s own portable lie detector test besides known as the Lasso of Truth. For the uninitiate, the Lasso of Truth is a charming cord that, when tied by it, forces people to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the accuracy .
however, what happens when Diana of Themyscira finds herself on the receiving end of the fortunate rope ? not even the warrior princess and goddess of war herself can stave off the lasso ‘s mysterious charming. In fact, Wonder Woman # 219 proves this point after she is bound with the lasso by a gang of male-supremacists .

9 Poison

Like most superheroes, Diana Prince is a android being making her equally susceptible to poisoning, provided it ‘s the proper kind of juice in the proper amounts .
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As prescribed by Batman in Justice League : sentence, the Dark Knight, who for sealed reasons has decided to destroy all of the founding members of the namesake superhero coalition, opts to poison the Wonder Woman, believing this to be the most effective way to take the daemon out once and for all. Cheetah former obtains the lapp poison and uses it on Diana in battle .

8 Eye Gouging

This submission seems quite obvious but it ‘s no less effective as, say, a travel rapidly bullet from a artillery. With the exception of unassailable Diana in New 52, Wonder Woman ‘s eyes are extremely medium, which leads one to wonder why supervillains have not thought to exploit this vulnerability in the past .
While this compass point remains conjectural, the truth is if Diana is forced to dodge bullets from a gun, why not dust from the air ? In theory, if the Amazonian warrior were to be blinded by, say, mustard natural gas, her enemies could use her fleeting ( or permanent ) blindness to execute a stronger attack .

7 Gas

DC Comics Scarecrow Like her male counterpart, the Man of Steel, besides known as Superman, Wonder Woman is susceptible to psychotropic hallucinogens. Despite being crowned the next God of War in the New 52 arch, Wonder Woman can even be drugged or gassed just equally easily as any convention human, making her a premier aim for supervillains like Dr. Jonathan Crane, besides known as Scarecrow .
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The video recording game Injustice 2 proves this point when Wonder Woman is gassed by Scarecrow ‘s fear toxin, inducing a hallucination wherein Superman revokes his love for Diana, and then blasts her in the face with his heat sight rays. Wonder Woman, though a villain in this series, finally overcomes the delusion, confronting Crane for exposing her deep fears .

6 Guns

wonder-woman-reflecting-bullets-blindfolded This one has always seemed thwart since Diana Prince can literally take a punch from the likes of a monster like Doomsday, but measly bullets break the Amazonian ‘s peel without effort. This means that Wonder Woman is indeed vulnerable to bullets, forcing her to block the lead projectiles with her gauntlets whenever under fire .
There are numerous examples of this failing in action, going as far spinal column as the Silver Age. One pertinent exercise occurs in Wonder Woman # 21 where Diana is actually film, and pierced, by a barrage of bullets. As a solution, she charitable asks Steve Trevor to return fire on the soldiers attacking them.

5 Edged Melee Weapons

Piggy-backing off of the former entrance, swords, pikes, spears, arrows, daggers, and other knife weapons are more than capable of stopping Wonder Woman in her tracks. It ‘s actually one of the head reasons why Diana has trained so heavily in the artwork of armed combat, preparing herself for the inevitable skirmishes with hard melee fighters .
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A prime exemplar of this occur in Wonder Woman Odyssey where the amazonian finds herself lambasted by a galaxy of arrows. Despite her best efforts to block the vanish projectiles, the bolts pierce her arms and chest, proving that Themyscirans are not impervious after all .

4 Bondage By Men

Wonder Woman Wrists Tied It ‘s no secret Wonder Woman began as an allegory for William Moutlon Marston ‘s doctrine on exponent structures within human relationships. Marston believed the best way to convey his theories was through popular acculturation mediums prevailing in the lives of young people, namely, comic books .
This is why the early adventures of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman are full moon of references to domination and bondage, such as the Amazons reforming bribe CEOs through such means. What does this think of for Wonder Woman ‘s early weaknesses ? well, one such weakness concerned being tied up by a valet. Whenever this happened, she would immediately fall under a “ while ” and submit to whatever her enemy had in mind .

3 Bracelets

wonder-woman-bracelets Wonder Woman ‘s bracelets do army for the liberation of rwanda more than obstruct bullets ( and look cool while doing it ) ; they besides serve as might inhibitors, containing the true divine energy sleeping inside the Themysciran ‘s essence. While these gauntlets were primitively designed to remind Amazons of their erstwhile life as slaves, this was changed with the introduction of the New 52 arch .
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today, the bracelets actually block Wonder Woman ‘s true power from bursting away, making her significantly weaker in battle. As such, her bracelets actually serve as a thwart, particularly when coming up against ultra-villains like Doomsday or Darkseid .

2 Aging

Wonder Woman is not deity and will one day perish like any living animal native to Planet Earth. This means that her own biological clock is indeed her greatest helplessness, counting down to the day of death, albeit slower than your modal human due to her daemon status .
unfortunately, no topic how strong Diana become, she ca n’t escape Father Time. Time, as they say, catches up to us all, and this saying extends even to the New 52 ‘s God of War. The only question is, when will it happen ?

1 Naivety

Depending on the interpretation of Wonder Woman in motion, one of the Amazonian ‘s biggest weaknesses is her ignorance of the world around her. More excellently, this translation of the warrior princess was highlighted in the 2016 DCEU film Wonder Woman directed by Patty Jenkins and produced by Warner Bros.

In the film, Diana grows up in privacy on the island of Themyscira, making her completely ignorant to the world of men outside. Later, when the Amazonian leaves for London with Steve Trevor to confront World War II, Diana finds herself enamored by all of the sights and sounds she never knew. however, this makes her uniquely vulnerable to Ares, the God of War, who manipulates his half sister from the shadows disguised as an old man .
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