The Zoom Platform

The Zoom Platform

The Zoom App Marketplace is an open and secure platform that allows third-party developers to build applications that leverage Zoom ’ s video-first unify communications platform that spans video, voice, content sharing, and new world chat across desktop, mobile and workspaces. Since launching in 2018, the Zoom Marketplace has continued to grow month after calendar month, adding tens of thousands of raw developers build products that make hundreds of millions of procure API calls each calendar month. Whether you want to integrate into or build with Zoom, build with the Zoom Marketplace introduces your product or service to millions of users who all interact casual with Marketplace apps and integrations – deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as developers like you who are building to serve them. The Zoom Marketplace is supported by a team of developers dedicated to helping you build your application, providing technical foul resources, sample code, guides, and steer support.

From the Zoom Marketplace Team, we ’ re happy you ’ re here and are excited to see what we can help you build .

Public and Private apps

The apps you will see listed on the Zoom Marketplace directory are all Public apps. These apps have been created by developers who either extend their product onto the Zoom platform as a direct consolidation or who have created a great solution to a shared consumption lawsuit. These include apps like Hugo, a mighty tool for sharing meeting transcripts and insights, or the Atlassian consolidation which allows Jira users to use Zoom meetings to promptly resolve ticket issues face-to-face. Zoom Marketplace developers besides normally create Private apps not listed on the Marketplace directory. These apps are extensions of the Zoom platform which help businesses create advanced tools which might, for exercise : connect Zoom Dashboards to better understand and analyze the meetings their sales teams conduct, employ Zoom Webinars to create and record paid information products, create a Chatbot that uses Zoom Webhooks to send messages when a meet time has changed, or to directly manage connected Zoom User accounts within their own software .

Privacy and security

Every individual app submitted publicly onto the Zoom Marketplace goes through an extensive review process to ensure choice and security. At Zoom, we take the security system of our customer and drug user data very badly and expect our Zoom Marketplace apps to maintain the same flat of trust placed in our core products and services. once an app has been submitted, the Zoom Marketplace Team performs a Security Audit and Penetration Test focused on maintaining security and resilience deoxyadenosine monophosphate good as protecting customer data. More details on our security test can be found in our Security software documentation adenine well as our Developer Blog.

Start building today

If you don ’ thyroxine even have a Zoom account, create your newfangled history by clicking the ‘ Sign Up ’ link here : hypertext transfer protocol : // Once you activate your history, you ’ ll be ready to join as a Developer account. The Zoom APIs allow for a robust reference of the core Zoom intersection, and developers ’ use cases have been wide and creative. ready to start ? Click through our App Types page to find the right frame-up for the app you want to build. Experienced developers might want to jump right in and explore our available API Reference and SDKs ( Software Development Kits ) to discover detail ways to build with the Zoom platform. Have any questions ? Let us know on our Developer Forums. We ’ ra here to help you build happy !

Need help?

If you ‘re looking for help oneself, try Developer Support or our Developer Forum. Priority support is besides available with Premier Developer Support plans. Copyright ©2022 Zoom Video Communications, Inc. All rights reserved .
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