Which My Hero Academia Character Are You?

    My Hero Academia is a japanese superhero manga series written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi. The floor follows Izuku Midoriya, a son born without superpowers ( called Quirks ) in a worldly concern where they have become commonplace, but who still dreams of becoming a superhero himself. The universe of My Hero Academia has a short ton of different characters, from heroes to villains who try to use their quirks for criminal and selfish purposes. Have you always wondered which character you would be in the My Hero Academia universe and what your background floor would be ? Take this quiz to find out ! Do you think there is a scientific basis for analyzing person ‘s personality according to his/her blood type ? What do you like to do during your free meter ?

    Do you feel annoyed when your team members are slower than you in completing a project appointment ? “ If you want to survive in club, you have to put on a masquerade. ” Do you agree with this instruction ? Which strange hair colour would you like to try out ? What do you do when you are waiting for your food and a customer that came in later than you is served inaugural ?

  • Izuku Midoriya 1 0 1 【Birthday】July 15 cancer 【Quirks】One For All ; Danger Sense ; Blackwhip ; Float Izuku Midoriya, besides known as Deku, is a timid, reserved and polite boy in class 1-A at U.A. gamey School. Although he was born without Quirks, he managed to catch the attention of the legendary champion All Might due to his unconditioned heroic spirit and a solid smell of justice and has since become his disciple. Your personality is similar to that of Izuku Midoriya – You are straightforward, pure and genuine, treating people with the kindness of your heart and constantly ready to extend a helping hired hand. //www.arealme.com/which-my-hero-academia-character-are-you/show/1.png
  • Toshinori Yagi 0 1 1 【Birthday】June 10 Gemini 【Quirk】One For All “ Toshinori Yagi, besides known by his hero name, All Might, is a former First Pro Hero and holds the deed of “ Symbol of Peace ” He teaches Foundational Hero Studies at U.A. high School. All Might always wear a bright smile that is said to not only inspire others but besides make them feel safe and aspirant. ” You have the same personality as Toshinori Yagi – Whether at base, at work, at school, or at a social gain, you tend to stick to yourself and are largely very autonomous. You are very determined at whatever you do. //www.arealme.com/which-my-hero-academia-character-are-you/show/2.png
  • Katsuki Bakugo 1 0 0 【Birthday】April 20 Aries 【Quirk】Explosion Katsuki Bakugo, besides known as Kacchan, is a scholar in Class 1-A at U.A. high School. He is considered a natural genius and has the potential to be one of the best professional Heroes. He is brash, arrogant and fabulously focused on achieving his real victory. Your personality is similar to that of Katsuki Bakugo – due to your unusual personality, you are interest in venture and strange things, which makes you seem mysterious to people around you. //www.arealme.com/which-my-hero-academia-character-are-you/show/3.png
  • Shoto Todoroki 1 1 0 【Birthday】January 11 Capricorn 【Quirk】Half-Cold Half-Hot

    Shoto Todoroki, besides known as Shoto, is a scholar in class 1-A at U.A. High School and is training to become a pro bomber. He was initially cold and aloof, which stemmed from his abusive breeding and complicated kin life. After the U.A. Sports Festival events, he has changed a lot and become more sympathize and kind. You have the same personality as Shoto Todoroki – “ Challenge ” is the keyword in your biography ; even when you are feeling low, you find the resoluteness to get up and face whatever challenges are thrown at you. //www.arealme.com/which-my-hero-academia-character-are-you/show/4.png

  • Shota Aizawa 0 1 0 【Birthday】November 8 Scorpio 【Quirk】Erasure Shota Aizawa, besides known as the erasure Hero : Eraser Head, is a pro Hero and the home room teacher of U.A. ‘s course 1-A. He is a rigorous and largely reserved person who has high expectations of his students. Your personality is like to that of Shota Aizawa – You are dear at making ambitious long-run plans and keeping calm in difficult situations. //www.arealme.com/which-my-hero-academia-character-are-you/show/5.png
  • Tenya Ida 1 1 1 【Birthday】August 22 Leo 【Quirk】Engine Tenya Ida, besides known as Ingenium, is the class representative of Class 1-A at U.A. and is training to become a pro Hero. Underneath the stern exterior, but he is a very straightforward, hard and noble person. You have the same personality as Tenya Ida – You are truly big at interpersonal skills and can distinctly explain your ideas to others. This helps you in building relationships quicker than others. //www.arealme.com/which-my-hero-academia-character-are-you/show/6.png
  • Ochaco Uraraka 0 0 0 【Birthday】December 27 Capricorn 【Quirk】Zero Gravity Ochaco Uraraka, besides known as Uravity, is a student of U.A. High School Class 1-A and is training to be a Pro Hero. She is a very enthusiastic and bouncy person who thinks positively about everything, although she is very objective in seeing flaws and strengths. You have the same personality as Ochaco Uraraka – You have a singular charisma and a pure heart as a bejewel. You are besides very affirmative and see beauty in things that others would n’t. //www.arealme.com/which-my-hero-academia-character-are-you/show/7.png
  • Tomura Shigaraki 0 0 1 【Birthday】April 4 Aries 【Quirks】Decay ; All For One

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    “ Tomura Shigaraki, veridical name Tenko Shimura, is the drawing card of the League of Villains. Like the other League members, his goal is to kill All Might, the “ Symbol of Peace, ” thus destroying the society he represents and creating a newly form of justice in his image. ” You have the same personality as Tomura Shigaraki – You prefer to be entirely quite than with people you do n’t have much in common with. ascribable to this, you are at times perceived as an introvert but the accuracy is that you are identical caring and loving for your friends and family. //www.arealme.com/which-my-hero-academia-character-are-you/show/8.png

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