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Cosmos worship ( once ) Knull -worshipCosmos worship (formerly)

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Milky Way

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Sean McKeever, Terrell Bobbett



Spider-Man Family ( Vol. 2 ) # 1
( February, 2007 )
( Historically )
Venom ( Vol. 4 ) # 4
( July, 2018 )
( Chronologically )


Absolute Carnage # 5
( November, 2019 )


Klyntar [ 3 ] ( the symbiote word for “ cage ” ), besides known colloquially as the Planet of the Symbiotes, is an artificial planet, [ 1 ] located in an chartless sector of space not on any know maps ; [ 4 ] though Thanos managed to obtain its coordinates and provided them to Wraith. [ 5 ] At some point following his constitution of the Symbiote Hive billions of years in the past, the dark elder idol Knull constructed an artificial planet from the living expiate to serve as the throneworld for his empire. From this base of operations, he waged war against the light bring into the universe by the Celestials – snuffing out stars, killing or enslaving gods by bonding them to Symbiotes, and devouring stallion civilizations. [ 6 ] [ 1 ] When the symbiotes were freed from Knull ‘s control, they rebelled against their creator, seizing Knull and dragging him to the core of the Symbiote Throneworld, which served as his prison. Renaming the Symbiote Throneworld and themselves “ Klyntar, ” after their news for “ cage, ” [ 1 ] the benevolent symbiotes established the Agents of the Cosmos, an administration comprised of diverse species of aliens bonded to benevolent symbiotes, revering the “ Voice of the Cosmos, ” and dedicated to maintaining order across the universe. [ 4 ] While serving as a herald of Galactus, the Silver Surfer came across Klyntar and was devoured by it, its constituent symbiotes attempting to imprison him aboard Knull at the artificial satellite ‘s effect. [ 7 ] Over time, Klyntar accumulated a rocky crust and atmosphere, disguising its true nature and furthering its ability to masquerade as a satellite by developing a vary ecosystem comprised of symbiote-based flora and fauna. [ 3 ] [ 8 ] [ 9 ] [ 10 ] [ 11 ] At the get down of the Kree-Skrull War, the Kree Empire discovered Klyntar and began harvesting symbiotes to use in a super-soldier plan, with the entirely know success being Tel-Kar. [ 10 ] At some point, an alien poacher named Haze Mancer discovered Klyntar and began raiding it to abduct and weaponize symbiotes as well. [ 8 ] The Guardians of the Galaxy were taken to Klyntar by the Venom symbiote, which had been reconnected to the hive mind and was being guided there thus that it could be cleansed of its corruption. [ 4 ] Klyntar was finally raided by the Poisons with help oneself from Haze Mancer, resulting in the end of the Agents of the Cosmos and the abduction of the symbiotes, leaving the planet apparently barren and uninhabited ; [ 12 ] however, the time-displaced X-Men finally returned the remaining Klyntar to their satellite. [ 9 ]

When Knull began slowly reawakening as a resultant role of Carnage ‘s efforts on Earth, the symbiotes of Klyntar began succumbing to his control once more — attacking Sleeper and attempting to forcibly assimilate it into the hive-mind. [ 11 ] When Knull fully awakened, he destroyed Klyntar and seized control of its part symbiotes, coalescing them into a horde of Symbiote Dragons. [ 13 ] In Earth-17628, Klyntar was a satellite inhabited by a sentient space-faring species. By find, an interstellar internet explorer stumbled across an asteroid where the black god Knull had forsaken his creations – the Symbiotes known as All-Black, Scream, Mania, and Raze – and brought them back to her homeworld. All-Black bonded to the internet explorer and the other three symbiotes besides took female hosts, becoming known as the “ four Sisters ”. The four symbiotes reproduced until about every inhabitant had been bonded to a symbiote, and for a prison term were happy to live in peace. When a hermit began preaching that the symbiotes were corrupting his people ‘s culture, All-Black attacked him and was killed. Enraged, the remaining three sisters decided it was impossible for their kind to live in peace and went on a rampage, slaughtering or corrupting the passive Klyntar. Conquering the satellite, they renamed it “ Klyntar ” after themselves and gave lift to a spaceflight empire. [ 14 ] Eventually, Thanos abducted a number of symbiotes for his experiments and vanish Klyntar. [ 15 ]

Points of interest

  • An alien forest, a location where all of the flora and fauna were bonded to benevolent symbiotes.[4] ( Destroyed )
  • Agents of the Cosmos headquarters, including an arena where corrupt symbiotes were placed on trial and executed.[16] ( Destroyed )
  • Symbiote breeding caverns, where new symbiotes were spawned and hatched from eggs.[3] ( Destroyed )
  • Knull’s prison at the centre of the planet, where his physical body was imprisoned.[1][7] ( Destroyed )
  • Knull’s Throne Room[6] ( Destroyed )



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