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Loki’s Legacy

In his early years of life, Loki suffered from feelings of isolation and inadequate treatment from his adopted church father Odin. Resentful of the strong bond Odin had with Thor, Loki channeled his negative feelings into pulling pranks on his brother. Loki ’ south misery and jealousy heightened when Odin granted Thor the mystic hammer, Mjolnir ; due to this uncontrollable envy, the god of mischief interfered with the weapon ’ mho creation, unwittingly resulting in a too-short handle. constantly overshadowed by Thor and his possession of Mjolnir, Loki much retaliated against the thunder god to spite his relationship with Odin .
As a youthful child, Loki ’ s pranks on his brother Thor were nothing short circuit of revengeful. Knowing Thor was attracted to the golden-haired sword-maiden Sif, Loki set out to cut off the youthful beauty ’ s hair as she was sleeping. Assuming that Loki was responsible for the malicious act, Thor demanded he restore her hair .
Over the years, as Loki ’ s schemes became more and more frequent, and Odin sent him to jail, but the troublemaker utilized his magic trick powers to escape from his cell. once spare, Loki met with Eldred, a sorcerer who trained him in the total darkness arts. With more domination of his powers, Loki ’ s ploys became less detected by Odin and Thor, allowing him to get away without punishment for his malicious actions.

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Motivated by his ageless jealousy of Thor ’ s possession of Mjolnir, Loki aspired to take down his brother and claim the hex mallet for himself. On numerous occasions Loki sought to take over the Asgardian toilet and overthrow his adopted father Odin, completely disregarding the fact that the king of Asgard had taken him in and raised him as his own.

After using his charming to escape from jail, Loki proceeded to turn his back on Asgard and its people. Mating with the goddess Angerboda, they produced three offspring : Jormungand ( the Midgard Serpent ), Fenris Wolf, and Hela, the goddess of end. Sticking to his arch ways, Loki deceived the goddess Sigyn by posing as her true sleep together, Theoric, and convinced her to marry him .
After discovering the prophecy of Ragnarok, and learning of his destiny to slay Balder in order to ruin Asgard, Loki embraced this newfound fortune and made numerous attempts to incite the end of the Golden Realm. In his late attempts to initiate Ragnarok, Loki last had an advantage over his buddy : sentenced to Earth in the guise of Dr. Donald Blake by Odin, Thor was now at gamble due to his newfound homo weaknesses. Loki exploited Blake ’ mho vulnerability by employing a team including the likes of Jinku the Lava Man, the Weather Maker, Sandu, Amora the Enchantress, Skurge the Executioner, Skagg, Surtur, Cobra, Mr. Hyde, the Absorbing Man and the Super-Skrull in order to defeat Thor .

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