How Powerful Was Scarlet Witch Before The Mind Stone Changed Her?

WandaVision revealed that Wanda Maximoff, aka the Scarlet Witch, held some charge of exponent her entire animation, but the interrogate that remains is just how potent she was before the Mind Stone changed her ? Since Scarlet Witch ‘s debut back in Avengers : Age of Ultron, it ‘s been gain that Wanda is one of the most powerful superheroes in the MCU. But WandaVision altered her origin fib by giving fans a taste of Wanda exhibiting powers years before she even knew what an Infinity Stone was .
WandaVision’s penult episode took the consultation on a trip down memory lane for Wanda ‘s traumatic past with Agatha. The pair travels back through Wanda ‘s memories to the day a Stark Industries turkey destroyed her home in Sokovia, killed her parents, and trapped her and her brother Pietro for two days. Wanda had always believed the fail was bad and a barbarous kink of destine was all that kept her and Pietro alive. When looking bet on at that memory, she saw pain and tragedy. But Agatha saw a young wiccan budding with crude endowment .
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As a seasoned sorceress herself, Agatha easily spotted that Wanda stopped the bomb calorimeter with a probability hex. This is a huge disclosure in itself — Wanda could perform magic trick without even actively trying to do so. That proves that Wanda was always vastly brawny, even before the Mind Stone was function of the equality. She merely never had the motivation to release and focus that might until the events of WandaVision .

Wanda’s Scarlet Witch Destiny Was Seemingly Always Set

WandaVision Episode 8 Scarlet Witch In Mind Stone

The prophecy that Agatha shared from the Darkhold implies that it was always Wanda ‘s destiny to rise as the Scarlet Witch. WandaVision ‘s series finale revealed that Agatha constantly snooped and pried into Wanda ‘s life because she had long suspected Wanda was able of chaos magic, making her the Scarlet Witch. Agatha studied the chapter on the Scarlet Witch in the Darkhold, and finally shared with Wanda what was written about her in the record of the damned. The Darkhold stated that the Scarlet Witch is not born, but forged. Unlike other witches, she has no need for a coven or incantations .
The Scarlet Witch was created by circumstance. For Wanda, that came from the moments of emotional and physical trauma in watching her parents die and being exposed to the Mind Stone. As the Darkhold writes that the Scarlet Witch does n’t need to lean on a coven or incantation, this shows that she never had to learn magic because it was constantly inside of her. Those traumatic moments in Wanda ‘s life forced the charming to flow out of her. The events of WandaVision prove just how mighty that magic trick became without Wanda even trying. This goes to show that it was always Wanda ‘s destiny to become the potent Scarlet Witch .

Scarlet Witch’s Early Years Powers Explained

WandaVision Episode 8 - Wanda Casts Probability Hex

WandaVision showed audiences alone a humble taste of young Wanda ‘s powers, but that one scene in her apartment all those years ago was adequate to show just how knock-down she was at that age. Every previous presentation of magic trick in the MCU showed the magic exploiter making a debate campaign to cast a spell. With Wanda, it came naturally to her like a reflex. The difference in the manner Wanda cast her magic stemmed from the fact that she wields Chaos Magic, which has never been seen in the MCU before. former charming users in the MCU, such as Doctor Strange, cast charming through careful spells. But Wanda ‘s magic pours out of her during moments of enhance emotion, with the first example of this being saving herself and Pietro from the bomb. This was meant to demonstrate that Wanda ‘s powers are nothing like the MCU has ever seen before .
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The MCU Confirmed How Scarlet Witch Had Powers

Elizabeth Olsen As Scarlet Witch In Age Of Ultron

The MCU confirmed that Wanda was born with powers in an irregular direction – a book. The Wakanda Files, which are presented as Black Panther ‘s Shuri’s solicitation of notes regarding the universe of the Avengers. Within this book, Shuri documented thorough notes about the Infinity Stones, taking a extra matter to in Wanda and the Mind Stone. Shuri noted that Hydra settled on using the Sokovians for their Mind Stone experiments as they observed a number of genetic anomalies among Sokovians. This finally led Shuri to the conclusion that Wanda and Pietro ‘s powers are biological in nature, technically making them mutants. As Wanda already had some degree of baron from a young age, she was always genetically equipped to handle the enhance powers that the Mind Stone would bring on .

Could Wanda Have Become Powerful Without The Mind Stone?

WandaVision Episode 8 Scarlet Witch In Mind Stone Eye Reflection

The Mind Stone awoke Wanda ‘s existing dormant powers. WandaVision made it authorize that she exhibited powers at an early historic period, long earlier photograph to the Mind Stone. That ‘s because those powers came from the charming that lived within her as a enchantress. Chaos magic is ancient and, according to the comics, Wanda was touched with that charming from parentage. Chaos magic trick is defined as the ability to manipulate and reconstruct reality. She demonstrated that with the bleak talent she used to stop the fail in her childhood apartment. That proves that she was always destined to be herculean. If she had the proper training, she probable would have learned how to wield her chaos magic trick by rights at an earlier age. Wanda was always destined to become the Scarlet Witch, so the Mind Stone was n’t going to change that. It might have altered her powers slenderly, but that magic trick was constantly there. The Infinity Stone is precisely what last brought that charming forward .
But her quarrel with the Mind Stone is what set an authoritative element of her fortune in movement — becoming one of Earth ‘s mightiest heroes. The Avengers are tied closely to the Infinity Stones, sol Wanda never would have joined their ranks if she did n’t take part in those Mind Stone experiments as a adolescent. Becoming an Avenger changed her life for better and for worse. She found love with Vision, but besides experienced some of the deepest trauma of her life with the loss of him and Pietro. Being an Avenger shaped the person that she would finally become. WandaVision  proved that Wanda was constantly set to become the Scarlet Witch, she was constantly destined to become one of the universe ‘s most mighty beings. The travel merely would have looked a little different without the Mind Stone .
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