How Long Captain America Was Frozen in the MCU – and How He Survived

Captain America ‘s time in ice is one of the seminal events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But how long was he frozen, and what kept him alive ? few events in Marvel Comics carry the weight unit of Captain America ’ sulfur rescue from ice in Avengers # 4. The Marvel Cinematic Universe captured the consequence absolutely in Captain America : The First Avenger, as he pilots a fugitive Hydra ship into the Atlantic Ocean preferably than risking the destruction of the Eastern Seaboard. S.H.I.E.L.D. then thaws him out in the modern era, and The First Avenger ’ s post-credits scene ends with him standing in the middle of contemporary Times Square as Nick Fury conservatively approaches him .
Being frozen is an essential contribution of Captain America ‘s character, and the MCU developed it wonderfully before sending him spinal column into the arms of his truthful love at the conclusion to Avengers : endgame. however, the question of how long Captain America was frozen in internal-combustion engine is inactive one frequently asked nowadays. And while there is a uncoiled answer, it takes a short work to get there.

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How Long Was the MCU’s Captain America Frozen?

Steve Rogers Captain America First Avenger MCU According to the digital comedian book adaptation of The First Avenger, the Hydra ship went polish with Steve Rogers aboard on February 5, 1945. Avengers # 4 was published in March 1964, which would have put Cap under the ice for 19 years. The MCU had to accelerate that for obvious reasons, adding 40-50 years to the equality, and returning him to the global in the early twenty-first Century. The inaugural Avenger didn ’ metric ton make it wholly gain at what point that happened, but the MCU ’ s official timeline developed as the subsequent films in the franchise were released .
The formula stays bare. For Phases 1 through 3, any MCU movies released in a “ modern ” setting take set in the year of that publish. so, the original Iron Man takes place in 2008, while The Avengers happens in 2012. That logic changed with the Snap in Avengers : Infinity War, as five years passed before the key events of Avengers : endgame, despite lone a class of real-time separating the liberation of those two films. But that does n’t change that the MCU ’ s Captain America came out of the internal-combustion engine in 2011, the lapp year The First Avenger was released, putting his time freeze at 66 years .
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What Kept the MCU’s Captain America Alive in the Ice?

As for how Cap was able to stay alive, the answer was the Super Soldier serum in his veins, which quickly healed damage and presumably withstood the freeze temperatures. The beginning Avenger suggests such accessory abilities when Cap confesses that he can ’ thyroxine get drunkard following the perceive death of Bucky Barnes. The explanation held sufficient logic to make the plot hook bring, and MCU fans rarely questioned the comic-book specifics of the Super Soldier serum to merit more than that .
But as reported by CinemaBlend back in 2018, a deeper explanation can be found. Marvel ’ sulfur Avengers STATION drawing card at the Treasure Island fall back in Las Vegas spells out the reasons in serious detail, stating that excess amounts of glucose were found in his bloodstream that prevented the body of water in his lineage from freezing. In reality, this explanation is a more sophisticated interpretation of hibernating frogs, who avoid freezing the same way .

The wish with which the MCU spelled all of this forbidden is depart of what has made it such a successful franchise. It attends to the details with an eye on continuity, and in the process, has built a surprisingly durable canon for its adaptation of the Marvel Universe. And that means it should come as no surprise that an event vitamin a important as Cap ’ s defrosting received this amount of attention .
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