Hunter X Hunter Fan Does 1,000 Punches A Day Until Manga’s Return

Since its debut, Hunter x Hunter has built on of the most dedicated fanbases in all of manga. indeed, when it went on hiatus in 2018, many of its fans were beside themselves on figuring out what to do in its absence. While some fans may have cried, YouTuber Tarue Totugeki took a more proactive approach, promising himself and the Hunter x Hunter public that he would throw 1,000 punches a day till the manga returns .
Yoshihiro Togashi ‘s Hunter x Hunter follows the fib of Gon Freecss, an orphaned boy who on the spur of the moment obtains the information that his father Ging is inactive alive and working as a “ hunter, ” super-skilled individuals who are tasked with identify and obtaining secrets objects, people, or information outside the comprehensive of normal humans. In an attempt to find his church father, Gon takes and passes the rigorous entrance requirements to become a hunter. After successfully completing the examen march, Gon sets out to complete his mission while besides using every opportunity to search for or, possibly, be teamed with his Dad. Along the means, Gon becomes an accomplished orion in his own right. Coming out around the lapp time as One Piece and Naruto, it quickly rose to acquire the like reverence condition as those record-breaking manga .
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In the 24 years that Hunter x Hunter has been in publication, it has attracted a large, diverse, and faithful fanbase as any manga could wish for. To be indisputable, dedication is a hallmark of the manga ‘s fandom as readers have repeatedly had to deal with continuing breaks in publication as a result of the author ‘s numerous needs to go on suspension, with the most late break in publication begin in November 2018. Unwilling to take the most recent arrest sitting down, manga fan Tarue Totugeki decided to show his commitment, and possibly gently press Togashi to come rear sooner preferably than later, by taking on a unique challenge. In a June 1, 2022 post to his Twitter account, Tarue Totugeki writes that he has dedicated himself to throwing 1,000 punches a day until Hunter x Hunter returns to publication. But it gets even more impressive .

Totugeki besides includes a link to his YouTube account, showing that he has actually been fulfilling this promise for the by two years as he waits for the return of Hunter x Hunter. With his first gear video posted January 16, 2020, Totugeki has been punching a thousand times a day for at least 877 days. Put another way, for the love of his darling manga, he ‘s performed at least 877,000 punches. And his dedication shows. In the video that is linked to his Twitter post, his gastrointestinal is in tatters. conversely, his gilbert in the January 2020 video recording, is crispen, clean, and accomplished with no holes or tears. One-Punch Man beware.

Totugeki should not have to continue this challenge for besides much longer, as it has been confirmed that Yoshihiro Togashi will be returning with raw chapters of Hunter x Hunter soon. But to say that fans are dedicated to the serial would be an understatement. The commitment that Tarue Totugeki has shown is a perfect model of how the approaching return of Hunter x Hunter is one of the most anticipate events in manga in years.

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