My Hero Academia Planned to End in 2022, Says Kohei Horikoshi

While it ‘s been known since March of 2021 that My Hero Academia has entered its final act, mangaka Kohei Horikoshi has offered a real timeframe for the series ‘ ending, and it may be a bit closer than some fans would like .
A My Hero Academia jury was held at Shonen Jump ‘s annual Jump Festa event this weekend, where a tease for season six of the anime was revealed. While Jump Festa much has more of a concentrate on zanzibar copal adaptations of manga than the manga themselves, the presenters besides had a special message to relay from series godhead Kohei Horikoshi, expressing the intent to end the series in 2022 .
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As reported by Kotaku, an official statement from Horikoshi was presented at Jump Fetsa which read, “ If things progress smoothly, the original My Hero Academia [ manga ] will reach its finish, for exemplify, in just about a year. If things do not go smoothly, I think at future year ’ s Jump Festa, I ’ ll have [ Deku voice actor ] Mr. Yamashita read the same statement. ” With the manga ‘s content having revolved around a series of major reveals for the last year, this does seem like a realistic end date for the series. Long-running plat lines which were left in the backdrop, such as the U.A. double-crosser, have ultimately returned to the vanguard, which tends to be one of the biggest indicators of a manga approaching its natural end. Characters like Stain have been coming out of the carpentry, and avail from outside of Japan has been more or less exhausted. There ‘s besides the fact that Deku has learned to use all but one of the quirks within One For All. The ultimate confrontation is at hand, even if it might take a while to play out in full .
My Hero Academia manga cover art Of course, there ‘s more to ending a manga than precisely seeing the story through. Horikoshi will have to be able to stick to a firm schedule, something that ‘s been difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic. My Hero Academia ‘s delays and unexpected hiatuses over the summer of 2021 already saw the godhead emergence an apology, so it ‘s likely some of the leeway in the affirmation is to prevent similar problems. There ‘s besides a delicate balance to be maintained between the elementary report discharge of All For One and Shigaraki and the secondary bow such as the Todoroki kin drama or the restructure of Hero company. If Horikoshi feels that some of these junior-grade plotlines needs a small more time, that could besides affect the series ‘ concluding arch.

At the very least, working towards a set end finish should help ensure that My Hero Academia continues to stay on pace and move forward at a sensible rate, avoiding one of the biggest pitfalls faced by shonen series : overstaying its welcome by dragging the diagram out forever.

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