How to find the Zoom meeting password

Zoom is an open, non-restrictive cock for on-line meetings. This means that you can invite anyone to join a meeting careless if they have a Zoom account or if they are a contact. Unlike Microsoft Teams, Zoom isn ’ thyroxine tied down to domains or an active voice directory .
Zoom meeting password
With this open and non-restrictive model comes certain problems i.e., Zoom bombing where people join a merging with the intent to disrupt it. To counter this Zoom has passwords for meetings that control access and submission to a meeting .

Find the Zoom meeting password

A password to a Zoom suffer is generated mechanically for an ad-hoc or a schedule meeting. A server has the choice to use a custom password or to use the one that has been set by Zoom.

This password is included in the link and the invitation to a Zoom meet. normally, when a user clicks on a suffer radio link, the password is entered automatically .

Zoom meeting password in link

If you want to check whether or not the converge link you have contains the password adenine well, you must examine it carefully and understand the anatomy of the link .
Example Zoom meeting link:

If you look closely at the radio link, you will find ‘ pwd ’ after the ? symbol. Everything that follows after the motion sign is a string that encrypts the password. This connection basically includes the password and clicking it will take you to the meet. You can not copy and paste this as the password though .

1. Find Zoom meeting password – Desktop/Web

The only other room to find the Zoom meet password is to ask the server. The host will be able to find and share the unencrypted password .
If the meeting as already started, you can find the Zoom confluence password by following these steps.

  1. Click the Participants button.
  2. Click Invite in the panel that opens.
  3. Look at the bottom right and you will see the password.

Zoom meeting password Desktop
If the meet has been scheduled but has not started yet, you can find the password by following these steps .

  1. Open Zoom and go to meetings.
  2. Select the meeting and click Edit.
  3. On the edit screen, look for the password field.
  4. Copy and share the password with invitees.

Zoom meeting password Desktop 1

2. Find Zoom meeting password – Mobile

On the Zoom mobile apps, you can not find the password to an in-progress suffer however you can find it for a scheduled meet that hasn ’ triiodothyronine started yet .

  1. Open Zoom and go to the Meeting tab.
  2. Tap the meeting you want to find the passcode to.
  3. Find the Passcode field on the Meeting Details screen.

Zoom meeting password Mobile


You should be careful with the passcode for a merging. Never share it over an unsecure channel and do not parcel it with anyone unless you know they are on the invitees list .

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