Birds Of Prey: Every Member In The Original Line-Up, In The Order They Joined

The Birds of Prey has grown in popularity recently thanks to Harley Quinn but the master line-up was very unlike to today ‘s team. The Birds of Prey were a team that was defined by its congress of racial equality three members, Huntress, Black Canary, and Oracle. It was besides anchored by the capital compose endowment of Gail Simone, who is distillery the series-defining writer. What was big about the series is that it helped take more obscure characters and allowed them to push up to the vanguard, showing off what big characters they could be .
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It worked wonders for many of the characters and unlike the movie, did n’t need a popular character like Harley Quinn to help hold it all together. All of these characters ended up in Simone ‘s seminal test, in one form or another.


10 Big Barda

Big Barda teleporting out of a Boom Tube It ‘s strange think of a New God on a street-level team like Birds of Prey, but that ‘s precisely what happened when the team got a hard reset towards the end of Gail Simone ‘s iconic run. She was introduced after a prison break during issues 99-100 to help bring in fresh life to the team after fighting adept Black Canary left. She was n’t a long-standing member, meeting her end during the Death of the New Gods, but was at least honored as a member in a late write out .

9 Misfit

When she was first base introduced, Misfit was only an annoyance to Barbara, a young and inexperienced female child who was trying to run around being Batgirl. In a city like Gotham, that ‘s dangerous, even if you have metahuman powers as Misfit did. Barbara tried to dissuade her at beginning, showing her autopsy photograph of Stephanie Brown, but finally warmed up to the girlfriend after finding out she ‘d been living on the streets and welcomed the female child aboard .

8 Manhunter

martian Manhunter is n’t the only Manhunter running around DC comics, Kate Spencer existed ampere well. She was a prosecutor who grew fed up with seeing criminals evasion punishment, taking up the mantel of Manhunter—a vigilante that was far more extreme than any of the early birds .
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She was army for the liberation of rwanda more like Frank Castle, providing a decent moral purse to the team that Huntress no longer presented. Just like with Frank, that wrinkle finally led to her leaving the team .

7 Judomaster

judomaster Recruited along with Manhunter and Big Barda, Sonia Sato was there to help break into a mexican prison. Her least sandpiper was far shorter than the others, never getting developed closely a much as Manhunter did. She was more a background character than anything else, there for her abilities and nothing more. thankfully, she did manage some far development when she was picked up by Justice League America at least .

6 Lady Shiva

lady Shiva and Black Canary have n’t constantly been on the best of terms, much coming to blows for assorted reasons in books. Considering her subcontract, it is n’t all that surprising. What is shocking is that she willingly took Black Canary ‘s spot on the team as Jade Canary so that she could go off to train. While technically a villain, Shiva has constantly been one with a big degree of honor, making her transition to being separate of the team less atrocious than it would have been with most villains.

5 Gypsy

Justice League: The 10 Most Embarrassing Members (And The 10 Best) Her character with the Birds of Prey was a minor one, never in truth making a huge impact on the team. She ‘s a metahuman who utilizes illusions, allowing her to go efficaciously invisible when she blends into the background .
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That power mixed with the matter to way she dressed should have led to a longer least sandpiper, but she spent most of her time working with Vixen before departing from the team. deplorably, she ‘d soon fade off into obscureness deoxyadenosine monophosphate well once New 52 came round .

4 Lady Blackhawk

The least know of the core four characters in Birds of Prey, Lady Blackhawk was basically the fly of the team. Her look was wholly unique, having a 1940s dash to it due to the events of Zero Hour displacing her through time and bringing her to the present day. It ‘s an concern story point, and one Gail explored well throughout the melt. While her function was never huge, she was the one who suggested the team be called the Birds of Prey .

3 Huntress

The Huntress When Gail Simone took over the team, she made it a point to add Huntress, a character that helped round out the team, giving it a much-needed third base member. Her preference for ferocity as a vigilante helped give a newly foil for the team, one that led to some very interest stories. Without her addition, the Simone carry may not have been arsenic career-defining as it was. It ‘s a wonder why she rarely ever appears in enliven films or series considering her success in the comic series .

2 Black Canary

Black Canary Modern Age Green Arrow and Black Canary When you think of the Birds of Prey, Black Canary is the first person you think of. She ‘s the bill poster child of the team and one of its original members, right along with Barbara. She was the muscle to Barbara ‘s brains, letting the two friends work seamlessly as a team. Her supersonic screech was besides a power you did n’t see much, making her fights feel new and matter to. Despite her ties to Green Arrow and the popularity of the picture, Dinah will constantly be a Bird of Prey .

1 Barbara Gordon

Barbara Gordon As Oracle After the events of The Killing Joke, it could have been identical easy to toss Barbara Gordon aside, making her nothing more than a backdrop character in Batman comics. thankfully that did n’t happen as her pair with Dinah allowed her to continue to stay at the forefront of DC comics and led to the creation of Oracle, the first paraplegic superhero. It ‘s a shame that she was then made to become Batgirl in subsequently reboots as Oracle was such a unique and capital fit for Barbara .
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