Who Is Mr Sexy Zoom Man? Why We Think It’s Matthew Kaplan Explained

Mr Sexy Zoom Man became a mystery brood over the internet since Alexandra “ Alex ” Cooper introduced him as her new boyfriend on her celebrated Call Me Daddy podcast circa 2020. Since the first time she talked about him, Cooper has gushed about her quixotic life frequently but has never disclosed the identity of her partner. alternatively, she has always used the nickname Mr. Sexy Zoom Man, typical of the podcaster who uses code names like Red Sox, Door # 3, and Slim Shady to refer to her ex-boyfriends.

But the more Cooper maintains mystery around her personal animation, her fans find more ways to demystify the puzzle, and they have already figured who might be the man behind the Zoom nickname .

Who Is Mr Sexy Zoom Man?

Rumors are overabundant that Mr. Sexy Zoom Man is non-other than the celebrated Matthew Kaplan, differently known as Matt Kaplan. The speculations are based on two significant factors. first, the celebrity host has revealed that her boyfriend is a movie producer. Guess what ? Kaplan is besides a movie manufacturer with luminary projects like Time Cut, Body Cam, Versus, To All the Boys I ‘ve Loved Before, and Are You Afraid of the Dark ? under his belt .

Matt Kaplan and Alex Cooper’s Dog Henry Revealed It All

The moment major trace is Mr. Sexy Zoom Man ‘s frank named Henry. Cooper has featured the whelp on her socials multiple times and introduced the frump through her podcast. But that ‘s not all. Cooper even got into controversy for licking the andiron ‘s tongue in June 2021. But squabbles apart, the agitate partially is Henry is enormously related to Kaplan. Matt Kaplan and Mr. Sexy Zoom Man’s pooch seem to be the same dog, Henry.  ( Photo : Hollywoodmask ) On February 2021, Ace Entertainment posted a video of Henry on Twitter and revealed that it was Matt Kaplan ‘s chase. The update besides mentioned that Henry was featured in Kaplan ‘s movie To All the Boys.

No doubt, the Henry in the post and the Henry on Cooper ‘s social media accounts, whom she introduced as her boyfriend ‘s pet, are the same. But despite the solid evidence, no precise conclusion can be drawn on the identity of Cooper ‘s new dandy — unless she or her boyfriend, possibly Kaplan, break the silence on the matter. As for Kaplan ‘s IMDb page, the site was quick to announce that Kaplan has been married to Alexandra Cooper since February 3, 2021, which precisely so happens to be the day that Cooper put out a tweet to announce that she had a boyfriend for real .

The Meaning Behind Mr. Sexy Zoom Man 

Cooper has a fair explanation as to why she named her boyfriend “ Sexy Zoom Man. ” According to her accounts, she met her collaborator on Zoom for business amid the pandemic for the first time. The 27-year-old was swooned by his personality properly at the moment. Soon, the pair met for dinner in Los Angeles, her boyfriend ‘s hometown, and instantaneously hit it off. In an interview with Bustle in July 2021, Cooper admitted that her new dandy was far better than the rest of her ex-boyfriends.

The Boston University alum elaborated he respected her career choice and understood the reason behind the privacy, which had been a significant problem in all her previous relationships. She besides shared that she would continue talking about their sexual love life in her podcast while avoiding identifying her partner vitamin a long as potential. “ It ‘s concern, ” she added at the end of the topic .

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